Best Manitowoc Ice Makers 2021: Unbiased Reviews & Ratings

Businesses in the food and beverage industry and focus on creating chilled drinks and beverages should consider installing an in-plant ice maker machine, that is capable of producing many pounds of ice for smooth operations. When we talk about commercial ice makers, Manitowoc is a top name. This brand sells the highest number of ice makers in the United States and is been dominating the ice-making market in the country since 1960. The brand makes more than 200 machines that are capable of producing anywhere between 65 and 3380 pounds of ice in a day. Here are the top five ice makers from the brand, each of them unique in its way to meet the specific needs of their clients. 

List of Best Manitowoc Ice Makers 2021

Quick Opinion by Sara Wilson

Manitowoc UDF0140A is an ultimate choice for all the Manitowoc brand lovers as it provides quality performance without any major lag. And of course, it suits all the major purposes, but in case your ice requirements are high, Manitowoc IDO302A-161 ice maker is a better choice.

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Top 5 Best Manitowoc Ice Maker Reviews 2021

#1. Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26” Ice Machine

Manitowoc UDFO140A NEO Ice Machine
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.9
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.6

This is an excellent ice maker machine that makes up to 129 pounds of ice a day. It comprises an air-cooled, self-contained condenser. Apart from producing huge volumes of ice in a day, it also can store up to 90 pounds of ice in a day. This energy star certified appliance is capable of producing dice cubed ice that chills drinks without altering the flavor. There are LED indicators that alert users to the status of the machine. There is also a delay button, that halts the ice production for 4, 12, and even for 24 hours. 

The appliance features forward sliding storage that offers users, easy access to all internal machine components. This ice cube machine is perfect for any banquet hall, commercial kitchen, and hotel. Its angled doors slide up and out of the way of the appliance for easy access to the ice cubes. The air filter of the machine is being designed for simple, tool-free removal for routine cleaning and maintenance of the appliance. The best feature of this appliance is that it fits comfortably in any underneath countertops, and will not disturb the people at work.

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What we like about Manitowoc UDF0140A?

  • The air-cooled condenser reduces the amount of water required for the operation of the machine.
  • Easy access door that slides up and out of the way.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with its pop-out air filter and removable bin.
  • The appliance produces 7” dice shaped ice cubes. 

What do we don’t like?

  • Ensure that the restaurant can accommodate an under counter ice machine.

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#2. Manitowoc SM-50A Air-Cooled Ice Machine

Manitowoc SM-50A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean8.8
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.3

This is an impressive under-counter ice maker machine that is capable of making octagonal-shaped ice cubes. Its water filter system integrates with the inside of the machine and also features a depth filtration system and a scale inhibitor. The bin is lighted with an interior light and comprises a large opening at the front for easy access. Its patented cleaning and sanitizing system make it a trouble-free appliance that runs for years without any trouble. 

Internal Design of Manitowoc SM-50A

The appliance has been designed to get installed with standard cabinet measurements of 15 inches or 38 cm. It can also be used as a standalone appliance with stainless steel top and sides. There is an optional drain pump that comes with the appliance and integrates easily inside the machine during its installation. 

This is an excellent ice maker appliance that makes beautiful ice cubes, that are very clear and are available in the shape that one desires. It is easy to hook up with the water source and works exceptionally well. It is also energy efficient and doesn’t consume much electricity. Prepares fresh ice and also stores them frozen for many hours

What we like about Manitowoc SM-50A?

  • This is an excellent ice maker for the commercial kitchen.
  • Produces ice in great quantities.
  • Produces impressive octagonal-shaped ice cubes.
  • Requires less maintenance with its deep filtration and scale inhibition action.

What do we don’t like?

  • The appliance requires professional installation; else it may void the warranty.
  • Produces noticeable noise and heat.

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#3. Manitowoc IDO302A-161 Indigo Series Ice Cube Machine

Manitowoc IDO302A-161 Indigo Series Ice Cube Machine
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.8
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.3

This is an exceptional air-cooled ice machine that produces full dice ice cubes. The appliance provides superior corrosion resistance and stainless steel finish with innovative clear coats, to prevent dirt and fingerprints. The front door of this appliance is hinged for easy access. It features a removable distribution tube, water trough, sensing probes, and curtain for efficient and fast cleaning. Its highly intuitive LED display communicates operating status, cleaning reminders, and other appliance information with the help of its display illuminated in blue color. 

This is an ideal commercial ice maker that helps businesses that deal with ice-critical operations. The appliance features 24 hours’ preventative diagnostics to help with its trouble-free operation. As it is programmable and has self-cleaning options, this appliance is easy to own and is also less expensive to operate as well. 

The appliance is capable of producing about 560 pounds of full-size ice cubes in a day. Its hinged front door swings out for easy access to the distribution tube, water trough, sensing probes, and curtains and this also helps with easy and efficient cleaning of the appliance. Requires only 115V electrical connection for operation and is thus energy efficient as well.

What we like about Manitowoc IDO302A-161?

  • Ideal for kitchens with restricted ceiling heights and built-in operations.
  • Its intelligent diagnostics offers 24 hours’ preventative maintenance. 
  • Its easy-touch display option helps with simple and easy to use operations.
  • DuraTech technology helps with superior corrosion resistance.

What do we don’t like?

  • The appliance is a little loud during operation.

#4. Manitowoc UYF0310A Neo Under Counter Ice Maker

Manitowoc UYF0310A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.8
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.2

These ice maker appliances are designed to produce ice when required and are known for their intelligence, convenience, and high-quality performance. This machine is easy to own and is also less expensive to operate as well. This is an under-counter ice maker machine that revolutionizes the way people make ice all over the world. It is better than many other ice machines as it makes use of 25% less water and 10% less energy than a vast majority of under-counter ice machines. 

Ice Made with Manitowoc UYF0310A

The NEO under counter ice maker combines the technology of the indigo ice machine range of Manitowoc and the convenience of its under counter ice machine range. One impressive feature of this ice machine is its delay feature that helps to delay the ice-making process by 4, 12, or 24 hours. This delay feature helps to keep the appliance dormant, when the business is closed or not in operation. 

This ice maker appliance is capable of producing about 290 pounds of dice shaped cubes over 24 hours. Its self-contained bin can also store about 100 pounds of ice.

Its institutive control panel has many LED indicators that illuminate in red when the machine faces any operational issues. Thus, we can be alerted in advance, if the appliance requires maintenance or service. It comes with a modified ice scoop that makes scooping convenient and hassle-free.

What we like about Manitowoc UYF0310A?

  • Comes with attached legs for installing on the floor.
  • Can produce about 290 pounds of ice a day and store up to 100 pounds.
  • Easy to install and can be used as either under-counter or standalone unit.
  • Uses 10% less energy and 25% less water.

What do we don’t like?

  • The appliance is a little noisy with a loud motor and ice dump sound.

#5. Manitowoc IDT0500A Ice Cube Machine

Manitowoc IYT0500A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Easy to use9.1
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.6
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money8.9

This is a modular ice machine that features an ice machine head and a storage bin. The appliance is capable of producing ice up to 520 pounds and creates dice shaped ice cubes. It can also store up to 532 pounds of ice, and thus there is no water melting and recycling and no waste of power and time. As this appliance makes use of a self-contained air-cooled condenser, it helps to cool the appliance pretty efficiently. 

As the appliance makes use of programmable ice production technology it allows the businesses to tailor define their daily ice production capacity to suit their business requirements. Its storage bin is easy to open, to render access to the interiors of the bin for easy ice retrieval and efficient sanitation of the bin. Its stay open door design helps in easy ice retrieval. Features a beautiful stainless steel design with free-standing installation and is thus great for retail ice dispensing applications. Its dura tech stainless steel finish offers excellent protection for the bin against corrosion and scratches.

What we like about Manitowoc IDT0500A?

  • Makes up to 520 pounds of ice in a day
  • Its intelligent diagnostics system offers 24 hours’ preventative maintenance service
  • Easy touch display gets its operation as easy and as simple as possible. 
  • Its dura tech technology offers excellent corrosion resistance.

What do we don’t like?

  • The appliance has to be hardwired and it doesn’t plug into a standard wall outlet.

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Why a Manitowoc Ice Maker Machine is the Best Business Companion?

The ice makers from Manitowoc are designed to keep the bar and the kitchen of the restaurant highly efficient. As these appliances are certified by energy star, they are highly efficient and cost-effective to use in the restaurant business. The appliances make use of evaporators made of copper and nickel and thus are capable of removing traces of heat from the water. Thus, it is capable of producing large volumes of ice with very little energy. The other advantages of using this appliance are as follows.

1. Efficiency: This ice maker appliance is capable of saving about 10% more water and 15% more energy than other top brands.

2. Maintenance: The appliances are easy to clean and wash and this can be done without using even a single tool. The probes, pumps, water trough, and splash shields of the appliance are removable for a quick cleaning process. 

3. Variety: The appliances from Manitowoc are capable of producing a variety of ice – it can form ice flakes, nugget shaped ice cubes, crushed ice, cube, and dice ice, etc., which is good enough to create stunning presentations if food and drinks. 

4. Quality: The ice cubes from this appliance will not dilute the flavor of the food or drink, as they are completely frozen and are slowly melting. The customers can enjoy the complete flavor of all the food items that are served with the ice from the Manitowoc’s machines.

5. Models: Manitowoc has diverse models of ice machines, to benefit the hospitality business. The appliances are capable of producing thousands of pounds of ice in a day and their compact design makes them fit comfortably on any counters. 

6. Service: Above all, Manitowoc offers an impressive customer and after-sale service of its appliances, all over the world. The technicians help with easy installation of the appliance, appliance maintenance, and start-up programs, and are armed with a large network of dedicated service technicians. 

Types of Manitowoc Ice Makers

There are many types and varieties of ice makers from the Manitowoc brand and those are as follows.

1. Modular units: These are compact and flexible units that have separate bin and head units. They are available as flakes, cubes, and nugget ice machines.

2. Under counter: These compact ice machines are ideal for small-volume ice production. They are designed to fit under the counters and in areas where there is a restriction to install large equipment.

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3. Countertop appliances: The countertop ice machines from Manitowoc dispense both nugget ice, which is soft and easy to chew and cold water. They are ideal for healthcare facilities and breakroom applications.

4. Hotel dispensers: These appliances are designed for bucket filing by hotel guests and in bars. Its streamlined design and chute dispensing system decrease ice spillage and in-flight ice cubes.

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5. Ice Beverage: The ice beverage appliances are only 14” deep and help with the manual fill of beverage dispensers. With a proper adapter, they can be installed over any beverage dispenser.

6. Traditional remote appliances: In the remote ice machine appliances, it makes use of a special technology, where the fan of the machine is kept outside the building to keep the noise and heat out of the kitchen and dining area.

Final Verdict

Apart from rendering world-class ice maker appliances, Manitowoc also produces different ice storage bin options and accessories to complement all of its ice machines. All of its appliances are known for their reliable production of high-quality ice efficiently and conservatively, especially the Manitowoc UDF0140A model provides all the features needed in a quality ice maker.

I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of IceMakerCage. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.

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