ADT 100LB-PRO Review 2021: Ice Maker for Everyday Use?


How would you feel if you enter a restaurant after a long day of work and order for a drink to be served without any ice? Would you never feel like entering that restaurant again? Probably No. A regular supply of ice is mandatory for all restaurants and other businesses involved in the food and beverage industry. A commercial ice maker helps with a regular supply of fresh and well-formed ice to chill, drinks, beverages, smoothies, and different food items uniquely, when we order them in the restaurant. When we think of commercial ice makers, the ADT 100LB-Pro commercial ice maker is an ideal choice. Let us discuss the specifications and the unique features of this commercial ice maker here.

ADT 100LB-PRO Commercial Ice Maker Review

ADT Ice Machine 100LBS/24H
TypeFreestanding, Built-In
Ice Production Time12-18 Minutes / Batch
Editor Score9.2/10


  • Dimensions of the ice maker: 35.2 x 20.8 x 18.7 inches
  • Weight of the appliance: 69.1 pounds
  • Material type: Stainless steel
  • Installation: commercial appliance with freestanding installation
  • Powerful compressor with an energy-saving feature
  • Digital controls with self-cleaning functionality. 
  • Voltage: 110 to 120V
  • Ice making capacity: 100 lbs. per 24 hours
  • Ice storage capacity: 33 pounds
  • Ice cubes per cycle: 45 pcs
  • One-year manufacturer warranty and 30 days’ easy return policy.

Quality of Ice

This appliance is an ice-making giant that forms about 45 clear ice cubes in every ice making cycle. The ice is clear and solid that will not dilute the drinks and the juices but will only cool them effectively. It is free from impurities and thus will not contaminate or alter the taste of the drinks. Its rectangular square ice-making tray chunks out about 45 pieces of clear ice in every cycle that is good enough to serve a crowd.

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Overview of the ADT 100LB-PRO Commercial Ice Maker

This is an excellent ice maker of the commercial grate with an enormous ice production capacity of 100 lbs. and an ice storage capacity of 33 lbs. The appliance has a free-standing design and features the most advanced technology and quality to make the lives of people simpler. With this commercial-grade ice maker, it is possible to make a lot of ice. The appliance is quite simple in operation and is thus very easy to get started. Thus, this restaurant can be a perfect choice for restaurants, bars, café, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. Also, along with the purchase, the appliance gets extraordinary service, making it a pleasant shopping experience. The unique features of this commercial ice maker are as follows.

1. It is possible to add water in two ways in this appliance:

Generally, commercial ice makers get hooked up with an in-line water supply. Their self-water absorption function is quite convenient to grab water from the water supply to the ice maker. There is also a built-in water tank where we can also manually fill water to initiate the ice cycle. Before initiating the ice machine, it is important to keep the ice maker in an upright position for the first 24 hours.

2. Exceptional stainless steel construction:

This ice maker appliance is built with long-lasting stainless steel and the appliance features a sleek and hygienic finish. The durable stainless steel finish of this appliance contributes to its sturdiness, durability, and longevity. Being a freestanding ice maker, it can be installed anywhere inside the home, restaurant, and pantry. The overall size of the ice maker and its fine print is very minimal that, it consumes very little space is required for this appliance. The ice maker is also two inches away from the ground, keeping the ice maker free from moisture on the ground and keeping it clean at all times.

3. Intuitive control panel:

The appliance has an intuitive control panel with LED controls, that are easiest to operate. Its highly intuitive control panel that different buttons that clearly show the different functions of the appliance with on and off features, auto cleaning feature, time settings, etc. the ice maker is highly convenient to monitor the entire ice making process and the possible malfunctions in the appliance.

4. Nano blue light technology:

This commercial-grade ice maker features an innovative built-in nano light to help keep the ice cubes fresh at all times. Its nano blue light and dry filter help to keep the ice clean and fresh for a long time, irrespective of the commercial business that one indulges in. The appliance has built-in blue light strips that make it easy and convenient to observe. The dazzling blue light of this appliance creates a visual aesthetic that makes the ice cubes and the appliance clean and hygienic. This appliance works great for hotels, bars, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, juice shops, and a lot more.

5. Powerful compressor:

This ice maker appliance features a powerful compressor that helps with rapid and efficient ice making process. This commercial ice maker is equipped with a powerful 300W compressor that is capable of producing about 100 pounds of ice in a day. The restaurant workers will be astonished by the efficient and convenient ice making process of this appliance. The appliance has an impressive 5 *9 ice tray that forms around 45 clear ice cubes in clearly one ice cycle. Each of the cubical ice cubes is about 20.3 mm and this makes the ice cubes perfect for small drinks and even bottles with small openings. The ice maker appliance also has an ice storage bin that is 33 lbs. or 15 kg capacity. 

6. Efficient draining:

It is important to drain the appliance once a day by pulling out a small hose on the right side of the water tank. Draining the water will make sure that the hardness of the water is not high and also makes sure that the impurities are discharged into the drain. It is important to drain the appliance with gravity drainage

7. Miscellaneous:

a. The appliance makes use of a powerful compressor and high-quality refrigerant. These render it a very powerful refrigeration capability and this appliance emits just 38 DB of sound and operates pretty quickly.

b. The microcrystalline foam technology of this appliance ensures that the ice cubes are kept frozen at a very low temperature for a very long time.

c. Adjusting feet: There are leg levelers at the base of the appliance, to lift it away from the ground and ensure that it is operating quiet and stable. 

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Pros & Cons of ADT 100LB-PRO


  • The appliance features an exceptional stainless steel body
  • Has a powerful compressor with an energy-saving feature
  • Complete digital controls that are easy to use
  • Foamed insulation and self-cleaning feature
  • The enormous ice production capacity of 100 pounds
  • Every ice cycle forms 45 pieces of clear ice
  • The ice that is formed is free from any impurities


  • During summers and when the atmospheric temperature is high, the ice cubes cannot be maintained frozen inside the appliance. Thus it is important to transfer them to the fridge
  • It is suggested to drain the water once a day.
  • The hardness of water will affect the quality of the ice cubes.

Bottom Line

This is a highly effective commercial-grade ice maker machine that is of excellent quality and can be considered as one of the best ice makers. The appliance demands water supply and gravity drainage and it is important to clean the appliance including the water tank before first use. It is important to connect the water pipe outlet and the floor drainage outlet with the appliance. It is also mandatory to clean the machine appropriately as indicated.


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