Best Built-in Wine Coolers & Fridges to Buy in 2021

Wine coolers are unique appliances that help to keep the wine at the perfect temperature for optimum aging. For the majority of homes, finding a new spot to put an additional refrigerator could be a great challenge. Thus the best option is to buy a built-in wine cooler. The built-in wine coolers are easy to be installed under a desk or a countertop, without any concern of becoming overheating. These built-in wine coolers and refrigerators are becoming an increasingly popular option for wine lovers to keep their wine in the best condition possible. Here are the best built-in wine coolers and fridges from the world’s best brands.

Quick Summary: Best Built-in Wine Fridges & Coolers

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Top 5 Best Built-in Wine Coolers & Fridges

#1. Kalamera C246T 24” Built-in Wine Cooler – Best Overall

Kalamera C246T 24'' Built-in Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 9/10
Temperature control9.2
Build quality8.8
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.1

This wine refrigerator can store 45 bottles and features five beech wood shelves that are capable of holding the bottles securely. This wine cooler is only 24” wide and thus it is thus capable of fitting even in tight spaces under the cabinet. The wine cooler is made of stainless steel and black material. features an energy-efficient compressor and makes use of state-of-the-art cooling technology that makes the compressor highly quiet and efficient.

The cooler renders very low and quiet vibrations and runs very silent without any vibration. The wine cooler features a dual-zone thermostat and its push-button display chills wine at 5°C-18°C. This appliance is designed for an elegant and sophisticated look for the kitchen, in the home bar, and in other entertainment areas. Its state-of-the-art cooling technology helps the compressor to work quietly and efficiently and helps with even cooling without any fluctuations.

The unit has a capacity of 45 bottles and the unit has five beech wooden shelves to hold each of the bottles separately. It operates quietly and renders no vibration. This ensures that the wine sediments are not disturbed and the flavor of the wine is delicious and crisp. The unit features a dual-zone thermostat and its push-button display is capable of chilling wine at an ambient temperature of 40°F-66°F. The compressor is very silent, and thus it doesn’t disturb any guests or family members.

What do we like about Kalamera C246T?

  • The cooler is lit with soft blue LED lighting, so that it displays beautifully.
  • The unit is crafted beautifully in an elegant black design with gray glass that helps filter UV rays.
  • The cooler features a stainless steel door handle 
  • The unit comes with a one-year warranty.

What do we don’t like about Kalamera C246T?

  • Requires enough clearance around the cooler during built-in installation.

#2. Kalamera KRC-99SS Wine Fridge – Runner Up

Kalamera KRC-99SS Wine Refrigerator
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Temperature control9.4
Build quality8.8
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent wine cooler and refrigerator that is capable of stocking up to 30 bottles. It features a stainless steel body and a double-layer tempered glass door with a temperature memory function. This is a built-in refrigerator that can also be laid as a freestanding design. It serves as an excellent unit for those with diverse wine collections. Its temperature memory function restores the set temperature in the unit after regaining from a power loss. This also prevents the wine from going bad when the temperature increases.

Its LED control display makes it easy to set the temperature between 40-66°F. Thus it provides for a perfect chilling temperature at all times. Its double-layered tempered glass door and two layers of tempered glass help to stabilize the temperature levels inside the cooler and also prevent its glass from fogging. Takes minimal space for installation and it is comfortable to be installed under the kitchen counter or the bar area. It can also be placed as a freestanding unit. 

Its advanced technology, low noise compressor, and low vibration help in keeping the wine sediments undisturbed, so that the wine tastes crisp and fresh, without any bitter aftertaste. The unit also has a temperature memory function and an elegant appearance making this refrigerator a great addition to any home. Its soft blue LED lighting helps preserve the drinks for years to come.

What do we like about Kalamera KRC-99SS?

  • Features a quality compressor unit with a vibration-free design.
  • The bottles lay quietly and safely in the cooler.
  • It also operates very quietly
  • The double-pane glass has an anti-UV layer to reflect the UV rays on the glass.

What do we don’t like about Kalamera KRC-99SS?

  • Large and tall bottles cannot be stored in this wine cooler.

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#3. NewAir NWC029BS00 Built-in Wine Fridge – Editor’s Choice

NewAir NWC029BS00 Built-in Wine Fridge
Editor Rating: 9/10
Temperature control9.1
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.2

This wine cooler has a built-in refrigerator that has the capacity to stock 29 bottles. It can be installed either as a freestanding unit or a built-in cooler. It features a front-venting compressor system that helps this beverage fridge to fit easily under the kitchen counters. It can easily slide into any play for a sleek and an integrated look that blends perfectly with the kitchen cabinetry. There are two temperature zones in this refrigerator to stock red and white wine separately.     

The unit maintains a temperature of 40 to 55 degrees in its upper zone and stocks red wine at 50 to 66 degrees. Thus, it becomes ready to sip whenever required. It features an accurate digital thermostat and this 15” built-in dual-zone can together stock about 29 wine bottles. There are three tempered doors in this wine freezer that helps to render outstanding insulation for the fridge and to keep the cold air inside. The glass of this cooler is treated with an anti-UV layer to prevent oxidation in the wine owing to sunlight exposure. Its doors can also be locked efficiently to ensure complete peace of mind.

This wine cooler is great for a quiet and powerful cooling system. Its quiet compressor cooling system helps to circulate the air evenly and it also includes a carbon filter to keep the air fresh around the wine. The unit also features an adjusting beechwood shelf and a stainless steel finish for a timeless appeal. This wine cooler slides easily between the standard base cabinets to create a wine cellar in the kitchen. It can also be a freestanding unit.

What do we like about NewAir NWC029BS00?

  • This wine cooler is great for both built-in and freestanding installation
  • Features dual temperature zones for red and white wine separately.
  • Triple-tempered doors with accurate digital thermostats.
  • Helps with a powerful and quiet cooling system.

What do we don’t like about NewAir NWC029BS00?

  • The compressor runs noisier than usual with extended use.

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#4. Lanbo LW142D Built-in Wine Fridge – Best High Capacity Model

Lanbo LW142D Built-in Wine Fridge
Editor Rating: 9/10
Temperature control9.4
Build quality8.7
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.2

This is an excellent wine cooler and refrigerator with a safety lock. It is capable of stocking up to 138 wine bottles and it takes about 13.4 cubic feet of space under the counter for its installation. This wine cooler features a digital control and each of its zones comes with a smart temperature control panel for easy and intuitive temperature management. By simply pressing the SET button, it is possible to set the temperature for each of the zones easily.

There is a huge front exhaust system in this cooler that allows this wine cooler to be placed both as a freestanding and a built-in unit. The cooler has a powerful compressor with an efficient cooling system. It is also free from vibration and operates almost silent, to preserve the quality of the wine bottles. There is also an adjustable foot for leveling the cooler on any surface. Two LED lights are present inside the built-in wine cooler that are good enough to showcase the wine collection.

There is also a safety lock in this cooler to avoid the damages that are caused by unstable temperature and accidents owing to opening the door frequently. The unit comes with two keys that are great for managing the appliance. The freezer comes with an adjustable foot that is very convenient for use. Its dual-zone wine cellar comes with adjusting feet to suit any height that is required. 

What do we like about Lanbo LW142D?

  • There are dual temperature zones in this cooler to chill different drinks differently
  • It features a sleek door handle that is easy to operate even when it is installed under the counter.
  • 12 quality beech wood shelves are removable to stock the wine bottles accordingly.

What do we don’t like about Lanbo LW142D?

  • The handle comes uninstalled
  • The cooler should be left undisturbed for the first 24 hours.

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#5. Colzer CZB36SS1 Beverage and Wine Cooler – All Rounder

Colzer CZB36SS1 Beverage and Wine Cooler
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Temperature control8.9
Build quality8.6
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money8.9

This is an excellent wine and beverage cooler with a dual-zone. This wine refrigerator is capable of holding about 18 bottles and 57 cans and is capable of storing a range of wine, beer, soda, and drinks. This wine cooler helps in quiet and quick cooling and this cooler is extremely quiet and operates less than 42 dB.

Cold air is distributed with the help of a high-efficiency compressor and its circulating fans make sure that this cooler is capable of maintaining in an ideal climate setting. This cooler makes sure that all of its cans and bottles maintain the same humidity. Each of its cooling zones is illuminated with the help of blue LEDs that is capable of establishing high-end aesthetics in the home.

It features a built-in and freestanding installation and it features an advanced temperature control system. Users can control its dual zones independently and we can control the temperature efficiently in both the wine and beverage zones separately. The left zone of the cooler works at a temperature of 35.6℉-50℉ and the right zone of the cooler functions at the temperature of 41℉-64.4℉. Thus it is possible to chill the wine and the drinks at a perfect temperature to help with a perfect taste every time.

It can hold up to 18 standard bottles and 57 pop cans. This unit comes as an excellent unit to store water, wine, soda, beer, etc. Its safety lock helps with protection from children and its adjusting shelves helps to stock up different bottles of different sizes.

What do we like about Colzer CZB36SS1?

  • There is a stainless steel front vent, requiring less clearance space for heat dissipation
  • Its adjusting feet help in the sturdiness of the unit.
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty with lifelong consultation services.

What do we don’t like about Colzer CZB36SS1?

  • Very loud appliance.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Built-in Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are not unique to keeping the wine cool, but they also maintain the humidity regulated so that it doesn’t harm the wine. Normal refrigerators are colder and do not maintain a temperature that is ideal for storing wine. Under counter, wine fridges are complex and expensive but are the best ways to preserve and maintain the wine in its best condition.

People regard their collection of wine as a diverse investment and the wine cooler serves as the potential tool to protect and preserve their investment. Thus, it is important to look for certain factors before spending a fortune on built-in wine coolers and refrigerators.

1. Filtration system

Choose wine filters that come with a carbon filtration system that is integrated with its interiors. This serves as the natural barrier against odors that could easily permeate the wine cork and contaminate the wine. These filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months to prevent clogging.

2. Capacity

Capacity is one of the most important factors to consider before buying an under-counter wine cooler. It is wise to choose the size of the appliance that is slightly greater than what is required, to not overload the wine cooler. 

3. Number of zones

Generally, built-in wine coolers come with a single zone and all the bottles should be preserved at the same temperature. But there are also larger wine coolers that offer double zones to store red wine and white wine at different temperatures. Such coolers are also great for preserving other beverages at an optimal temperature. 

4. Style

Built-in wine coolers come with LED lighting to enhance their look to many folds. They come in metallic designs and feature thermopane glass doors to enhance their aesthetics. 

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Final Words

The built-in wine coolers and fridges that we have discussed here operate noise-free and are extremely durable as well. They did use a lot of energy and are also extremely affordable. Also while choosing to buy a built-in wine cooler, we have to look for a security lock, touchscreen temperature display, LED lighting, and extension shelves. We hope our guide helps you in picking up your best built-in wine cooler and fridge. 

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