Top 5 Best Clear Ice Makers 2021


Every wondered the goodness of clear ice in chilling out your drinks? Clear ice not just looks great in a glass of juice, but are also pretty much healthier and safer than regular ice. No wonder, most of the party birds are looking for the best clear ice makers for their kitchen. Clear ice is also odorless and colorless and thus will not alter the taste of the drink in any way, nor will it dilute it. 

There are several clear ice makers available in the market and choosing the right machine that best fits your needs could be a challenging process. We intend to help you with the best clear ice maker for your residential purpose with the help of our guide here. We hope you like our product selections and buy your ice maker soon with the help of our recommendations.

List of Best Clear Ice Makers

Top 5 Clear Ice MakersCapacityPrice
#1. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker28 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Kealive Ice Maker Machine48 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker65 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Scotsman CU50GA Ice Maker64 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Whynter UIM-502SS Freestanding Ice Maker50 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Clear Ice Makers 2021

#1. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

The most effective and fastest way of forming cool cubes is through smart Icemaker. During the summer season, we all crave for ice cubes to make our drink relaxing and elevating.  Now you can make some cool dice as many as you desire using the Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker machine. This ice-maker carries a convenient operation and has a petite design. To get clear cut ice cube first fill the water in it, plugin, and just wait for 15 minutes. Your blocks of ice are ready to rock the party. 

The dynamic compressor of the device can produce 28 pounds of ice cubes in a day. The compact and countertop model blends to your kitchen effortlessly without any hassle. The device is built with fine-quality stainless steel and thus runs for many years. The ice maker machine is very much quiet while operating and you can cherish your party without disturbance. It is simple to use that even kids would love to make some ice for their kitty parties.


  • It doesn’t require complex installation and its portable that can fit easily.  
  • It can produce restaurant-quality ice cubes that melt 5 times gently than cloudy ice. 
  • It is equipped with LED control and gives a clear easy display.


  • It calls for timely maintenance.  
  • The water can leak from the drain so you require plug according to manual

#2. Kealive Ice Maker Machine

Kealive Ice Maker Machine

The smart cool ice maker from Kealive can make your get-togethers, parties, etc. a great success. The portable and compact sleek design of the machine fits in your office and house. The machine contains a huge capacity that holds 28 lb at a time and can produce up to 48 lbs.  Hence, you never run out of ice when you are in the middle of your party. The device makes perfect crystal square shaped cubes within 15 minutes. You tend to receive a fine-quality cool cube with quick cycle time support. 

An ice cube maker is a perfect machine for personal use and gifting purposes also. The main attraction is its LED display. You get timely notification regarding the process. Once, the ice maker basket is full, the machine automatically stops preparing further ice. Fill the water to the required level given on it, connect it to the power source. The rest is taken care of by the machine and you only have to relax and enjoy your drink with chilled ice cubes. Moreover, you receive an option of choosing ice thickness according to your preference.  Adjust the timer via the pressing plus and minus buttons available on the control panel.


  • The machine is built with stainless steel that guarantees long run usage. 
  • The efficient device doesn’t make annoying noises while making cubes. 
  • Further, it’s cost-effective by saving your electric bill.


  • Frequently you require to fill water in the machine for making ice. 
  • The capacity of the machine can serve a small group of people only.

#3. Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

This is exceptional under counter ice-making unit that creates hard and gourmet shaped ice cubes to chill drinks efficiently. The gourmet ice that is been formed from this machine is clear, free from impurities, and is very hard. Thus, you can be sure that these ice cubes will keep your drink fresh and cold for a long time as the gourmet ice takes a long time to melt. This ice maker machine is capable of producing about 65 pounds of ice and can store up to 26 pounds of ice in its storage basket at a single time. 

This is an excellent machine for home, office, and RVs and is been qualified by Energy star for optimal energy efficiency. Its intuitive control panel alerts the users when the unit runs out of the water and when it is time to clean the unit. This ice maker machine comprises a built-in drain pump and features an elegant stainless steel finish. This air-cooled and self-contained condenser has approval from UL for outdoor use as well.


  • Excellent ice maker machine for commercial applications
  • Installs in a small space under-counter
  • Produces gourmet ice that is clear, odorless and slow melting


  • Not appropriate for residential use, unless you throw a large party at home. 
  • Noisy ice maker.

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#4. Scotsman CU50GA Ice Maker

Scootsman CU50GA Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50GA is an under counter ice maker machine that produces gourmet ice to chill your favorite drinks slowly. The best feature of this ice maker machine is that it features a gravity drain with a cord to help remove all stale water instantly. This Scotsman commercial-grade ice maker is capable of producing about 64 lbs. of gourmet ice in 24 hours and it is capable of storing up to 26 of ice at a single point of time. Though this ice maker is tall to endorse its ice storage capacity, its width is just 15” and thus fits even in tight locations under the counter. 

You will love the gourmet shaped ice cubes it produces, as they are crystal clear, feature a unique shape, slow-melting, and are also taste and odorless. Thus, they will never dilute the drink or alter their taste and will just do fine with chilling them down. This machine also has an extremely user-friendly control panel that keeps the user informed when the ice is ready, when the unit runs out of the water and when it is time to clean the unit.

Its unique water quality sensor technology detects hard water conditions in your water supply and its control system will immediately purge in mineral water in every ice making cycle to help you with high-quality ice every time.


  • Capable of producing large volumes of gourmet ice in a very short time.
  • Water quality sensor technology reduces the need to clean the appliance frequently.
  • Makes hard and clear gourmet shaped ice cubes.


  • Ice cubes are very large and could be a problem to chill bottled water.
  • Very noisy ice maker machine.

#5. Whynter UIM-502SS Freestanding Ice Maker

Whynter UIM-502SS Freestanding Ice Maker

The Whynter ice maker machine can be a quality addition to any home as it is capable of producing up to 50 lbs. of ice in just 24 hours. This freestanding ice maker machine has been certified by Energy Stay for power efficiency. Apart from producing huge volumes of ice, it also can store about 25 lbs. of ice at a given point of time. Since it features a beautiful stainless steel design, it does not encourage any smudges or prints on its surface and ensures to maintain the machine efficiently, away from normal wear and tear. 

This ice maker machine has a powerful compressor for optimal cooling functionality and comprises of a high-efficiency CFC free compressor. It adapts to all locations and yields for one-button operation. The unit comes with an ice scoop, water hose, and a gravity drain to drain off all the excess water.


  • Consumes very less power, about 3.0A for a complete ice making cycle.
  • It features an auto-shutoff feature when the ice bin is full.


  • The ice comes in sheets and you may have to break them into individual pieces.

What is Clear Ice and in What Way is it Different from your Regular Ice?

Clear ice is also known by the term gourmet ice and is the most preferred ice type in restaurants, bars, commercial establishments, and even at some high-end parties. The main reason behind their wide preference is that they look great in a glass and adds to the looks of the drinks, without altering the taste and flavor.

The reason behind their crystal clear look is that clear ice forms in layers and is formed by the freezing of water in one direction. The clear ice maker allows the water to pass over the freezing coils, to remove any bubbles and keep the cube clear. On the other hand, regular ice pushes the ice and the constituents of the water towards the center, making the cube cloudy. 

Also, the clarity of the ice cubes is the indication of the purity of water, as the cloudiness in the ice cubes is the representation of the volume of impurities and the trapped air inside the cubes. Thus, clear ice is healthier to consume and contains very few pollutants, microbes, and of course odor.

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Points to Consider Before Buying the Clear Ice Maker

Clear ice has several advantages tagged on them. They are safe to consume, odorless and they melt very slowly too. These ice makers use very less water to form gourmet ice and consume less power as well. But you have to choose your ice maker wisely and we will tell you what points to focus on while choosing to buy your clear ice maker machine.

1. Production capacity:

Depending upon why you are buying this ice maker machine, be it for your home, office, restaurant, or bat, you should consider its production capacity. The production capacity of the machine is the measure of its daily ice output. Also take into account where your will place this machine (patio, kitchen, outdoors, etc.), as the outside temperature affects the ice producing capacity considerably. As a general rule, buy a machine that is capable of producing more than 25 lbs. of ice a day. 

2. Storage capacity:

Choose an ice maker machine with decent storage capacity as you tend to run out of ice quickly in summer and the middle of your party. You don’t have to worry about melting as a majority of these ice makers have ambient insulation to preserve the ice for a long period. All of the ice makers that we have discussed here can store half the quantity of ice they produce.

3. Type of drain:

This is an important quantifier that determines the quality of the ice-making machine. Choose an ice maker with a gravity drain to remove all stale water then and there. If there is no drain under the unit, then there is a need to use a drain pump to drain and clean the unit.

4. Quality of ice:

Aim for ice makers that are capable of producing high-quality ice cubes that are clear to the core. The clarity of the ice that your machine makes is the indication of how pure and clean the ice and the water you used are. Choose a unit that is capable of producing crystal clear ice and nuggets that melt slowly and doesn’t have taste and odor.

5. Noise level:

Freezing water into clear ice requires a lot of power and the machine emits a louder noise, Also, the ice is formed in sheets and is deployed in the basket as individual units which again emits noise. So if you think this noise can annoy you, choose smaller ice maker than standalone units. 

Final Words

Clear ice was once limited to upscale restaurants and bars and was considered very costly. But technology is bringing it to our kitchens and you can manufacture clear ice at the comforts of your home with the help of our ice makers listed here.



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