Best Portable Ice Maker Under $200: Top 5 Picks


Portable ice makers are a boon in disguise when the encroaching sun is waiting to sip the last drop of water from our body leaving us dehydrated. Adding a cube of ice to your water and drinks makes a lot of difference in the hot weather. But your refrigerator can take ages to meet your demand for ice and running to the shop every time for a bag of ice is practically impossible. The best way to quench your thirst in the hot weather is to chill your drinks with ice supplied by a compact and portable countertop ice maker. 

The best features of these portable ice makers are that; you can transport them wherever you wish, be it to your poolside party, for dinner get-togethers in the lawn, to your office cabin, to the barbeque, etc. And you can now spend as little as $200 to get these machines and to form non-stop ice for your needs. Read through for the best portable ice maker machines below $200 and their buying guide.

Best Portable Ice Makers under $200

Product NameDaily Ice Making CapacityImagePrice
#1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker26 lbs
IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker
#2. COSTWAY Portable Ice Maker26 lbs
COSTWAY Portable Ice Maker
#3. Vremi Portable Ice Maker26 lbs
Vremi Portable Ice Maker
#4. HOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker26 lbs
HOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker
#5. Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker26 lbs
Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker

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Top 5 Portable Ice Makers Under $200

#1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

IKICH ice maker is capable of producing ice in two different shapes to cool drinks and food differently and is thus perfect for office, outdoor parties, barbeques, basement bars, etc. This ice maker machine works pretty fast and makes quick ice is just less than 6 minutes. This machine chunks out 9 pieces of delicious and chewable bullet-shaped ice per cycle. You take to get about 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours with only 2 liters of water in this machine. 

Being a quiet and an energy-efficient machine, it helps with fast cooling with low energy consumption. It makes use of an R600a refrigerant for its cooling function. This is an intelligent ice maker with a smart indicator system. Its smart control panel helps in easy and efficient ice-making capability. Its indicators help when the ice is full and when more water is required to make fresh ice.

The indicators on its smart control panels warn when the ice tray is full, when the machine runs out of the water and when it is time to drain the unit. You can make ice in two sizes in bullet shape by choosing the specific controls on the panel. Being an efficient countertop ice making machine, it achieves a fast cooling effect along with its powerful compressor with low energy consumption properties.


  • It is a quiet machine and runs at less than 45 dB sound. 
  • Its smart control panel helps in easy and efficient ice-making capability. 
  • There is also a drain plug and a water outlet to empty the unused water.


  • Ice melts fast in this appliance, as it doesn’t possess freezer function.

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#2. COSTWAY Portable Ice Maker

COSTWAY Portable Ice Maker

This is a portable ice maker that is small enough for kitchen countertops and it is available at an economic price under $200. This appliance can be a valuable addition to your kitchen as it features a portable and compact design. As it comprises of a high power compressor, it makes really fast and efficient ice in no time. The ice maker is energy efficient, environment friendly and emits very low noise during operation. There is a drain tube at the bottom to drain out excess and unused water. 

The Costway ice maker takes about 6-13 minutes to make fresh and high-quality bullet shaped ice. It is capable of producing about 26.5 pounds of ice a day so that you can enjoy ice as you like. The unit comprises a corrosion-resistant condenser and a refrigerant that makes ice efficiently with a 2.2-liter water tank. When the ice basket is full, the ice maker indicators will turn on, and you can transfer the ice to another container. Apart from the control panel, the clear and transparent lid also helps in viewing what is happening inside. You can use the scoop to remove and transfer the ice. The machine can produce ice cubes in two different sizes to cool food and drink. The hollow cubes float on the drink and will not alter its taste.


  • The ice maker is made out of superior quality materials.
  • It is also pretty easy to clean as it has a durable ABS surface and is pretty easy to clean. 


  • The appliance can build up slime and dirt fast and is thus easy to clean.

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#3. Vremi Portable Ice Maker

Vremi Portable Ice Maker

The Vremi countertop ice maker has been designed to make perfect ice in a short time and is available less than $200, which is pretty much economical. The machine can chunk out nine chewable bullet shape ice cubes in one cycle that lasts between 8-10 minutes. This portable small stainless steel ice maker with ice basket and scoop is perfect for making high-speed ice for drinks, and water bottles. The machine is capable of producing 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours, with each cube weighing about 8 grams. 

Being a compact and portable ice machine you can easily transport it and use it in barbeques, outdoor parties, poolside get-togethers, etc. Its 1.5 lb. The ice bucket is removable to transfer the ice to a container and even to your drink glass. This ice maker carries several intelligent features. It prevents overflowing and indicates the same with the help of warning lights. There is also an automatic shut off feature when the unit runs out of water. The machine is simple to install and use and does not require any complex installation process.


  • The ice maker is energy efficient as it runs efficiently at 120 watts with a quiet cooling function. 
  • It possesses two 2-liter water reservoir that sits below the ice basket. 
  • The machine is extremely energy efficient as it reuses melted ice to make new ice.


  • Ice tends to melt very fast in this appliance. It is thus important that you remove the ice as often as possible.

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#4. HOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

HOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

This is an excellent and portable Ice-Maker sleek machine from HOmeLabs that makes bullet shape ice-cubes in no time. With the help of this appliance, you can now chill all of your drinks efficiently and it is available at a cost that anybody could afford. You can now buy the Homelabs ice maker at a price under $200. This ice-maker device makes ice –cube within 8 minutes and consumes less energy. The darting technic consists of a quiet compressor so you do not get any noise that disturbs your resting period.

And if you are a party freak, no worries the ice-maker will rescue your guest with chunks of ice by giving a kick start to the evening. The appliance makes 1.5 lb. ice cubes at a time that is 26 lbs. of ice per day. You can make ice cubes in two different sizes to chill your water bottles and cold drinks differently. This machine comprises a compressor that deserves low energy to cool and thus can be a useful gadget for your kitchen. You will love its smart design as the water reservoir sits just below the ice basket and reuses the water from the melted ice to make more ice.


  • There are warning lights and automatic shut off feature for efficient ice making.
  • Does not require installation. You only have to fill the water reservoir and plug in to enjoy the ice.
  • ETL certified for energy efficiency.


  • You have to use the ice immediately or store in your refrigerator, as the ice melts faster in this appliance.

#5. Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker

Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker

The Euhomy ice maker is an efficient and cost-effective ice maker for a kitchen countertop that is available in less than $200.  Every ice-making cycle takes about 8 minutes and this machine is capable of producing about 26 lbs. of ice in a day. You are also free to adjust the thickness of the ice to chill your foods differently. Its LCD panel with digital controls helps in choosing each of the functions in the ice maker effectively. It also indicates when the bin gets filled with ice and when the appliance runs out of water. You can see the ice-making process through the transparent window. 

This appliance has infrared sensor technology that enhances the machine to produce delicious ice cubes. This ice maker requires about 2.2 liters of water to produce about 5 cycles of ice. It also recycles melted water to form fresh ice. It comprises efficient compressors to ensure that the appliance produces the highest quality of ice cubes with minimal noise. Its quick cooling system ensures to save energy and costs as well. Being a free-standing stainless steel body compact countertop ice maker, this appliance finds extensive use in the office, home, bar, kitchen, shops, etc.


  • Compact and elegant ice maker machine that is simple and easy to use.
  • Ideal ice maker for boats, RV, backyards, and home.
  • It can make ice in two different sizes.


  • It can build up slime and dirt fast and thus requires mandatory cleaning as prescribed.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Your Portable Ice Maker

If you think $200 is very cheap to spend on an ice maker machine, then you are wrong. For ice maker appliances that are available at this cheaper cost are also loaded with tons of functionalities and will satisfy all your needs exceptionally. But look for these features in your purchase to do justice to your money spent on them.

1. Size of the appliance: Make sure your appliance is compact and has a small footprint. It should also be small and lightweight to be exceptionally portable and to serve the purpose.

2. Quantum of ice production: Make sure that the appliance you are choosing is capable of producing ice in the desired quantity. You should not be shopping for ice when you already have an ice maker at home. But all the portable ice makers that we have listed here can suit a small gathering efficiently.

3. Insulation: Choose ice makers that have good insulation so that ice can stay in the frozen state for some time before you can remove it from the appliance. Ice makers with built-in freezers are most ideal, but may not be available for $200. Use plastic bags to transport the ice to the freezer for long term use and when you are planning for a party at home. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Ice Makers

Most of the portable ice makers reuse the water from the melted ice to form fresh ice and other appliances drain the excess water to self-clean. But ice makers can still accumulate a lot of dirt and slime and warrant expert cleaning. Here is what you can do to clean your portable ice maker.

  • Remove the ice basket and clean the interiors of the appliance with warm water, diluted cleaning solution, and a cloth.
  • Remember not to use any abrasive solutions or substances to clean the appliance.
  • Clean the outsides of the appliance with mild detergent and warm water.
  • For deep internal cleaning, add the cleaning solution (as prescribed by the manufacturer) to the water reservoir. You can also use vinegar and lemon juice along.
  • Run the appliance and make two batches of ice and discard them.
  • Now add fresh water to the reservoir and make 2-3 batches of ice and discard them as well.
  • Clean the interiors and exteriors of the appliance with a soft cloth.
  • Make sure that you wash the ice scoop regularly, as you will wash with any other utensils. 

Final Thoughts

Portable ice makers are one of the greatest additions in our life that help to make our life simpler and quicker. They are capable of producing ice in three different shapes and can be transported anywhere, considering their compact structure. They are also highly economical as they are available for only $200. We hope our product recommendations will help you make a wise decision in ending up with an ideal appliance for your countertop.



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