Newair Ice Maker Reviews

No matter if you are throwing a party or having holiday fun, the best thing to make the party a great success is a bag of ice cubes. These tiny party companies are good enough to delight a good pool of party guests easily and instantly. The freezer that is built in the refrigerator is not a good option to form huge volumes of ice within a short period. This is where the portable ice maker comes to the rescue. We have discussed the best brand in portable ice making, the Newair, so check out the Newair ice maker reviews, to make the best buying decision.

Everything You Need to Know About Newair Ice Machines

The portable ice maker from Newair is one of a kind, as these appliances are small, convenient to use, portable, and extremely functional. These ice makers are great for long party hours and feature the best aspects as follows, to quality as your ideal party companion.

a. Makes Ice in Huge Volume

The portable ice makers from Newair are capable of producing about 30 pounds of ice in a day and are indeed a small ice giant that keeps making and storing ice continuously. The NewAir AI-215 series can chunk out even 50 lbs of ice, which is great for large parties and huge gatherings. For small parties and family get-togethers, the AI-100 series can be good to go. Thus, irrespective of your requirements, the Newair ice-making appliances get you covered and get the party going.

b. Quick Ice Making

If you face unexpected guests and unexpected ice requirements during holidays and parties, you can rely on the New air ice-making appliances, as they are capable of forming ice pretty quickly. The appliances have an ice-making cycle of 8 to 15 minutes. Some of its series such as the AI-100 are capable of chunking out around 9 ice cubes in less than 6 minutes. 

c. Space Saving Design

Space can be a great concern for people in compact apartments looking for an ice maker on their kitchen countertop. All the ice-making appliances from Newair are compact and are extremely portable. They are capable of fitting in nearly any kitchen countertop. Only the AI-215 series are a little larger, but can still be accommodated on the countertop.

d. Elegant Colors and Attractive Design

For many people aesthetics and elegance matter more than functionality. They couple it with the buying process and if the appliance is not looking good, they may not buy it, no matter how great it looks. There are many color schemes in the Newair ice makers which include vibrant and attractive colors such as orange, blue, black, stainless steel, etc. Thus it is possible to find an appliance that looks great for every kitchen.

What Are The Best NewAir Ice Machines?

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AI-100SS is one of the best-rated ice makers in the market from the NewAir brand, hence it’s an ideal choice for countertop setup and medium ice requirements, whereas, for large ice requirements, NewAir AI-215SS is a very good choice, although it does costs more than NewAir AI-100SS.

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NewAir Ice Maker Reviews 2022

#1. NewAir AI-100SS Countertop Ice Maker – Best Overall

NewAir AI-100SS Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean9.4
Build quality9.3
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.5

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This is an excellent ice maker appliance from NewAir that features a compact design and can be mounted comfortably on the countertop. This ice maker is capable of making ice cubes in three different sizes and we can comfortably pick the size of the ice cubes from the control panel. This appliance can make around 28 pounds of ice cubes in a day. The best feature of this appliance is that it features a side-mounted drain that is easy to empty the used water. 

The ice maker features a compact and portable design and is thus perfect for compact spaces, recreational vehicles, apartments, boats, etc.

It can be easily ported between different venues for enhanced usability. It is also lightweight that weighs around 26.3 pounds, aiding in its portability.

Its stainless steel body enhances its elegance and its look. Its push-button electronic controls help in its easy operation and indicate clearly when the ice bin is full and water needs to be refilled in the appliance.

Design of NewAir AI-100SS

The appliance takes about 15 minutes to complete one ice-making cycle. The appliance includes an ice scoop and a removable ice basket to dispense ice easily. There is absolutely no overloading and risk of blockage in this appliance with its automatic overflow protection. As the appliance features a countertop stylish, it easily fits most of the compact places. It chunks out ice cubes in three different sizes to make blended and iced beverages.

What do we like about NewAir AI-100SS?

  • The appliance has a lightweight and portable design to ease transport.
  • The unit produces about 28 lb. of ice in a day with an average ice cycle of 15 minutes.
  • The appliance doesn’t have a freezer and the melted ice is recycled for the next batch, eliminating waste.
  • The appliance is extremely user-friendly with its intuitive controls.

What do we don’t like about NewAir AI-100SS?

  • The ice that is formed in this appliance melts quickly.
  • Long ice making time

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#2. NewAir AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker – Runner Up

NewAir AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean9.4
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.3

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This is an excellent ice maker from the NewAir brand that weighs around 50 lb. The ice maker features a countertop design and is capable of chunking out ice cubes in three different shapes. The bullet-shaped ice stays secured in its stainless steel body until they are ready to be used. This ice maker is capable of producing about 12 pieces of ice in every single ice batch that lasts for just 7 minutes.

The ice maker has an automatic shut-off and overflows protection feature and it also features an empty water reservoir light indicator, indicating to add more water in the ice maker.

It features a portable and compact body and is thus perfect for apartments and recreational vehicles. The ice maker uses a voltage of 120V and a wattage of 170W. It connects with the water source with the help of a water line and has automatic defrost features as well.

As it fits elegantly in the kitchen countertop, it doesn’t require any complex installation and the appliance is also portable as it weighs only 36.1 pounds.

Design of NewAir AI-215SS

The LED display in the ice maker along with its push-button controls, makes it pretty easy to set and control this ice maker. The control panel alerts on full ice and low water conditions. The ice maker comes with a one-year product warranty.

What do we like about NewAir AI-215SS?

  • Offers restaurant-quality clear ice that looks great in the drink
  • The clear ice cubes from this appliance melt slowly than cloudy ice
  • A portable ice maker that is capable of producing about 50 lbs. of bullet-shaped ice a day.
  • The products are tests for the highest safety and are certified by their manufacturers.

What do we don’t like about NewAir AI-215SS?

  • Do keep the ice cubes frozen as it is not a freezer.
  • Flakes form easily on the ice.

#3. NewAir AI-100BK Ice Maker – Editor’s Choice

NewAir AI-100BK Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean9.4
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.4

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This is indeed a mini ice maker that is great for any small kitchen, recreational vehicle, boat, and even bar. The ice maker comes in a stylish design and features a modern design with diverse colors. The appliance is simple to set up and is capable of producing a fresh volume of ice in only 15 minutes. It is made up of high-quality materials to form restaurant-quality ice cubes at home. 

This ice maker serves as an excellent companion for parties and special occasions. It is capable of rendering a constant supply of ice, as required to keep the beverages chilled.

From this appliance, it is possible to get around 28 pounds of ice in a day. There are three sizes of ice cubes to pick from, from this sleek and portable ice maker. It cleans up pretty well owing to its side-mounted drain. 

The control panel is very simple and easy to use with only two buttons. It is possible to select ice cubes in three sizes, namely small, medium, and large and there are light indicators at the control panel, to indicate when to add water, and when the basket requires emptying. The product is tested to be safe to use and is backed with a one-year warranty from the manufacturers.

Design of NewAir AI-100BK

What do we like about NewAir AI-100BK?

  • The ice maker is extremely portable and is thus great for kitchen and outdoor pool parties.
  • The ice maker is easy to use and maintain as well. 
  • Capable of producing about 28 pounds of ice in a day with the shortest ice cycle.
  • Unused water can be conveniently removed with the drain located on the side of the unit.

What do we don’t like about NewAir AI-100BK?

  • The appliance is noisy while working.
  • The ice formed melts pretty easily.

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#4. NewAir ClearIce40 Ice Machine – Best for Clear Ice

NewAir ClearIce40 Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.9
Noise level9.1
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.2

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This ice maker appliance from Newair makes restaurant-quality ice cubes that are clear and transparent. The ice maker machine is capable of producing about 40 lbs. of ice in 24 hours and it features insulated storage so that the formed ice cubes don’t melt as in traditional ice maker machines. The appliance features a one-touch control so that the machine operates efficiently and easily. There is also a BPA-free ice scoop and a removable ice basket to use the formed ice conveniently and the appliance also shuts off when the ice basket is full.

This ice maker appliance features a stainless steel finish for a sleek and modern look and this appliance looks great in any kitchen and setting.

As the appliance keeps air out of the process of ice making, it is capable of creating clear and good quality ice, that is capable of enhancing the taste and the look of the ice to many folds.

Its professional-grade clear ice technology is capable of fitting into any kitchen countertop and can work under kitchen cabinets.

Design of NewAir ClearIce40

This high-capacity appliance has a small footprint that yields the results required in the home. It takes only 15 minutes to produce a batch of ice after it has warmed up. The appliance is easy to use and doesn’t require complex plumbing. It just has to be plugged in and the reservoir has to be filled with water to form batches of fresh ice.

What do we like about NewAir ClearIce40?

  • Its carefully engineered technology removes air from the ice cubes to form perfect and clear ice for drinks.
  • Its cold storage mechanism prevents ice from melting easily
  • The appliance features a one-button operation for easy use
  • Capable of producing about 40 pounds of ice in a day.

What do we don’t like about NewAir ClearIce40?

  • The appliance should be warmed before subjecting it to make ice. 
  • Ice drops as a batch and requires to be separated manually.

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#5. NewAir NIM033SS00 Portable Ice Maker – Good Alternative Choice

NewAir NIM033SS00 Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Easy to use9.1
Easy to clean9.2
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money8.7

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This is an excellent ice maker that is portable and is capable of producing about 33 lbs. of ice in a day. The appliance is capable of forming ice in two different sizes and is perfect for kitchen countertops. It features a portable design and occupies just one square foot of space on the kitchen counter. Though it is a compact appliance, it is capable of producing ice in huge volumes and is far better than buying ice from stores.

The appliance is available in three different colors to match the décor of the home and is pretty fast in making use in about 8 minutes. It is possible to pick ice cubes in two different sizes from this appliance with the help of its control panel. It is also easy to clean, drain and carry along for family trips.

Its two-button operation stays simple for even kids to operate the appliance. There are clear indicator lights on the control panel to indicate when the ice cubes are ready to be removed and when it is time to add water.

The ice maker is free from BPA-free parts and harmful chemicals and it is thus safe to use. 

Design of NewAir NIM033SS00

What do we like about NewAir NIM033SS00?

  • The ice maker has a simple and hassle-free ice dispenser that doesn’t require any complex installation.
  • The appliance has a quick and 8 minute freezing time per cycle. 
  • The product comes with one year warranty from the manufacturers.

What do we don’t like about NewAir NIM033SS00?

  • The formed ice melts quickly.
  • Noisy appliance

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Final Verdict

The NewAir ice makers are easy to move around, easy to operate and use, available in elegant colors, and can be a value-added addition to any kitchen space. They can be great companions for indoor and outdoor family trips and are also competitively priced. In case you are not able to choose the right variant, then we recommend NewAir AI-100SS and NewAir AI-215SS as both are two of the best ice machines from the Newair brand.

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