Best Ice Maker Under $500 – Top 5 Picks

There are tons of commercial and portable ice makers available in the market, so here are some of the best ice makers under $500 rated by experts based on factors like Ice producing capacity, storage, design, Price, and popularity.

List of Best Ice Makers Under $500

Product NameDaily Ice Making CapacityImagePrice
#1. HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker99 lbs
HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
#2. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine100 lbs
Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
#3. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker26 lbs
IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker
#4. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine40 lbs
Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine
#5. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker26 lbs
Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

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Ice makers are indeed angels in disguise, especially during summer months when the weather is hot and humid out there. Most of us wish to soothe our thirst with a glass of cold drinks, preferably with some freshly made ice. Our typical refrigerator freezer takes about 8 hours to form a sheet of ice and is not worth the wait, and we cannot afford to run to the shop to get a bag of ice when we are already sweating. 

This is where the ice makers come to our rescue. These giants are capable of producing high-quality ice in just 8 minutes, which is good enough to chill 2-3 glasses of drinks at a time. They can be exceptional additions for your kitchen countertop and are available in less than $500. You can also use some of them in your bars, shops, and restaurants. Read through for the top best economical ice makers here to base your purchase decision.

Top 5 Best Ice Makers Under $500

#1. HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker

This is an excellent commercial ice maker machine with a huge capacity and comes with all essential accessories. Since it is a freestanding unit, you are free to install it anywhere in your home, restaurant, pantry, and even in your outdoor kitchen. But you have to make sure that there is a water outlet near the unit. This ice making machine is capable of producing up to 99 pounds of ice in 24 hours and it can make about 45 pieces of clear ice in one cycle, that spans for just 11 minutes. Its exterior design comprises of stainless steel and is extremely durable and rust-resistant.

Its 1.2L water tank hook can connect directly with a water supply, preferably a potable water supply.  Thus, you need not worry about filling the unit with water, you can simply connect the appliance with a potable water supply and leave the rest with the unit. The intuitive control panels and indicators of this ice making machine help with different sizes of ice cubes, to chill different types of food items. You will also benefit from its automatic cleaning function.


  • The product has a year warranty and free return and exchange up to 30 days.
  • Excellent ice maker for home and business
  • An economical ice maker that is available in less than $500.


  • You will have to leave the ice maker undisturbed for 24 hours before starting to use it.

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#2. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

The Euhomy Freestanding ice maker is the first and best choice among commercial ice makers as it is capable of producing ice in huge volumes. It is a versatile and reliable ice maker that is capable of producing at least 100 lbs. of ice a day. This ice maker machine comprises an LCD control panel which helps with easy operation. The control panel gives warning on power, cleaning functions, delays, etc. You can remove the ice from its 33 lbs. self-contained storage bin. 

This commercial ice-making machine comes with a complete set of accessories to help with easy and hassle-free ice making. You will get a water supply pipe, drain pipe, ice shovel, etc. as accessories with this ice maker. It requires a gravity drain system to remove the user and the stale water from the unit. This ice maker machine runs on standard household current and requires a drain and water supply. Its exteriors are of the stainless steel body, and you can thus expect this ice maker to be extremely strong and durable. Its cabinet has a sliding door that moves up and out of the way. It also runs slow at very low noise, making it comfortable to make ice cubes. As this commercial ice maker comes with an energy certificate, you can keep making ice at a reduced cost.


  • Self-contained and compact design
  • Upgraded ice window with a flip cover design
  • A powerful compressor that is energy efficient and prepares ice in low noise.


  • Approved for commercial use and its functionality is limited for home use.

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#3. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

This ice maker machine works pretty fast and makes quick ice is just less than 6 minutes. This machine chunks out 9 pieces of delicious and chewable bullet-shaped ice per cycle. You take to get about 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours with only 2 liters of water in this machine. This machine requires to preheat like a freezer and thus its ice-making efforts are the first two cycles that will be less effective. 

Being a quiet and an energy-efficient machine, it helps with fast cooling with low energy consumption. Its operating volume is less than 45 decibels and it is thus quite enough to not annoy the guests. It makes use of an R600a refrigerant for its cooling function. Its compact design requires very little space in the countertop and has a simple to use intuitive control panel and user interface. The indicators on its smart control panels warn when the ice tray is full, when the machine runs out of the water and when it is time to drain the unit. You can make ice in two sizes in bullet shape by choosing the specific controls on the panel.


  • Comprises of a large and a translucent window for easy observation of the ice basket.
  • Durable ABS shell, which is smooth and is also easy to clean.
  • It comes with ice scoop and basket, along with 2 years’ warranty.


  • The machine requires 4-6 hours of standalone time after shifting it to help settle the refrigerant.

#4. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

The Euhomy countertop ice maker is an efficient and cost-effective ice maker for a kitchen countertop that is available in less than $500.  In every ice making cycle, you get about 24 ice cubes and this machine is capable of producing about 40 lbs. of ice in a day. You are also free to adjust the thickness of the ice to chill your foods differently. Its LCD panel with digital controls helps in choosing each of the functions in the ice maker effectively. It also comprises a timer with an 8 hours’ delay. The indicator warns when the unit runs out of the water and when the bin is full of ice, ready to get emptied. 

This ice maker requires about 2.2 liters of water to produce about 5 cycles of ice. It also recycles melted water to form fresh ice. It comprises efficient compressors to ensure that the appliance produces the highest quality of ice cubes with minimal noise. Its quick cooling system ensures to save energy and costs as well. Being a free-standing stainless steel body compact countertop ice maker, this appliance finds extensive use in the office, home, bar, kitchen, shops, etc.


  • An energy-efficient compressor that forms efficient ice with low noise
  • Very short ice producing cycle with variant thickness ice cubes.


  • Ice forms in sheets and drops as a batch in the bin.
  • Ice seems to melt pretty quick

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#5. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

It is quick enough to produce 9 chewable delicious ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. It can produce about 26 lbs. of ice cubes in 24 hours, each weighing 8 grams. This portable small stainless steel ice maker with ice basket and scoop is perfect for making high-speed ice for drinks, and water bottles. The machine can chunk out nine chewable bullet shape ice cubes in one cycle that lasts between 8-10 minutes. It does not require a water hookup and is thus perfect for outdoor parties, barbeques, basement bars, etc.

Its intuitive controls have an automatic shut off feature when the ice basket gets full. It also intimates when the unit runs out of water. This ice maker carries several intelligent features. It prevents overflowing and indicates the same with the help of warning lights. There is also an automatic shut off feature when the unit runs out of water. The machine is simple to install and use and does not require any complex installation process. It possesses two 2-liter water reservoir that sits below the ice basket. The machine is extremely energy efficient as it reuses melted ice to make new ice.


  • Reuses melted ice to make fresh ice bullets
  • Offers a one-year warranty with 30 days’ money-back guarantee.
  • Chunks out 9 bullets of 8 grams’ ice in less than 10 minutes


  • The machine is not cold enough to keep the ice frozen. The ice starts melting from the time it has been made.
  • It is important to change water frequently as it gets stale. 

What to Look for in Your Ice Maker Machine?

Ice makers are growing very popular in modern times as they are capable of generating large volumes of ice for both residential and commercial use. They are capable of producing large volumes of ice to cater to your needs for the entire day and they are energy and cost-efficient as well. Here are a few important points that you need to look for in your ice maker machine.

1. Size of the Ice maker:

Ice makers can be placed either on top of the counter and under the counter depending on their size and dimensions. It also depends on the quantum of space that you have in your home. Some of the freestanding ice makers like the Euhomy commercial ice maker have to be kept standing as they are tall and high on dimensions. They are the perfect fit for restaurants and commercial units, as they can produce large volumes of ice for a larger audience. When you are deciding to place the ice maker under the counter, or as a free-standing unit, you may have to spend additional money on their installation. 

2. Ice making capacity of the appliance:

The capacity and volume of the ice produced by the maker depend on the model and its application. Almost all of the portable ice makers are capable of producing about 25 lbs. of ice. Commercial ice makers and under counter ice makers can produce about 50 lbs. of ice, minimum.  The storage of the appliance is also important as its quantum of production. Most of the portable ice makers can produce about 2.5 lbs. of ice cubes in storage and under-counter appliances are capable of producing about 20 lbs. in storage. 

3. Shape and clarity of the ice cubes:

Buy your ice maker based on the shape and clarity of the ice cubes. High-quality ice cubes should be crystal clear and should not have any cloudiness. Also make sure that the ice cubes are dense and hard, as they should not melt as soon as you drop them in a drink. As far as possible, choose ice makers that produce gourmet ice as they are clear and slow melting. 

4. Cooling effect:

The ice maker has to perform a lot of work while producing the ice cubes and consecutively generate a lot of heat. The air-cooling mechanism in the ice maker will ensure that the appliance operates at the right temperatures. Also, make sure that the vents of the ice maker have a clearance of at least 6 inches to prevent problems of overheating and damage.  

5. User-friendly design:

Most of the ice makers do not require prompt cleaning and maintenance as they reuse melted ice to form fresh ice. But it may be mandatory to clean them and maintain them occasionally to avoid the buildup of slime and mineral deposits. The best option is to choose an ice maker with an automatic function so that they are cost-effective. Make sure that the ice maker that you buy is easy to install and produce less noise while producing ice.

Concluding Contemplation

There are many excellent ice makers available from different reputed brands of the world under $500. Our personal choice is the Euhomy portable ice maker that is available at a cheaper cost and is capable of producing a large volume of ice which is good enough to yield to the needs of residential and commercial uses.

But in the end, you have to pick according to your choice, although you should pick one machine from this list of Best Ice Makers Under $500 because these are really the best models available in the market under this price range.


I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of IceMakerCage. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.


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