Top 5 Best Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers Reviewed 2021


Ice-O-Matic is a big name in the field of commercial ice makers. This American brand has more than fifty years’ experience in making ice and has been rendering clean and quality ice, since its inception in the year 1952. The brand has an impressive line of products that are known for their quality, efficiency, durability, and simplicity.

The ice makers from this brand produce ice in different variations such as flaked ice, half cube ice, cube ice, pearl shape ice, and gourmet ice cubes. These tiny machines work all day to produce large volumes of clean and clear ice. The best ice makers from the Ice-O-Matic brand are as follows.

List of Best Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers 2021

Top 5 Ice-O-Matic Ice MakersEditor ScoresPrice
#1. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Pearl Ice Machine8.8/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Ice-O-Matic ICEU150HA Undercounter Ice Maker8.9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Ice-O-Matic CIM0530HA Elevation Series Ice Machine8.8/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Ice-O-Matic ICEU300HW Undercounter Ice Machine8.6/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. New Ice-O-Matic Commercial Half Cube Ice Maker8.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers 2021

#1. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Pearl Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Pearl Self-Contained Ice Machine

This is an excellent under-counter ice maker machine that comes in handy for small space applications. These can be ideal appliances for office break rooms, entertainment venues, cafes, and small outdoor parties. These self-contained ice machines form pearl-shaped ice cubes that are chewable. They are quiet in operation and are easy to install and are thus much preferred for entertainment venues, with their 115-volt plug-in design. 

This appliance is capable of both built-in and freestanding installation, owing to its front ventilation system. As this appliance is approved for outdoor use, it can be placed in bars, the kitchen, and even on the patio. It is capable of producing about 85 pounds of ice in a day and is also capable of storing about 22 pounds of ice at a single time. The appliance doesn’t require a pump to drain water as it drains excess water by gravity.

The manufacturer recommends filtration of the inlet water to ensure optimal quality of ice. If the drain by gravity is not possible in some locations, an optional drain pump can be purchased and installed with the appliance. Its stainless steel cabinet finish will complement both residential and commercial setups and its compact design allows installation in all types of counters. The appliance is approved by the NSF to produce high-quality ice, that is free from odor, scaling, and bacteria.


  • Forms clear and chewable ice cubes
  • The appliance features an impressively quiet operation.
  • The machine comes with a scoop for easy and quick ice retrieval from the bin.
  • The appliance is extremely energy efficient


  • Ice will start melting if the appliance is not kept in a climate-controlled location
  • Have to buy the water pump additionally.

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#2. Ice-O-Matic ICEU150HA Undercounter Ice Maker

Ice-O-Matic ICEU150HA Undercounter Ice Maker

This is an excellent under counter ice maker appliance that features a slim design. It can be tucked in any corner of the kitchen and are ideal for venues with limited space. There is no need for back and side clearance, as the machine takes-in air and expels it through the front door. It lacks an air filter and thus eliminating the need for maintenance of the air filter. Being an air-cooled machine, it can produce about 185 pounds of ice in a day. Its integrated storage bin ensures to store about 70 pounds of ice at a time. This appliance chunks out half-cube ice cubes that are stored in the bin behind the front door.

This under counter ice machine is also protected by Pure Ice technology that ensures that users get clean and clear ice. An anti-microbial agent will kill bacteria present at its internal components and makes sure to render odor-free and safe ice cubes for drinks. Its durable stainless steel body and molded plastic construction help in easy cleaning. The evaporator of the appliance also features a nickel plating to prevent corrosion and water damage. 

The appliance is capable of producing about 185 pounds of ice a day and can store up to70 pounds of ice at a time. Produces half cube ice of size 7/8 inches and is a self-contained unit, will also keep the ice frozen for few hours before replenishing them. Though it can be used in residences and small commercial establishments, it uses an electrical outlet of 115V. 


  • Its front air intake and discharge mechanism facilitate installation without side clearances.
  • Its stainless steel and plastic construction helps in preventing corrosion. 
  • Forms small rectangular shaped ice cubes to add variety to the drinks.
  • The thickness of the ice cubes is programmable.


  • Requires professional installation for appropriate functioning. 
  • The cost of this appliance in on the higher end

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#3. Ice-O-Matic CIM0530HA Elevation Series Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic CIM0530HA Elevation Series Ice Machine

This appliance comes under the space-saving line of appliances by the Ice-O-Matic brand. It is about 30” wide and is capable of producing up to 586 pounds of ice in a day. The appliance is about 20% more energy-efficient and thus exceeds the regulations framed by the Department of Energy. Apart from being more energy-efficient than its counterparts, the appliance also is made from BPA free plastic and other recyclable parts. 

Being an air-cooled machine, it has been designed to discharge hot air from both the sides and the top of the unit. the appliance is flexible to install and its smart harness control board makes it easy to install and service. This air-cooled and self-contained ice maker is capable of producing about 520 pounds of ice over 24 hours. It makes rectangular ice cubes and features built-in ice protection, that prevents ice cubes from getting melted and replenished. There is a LED display that communicates the status of the appliance. There are controls for descaling and one-touch sanitation helping to taste pure ice cubes.

This appliance can be easily hand-wired to the existing power supply of the residential and commercial building and requires only a 115V power outlet. Its button controls can easily power up and initiate the water cycle. It will stop producing ice automatically when the bin is full and is thus very energy efficient. 


  • The unique dual exhaust feature helps in the discharge of hot air easily. 
  • The appliance is easy and flexible to install. 
  • Digital diagnostics and universal components make servicing and installation simpler. 
  • The components of the appliance are food grade and are dishwasher safe.


  • Very costly ice machine
  • The bin size is not very big owing to its compact design.

#4. Ice-O-Matic ICEU300HW Undercounter Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic ICEU300HW Undercounter Ice Machine

The Ice-O-Matic ICEU300HW is an excellent water cooler ice maker machine for both residential and commercial purposes. It installs under the counter and forms half cubed or rectangular shaped ice cubes of about 309 pounds in a day and its bin could store up to 97 lb. of ice at a time. It is an expert ice maker for tight spaces that helps to keep ice handy for unexpected guests and large parties. As it produces ice cubes of size 3/8” x 7/8”, they are great for a wide variety of beverages and service applications. 

Its harvest assist feature makes sure that the appliance indulges in constant and consistent ice production by making use of less energy. Its built-in anti-microbial protection helps in eliminating all impurities from the water and resists the growth of bacteria on the surface of the ice cubes. The width of this appliance is about 30” and thus its unique space-saving design makes it easy to install with small clearances. As the appliance doesn’t require air intake and discharge, it can be comfortably installed even in tight spaces.

The appliance has a low top profile and its front door allows for easy and quick access to the ice stored inside the bin. Its adjusting legs (6 inches in length) helps with easy cleaning under the machine for appropriate cleanliness in the kitchen area. 


  • As this appliance is water-cooled, it doesn’t require air intake or discharge
  • Can be installed easily with smaller clearances
  • Does not discharge hot air in the kitchen
  • Its outer body is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel


  • Requires two water connections for operation.
  • The appliance demands professional installation.

#5. New Ice-O-Matic Commercial Half Cube Ice Maker

New Ice-O-Matic Commercial Half Cube Ice Maker

This is an excellent half cube ice maker machine that comes with an integrated storage system. Both the ice making and the storage compartments are in one single unit, that fits the majority of the kitchen counters. The appliance is constructed from durable stainless steel material on the inside along with industrial-grade molding on the outside. It features a copper core for ambient conductivity and also features nickel plating to resist the damaging effects of water on the internal components.

With this appliance, we get nothing but pure ICE. It features built-in antimicrobial protection to enhance the life of the ice maker. It also prevents the formation of slime and bacteria, thanks to its ultra-filtration system. It provides protection against scale formation, odor formation, and renders tremendous protection against unpleasant tastes. The appliance helps inconsistent ice production round the clock and pushes the ice to the bin after ice formation. 

This sturdy and well-built ice maker appliance is capable of making about 309 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Its roomy storage bun can stock about 112 pounds of fresh ice at a given time. the front air discharge system maximizes space and can be installed in tight spaces, without the need for any side clearance.


  • Hooks up to the adjacent sink to facilitate drainage of water.
  • The ice is easy to scoop from the bin and is thus an excellent addition to restaurants and bars.
  • Its life and slide doors offer easy access to the ice bin.
  • The harvest assists feature helps to clear ice off the freezing surface quickly for consistent ice production.


  • This appliance requires professional installation
  • The appliance is very loud, and cannot be used in healthcare setups.

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Features of Ice Makers from the Ice-O-Matic Brand

The commercial ice-making machines from this brand are known for keeping the ingredients fresh for a long time in bars and restaurants. They are easy to install and are a part of every business in the Food and Beverage industry. Ice-O-Matic is an exceptional name in the domain of commercial ice makers and is known for producing clean, clear, and hygienic ice cubes. The units are long-lasting and environmentally friendly and come with long-lasting warranties from the manufacturers. The inherent features of the ice-makers from this brand are as follows.

1. Flexible design:

Owning to the front ventilation system of the ice makers from Ice-O-Matic, they can be placed under the counter or be simply built-in along with the cabin. Also, as these appliances have completely furnished cabinets, they can be kept as freestanding appliances as well.

2. Can be used outdoors:

All the units from Ice-O-Matic are approved for outdoor use. Thus they can be a part of outdoor parties, outdoor kitchen, open bars, patio kitchen, etc.

3. Quiet Operation:

These ice makers operate at impressive noise levels; thus they can be placed anywhere without disturbing the general work of the cook and other workers in the restaurant.

4. Large production volume

The ice makers from this brand can produce ice in large volumes and are thus ideal additions for a commercial kitchen. They also have huge storage capacity and are thus perfect for entertaining a large crowd and for keeping the ice stocked for the entire family.

5. High-quality ice:

The appliances are featured with anti-microbial features and thus produce clean and high-quality ice that is free from microbes. The ice cubes are also chewable making them the most sought-after appliance in any restaurant. The appliances are capable of manufacturing ice in different shapes and varieties.

6. Corrosion resistance:

This is perhaps what every restaurant owner requires. The nickel-plated body of these appliances make them resistant to corrosion and does not demand frequent cleaning and maintenance by the workers.

7. Accessories:

The appliances are accessorized with ice scoops, filters, and drainage tubes and are installed professionally to render many service free years for the restaurant owners. 

Bottom Line

The manufacturer designs appliances that are simple and minimalistic in design. They are true trendsetters and are known for their innovation and quality design.



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