Top 4 Best Hotel Ice Machines 2020

Unlike the regular ice-making machines, hotels, restaurants, and bars will need large production of ice continuously, in order to serve their customers at a fast pace. They comparatively need some larger power compressors to do this. Below are some of the best ice-making machines that can be used for hotel and restaurant use.

List of Best Hotel Ice Machines 2020

Best Hotel Ice MachinesCapacityPrice
#1. Manitowoc ID-0322A-SPA-160 Hotel Ice Machine335 lbCheck Price
#2. Scotsman C0530MR-1A_HD30B Ice Machine511 lbCheck Price
#3. Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Hotel Ice Machine356 lbCheck Price
#4. Elevation Series CIM0530HA Modular Cube Ice Maker520 lbCheck Price

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Top 4 Best Hotel Ice Machine Reviews

#1. Manitowoc ID-0322A-SPA-160 Hotel Ice Machine

Manitowoc ID-0322A-SPA-160 Hotel Ice Machine

Check Price

This supreme ice-making machine can produce around 150 kilograms or 335 pounds of ice just in under 24 hours. It can be connected to the complex that has an even 1-phase electricity supply. To the maximum, it can give you up to 500 pounds of ice production in 24 hours. It has the 24-hour feedback and self-maintenance and has a DuraTech technology equipped in its outer layer, for the resistance against corrosion.

The voltage requirements for this machine is 115 Volts, and the ice maker needs around 75 gallons of water to produce the 335 pounds of ice per day. With modular or freestanding installation type and air-cooler condenser type, it can give you some serious amounts of ice every day. The ice cubes sizes are relatively big and will not melt away really fast due to the thick layers. Since the compressor type is air-cooled, it comes with 7.49kWh power usage for every 100 pounds of ice produced.


  • The cleaning process is easy
  • Good quality of ice is produced
  • The ice will not melt away easily
  • It can be installed even with fewer electricity requirements


  • Only limited number machines are released at a time and is tend to go out of stock sooner

#2. Scotsman C0530MR-1A_HD30B Ice Machine

Scotsman C0530MR-1A_HD30B Ice Machine

Check Price

With its high demand in the US market, this ice maker machine has marked its place in the market. The Scotsman C0530MR-1A_HD30B can produce 511 pounds of ice in 24 hours. This machine will provide you with medium-sized ice cubes, that will be suitable for many types of drinks.

Since the machine build seems to be quite large, the problem of yeast and bacterial growth will be eminent inside the machine, wherever there are wet patches. So, the ice maker machine comes with a built-in antimicrobial protection mechanism, that will prevent the growth of any micro-organisms from getting in touch with the ice.

Another great feature embedded with this machine is the digital analysis the machine conducts on itself. Now, this is something new, where the machine can check for its problems on its own and indicate the owner for any service needed.


  • The machine has a built-in filtration system
  • Easy to navigate controls
  • Clear and good quality ice
  • Quality build
  • Even the installation process is simple


  • On the costlier side

#3. Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Hotel Ice Machine

Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Hotel Ice Machine

Check Price

The complete stainless-steel body built, strong ice maker machine can produce 356 pounds of ice in just under 24 hours. It has a self-contained condenser type, where it gives air-cooled technology, which will not disturb the ice production in any way. This machine gives medium-sized ice cubes, perfect for drinks on hot summer days.

The ice storage within the machine will provide storage for up to 120 pounds of ice and also, it comes with an alert system, where it alerts us when the ice is full here. It is an energy star rated machine, that will definitely help to save more on electricity bills, as a business electricity bill will always be on the higher side, this machine will do its part on saving a few bucks.

The freestanding model comes with 6” legs that can be fitted with the machine. It can be moved from one place to another but it has to be noted that there must be proper water supply and drain facility wherever you decide to keep it.


  • Great alert system
  • There is an ice dispenser along with the machine
  • A smart machine for your home


  • It is much costly than other ice makers in the market
  • Quite heavy and needs help while moving

#4. Elevation Series CIM0530HA Modular Cube Ice Maker

Elevation Series CIM0530HA Modular Cube Ice Maker

Check Price

The elevation series ice maker machine has a lot of variants available in the production rate of ice cubes. Starting from 180-pound range, and going as far as 680 pounds per day ice production, the elevation series has around 8 different variants. And these variants can also come with or without the ice storage bins.

There is built-in antimicrobial protection available in this machine, that will come handy with these kinds of larger machines where microbial infections are prominent. The powerful compressor of the machine is the master behind the huge pounds of ice productions. However, this in turn will produce a large amount of heat. This problem is tackled with dual exhaust outlets.

The parts of the machine where plastic is used have BPA free plastic materials used making it environment friendly. The detachable parts of the ice-making machine can be cleaned easily and also be washed in a dishwasher.


  • Easy installation process
  • It has antimicrobial protection
  • Huge quantity and good quality ice cubes are produced
  • Ecofriendly
  • It comes with one-touch sanitizing and descaling button


  • Manual operation is required

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How to Get the Best Ice Maker Machine for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

Ice maker machines are very necessary for places like offices, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias or bars. Some features are very much necessary when it comes to choosing the right machine for your business.

1. Cost

Since larger ice maker machines are needed for businesses, they will cost you a huge amount of money when you decide to buy one. So, it is necessary for you to decide what exactly you want, for instance, how much ice is needed per day? or what are the different shapes and sizes you will be needing the ice in? If you are clear about your needs, then you can find the ice makers with suitable specifications and consolidate it finally to choose one.

2. Quality

The quality of the ice must be top-notch. Customers will love their drinks to be long-lastingly cold while they are enjoying their time in your restaurant. So, thick and right-sized ice cubes must be used, that can stay in the drinks for a longer period of time.

3. Easy-cleaning

The ice makers used in businesses tend to be larger than the commercial ice makers. And also, it is necessary for the restaurants and bars to frequently clean the machine and its parts. If not, the machine might fail you sooner than expected and will add up more costs. Choose a machine that will be easy for you to clean by yourself in frequent intervals as instructed by the technicians. Easily detachable parts are more preferred for the easy cleaning process.

FAQs For Buying Hotel Ice Maker Machines

Is it necessary to give importance to the size and shape of the ice cubes?

A definite yes. The kinds of seafood would need smaller crushed ice cubes, for storing it for a longer period. Whereas, the beverages and drinks need thicker sized ice cubes that do not melt easily. So, it is necessary to choose an ice maker with different size settings, especially if you run a business.

What size ice maker machine will be suitable?

The exact question here should be how much ice is needed per day? Depending on the business you run, you have to make a choice on the number of pounds of ice cubes you will be needing every day and choose the machine that can produce such quantities of ice cubes.

How much space is required for ice maker machines?

Again, this depends on the quantity of the ice it is producing per day. However, most of these machines are relatively larger, and they will occupy some larger space. So, be ready to plan the space required to fit your ice maker machine beforehand.


The ice maker machines for restaurants and bars must be selected carefully. Since this is one of the biggest investments along with the list of other major expenses, it must be carefully examined to have all the features like settings for size and shape of ice, easy cleaning and descaling, and consistent ice production, before actually buying one for your business.


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