Best Scotsman Ice Makers 2021: Top Picks With Unbiased Reviews

All of us wish to lead a luxurious and sophisticated life even with the little things we have. When we consider a luxury, even the minute details can make a tremendous difference. Sitting on your couch with your favorite drink at hand, while watching your favorite show can make your day. With Scotsman ice makers, you can keep enjoying many such luxurious moments all through your life. Scotsman is a leading name when it comes to keeping your drinks stay colder for longer, without altering the flavor and taste of the drink. Here are the top 7 best Scotsman ice makers to prepare your perfect ingredient for an ideal drink.

List of Best Scotsman Ice Makers 2021

Quick Opinion by Sara Wilson

The UN324 model is definitely the best ice maker from the Scotsman brand as it offers high-end performance, although it’s more suited for big businesses and bars where ice requirements are high. So, for lesser ice requirements, Scotsman CU50PA-1A is a good choice.

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Top 7 Best Scotsman Ice Maker Reviews

#1. Scotsman CU50PA-1A – Best for Home Undercounter Installation

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent air-cooled ice maker that makes beautiful gourmet-shaped ice cubes that are great on the drinks. Though this is a portable built-in appliance, it can still make about 65 lbs. of gourmet ice in 24 hours. The bin can hold 26 lbs. of ice at any moment. There is an automation ice level control sensor that stops making further ice when the ice bucket is full. The ice that this appliance form is free of taste and odor and thus it merely chills the drinks without altering their taste. The appliance features an intuitive and user-friendly control panel that intimates to the user the changes that are happening in the ice maker.

You don’t have to worry about the utility bills while using this appliance as it is energy star certified and works on a high efficient compressor as well. This appliance is great for outdoor installation as well, as it is UL approved and this appliance can be the right choice for patio kitchens and bars. It can be tucked in easily under the kitchen counter and even incorporate lounges and hotel rooms as it is only 15 inches wide, and we don’t have to bother much about the space clearance at the back and sides of the unit, as it features an efficient front ventilation system.

Its stainless finish and metallic finish blend with the existing décor of the room. The appliance ensures to make pure ice and its water sense technology prevents the buildup of scale by avoiding dirt and hard water build-up from the appliance, after every freezing cycle. 

What we like about Scotsman CU50PA-1A?

  • Water quality sensor to detect hard water conditions.
  • Energy-star certified appliance.
  • Its NEMA 5-15P Plug for installation is shipped with the product.
  • Built-in pump to draw water from the inlet.

What do we don’t like?

  • Slightly Loud appliance.

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#2. Scotsman UN324 – Best for Commercial Establishments

Scotsman UN324 Under Counter Ice Maker Appliance
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean8.8
Build quality9.1
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.2

This is a stylish ice maker appliance that forms nugget-shaped ice and serves as an excellent space-saving addition to any kitchen. This appliance is a perfect choice for kitchens with limited storage space and ensures easy access to ice cubes all through the day. The appliance features a greaseless bearing for optimal maintenance. And its stainless steel evaporator enhances the durability of this appliance to many folds.

The appliance features an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to operate and is shipped with the ice scoop and the power cord for easy ice scooping. Its compact design also allows for an optional floor mount, that extends the height of the appliance to about 33.5 inches. We can produce about 340 pounds or 154 kg of ice a day and this is thus an excellent ice maker appliance for large parties. Also, it is capable of keeping about 36 kg of ice frozen and thus has a tremendous ice storing capability as well. Thus, we can have ice at any time of the day without any wait. 

The appliance is safe to use both personally and environmentally as it meets the energy efficiency requirements of the US and makes use of non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. It also meets the low lead requirements of the US Safe Drinking Act

What we like about Scotsman UN324?

  • The ice maker is designed, engineered, and is assembled in the USA
  • A compact appliance that is just 24” wide
  • Features three years’ warranty on the parts
  • Its external air filter system makes cleaning the appliance easy and hassle-free

What do we don’t like?

  • As of now, no major cons found of this product.

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#3. Scotsman CU0715MA Ice Maker – Editor’s Choice

Scotsman CU0715MA Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.8
Energy efficiency8.6
Value for money9.4

This is a perfect ice machine that forms perfect restaurant-quality ice cubes within minutes. The first ice-making cycle took 27 minutes and from the second cycle on it just took 20 minutes for a batch of ice to fall, and in an hour it could get about 3 lbs. of ice-filled in the ice basket. The appliance comes with a large scoop that is dishwasher safe and can be used efficiently in scooping ice for the beverages

It can either be used as a freestanding device or built under the counter. The appliance requires professional installation from a plumber and it also requires a drain. This could be a gravity drain that helps in efficient draining with under-counter installation. 

The appliance forms ice cubes, which are great for a variety of mixed drinks. The cubed ice will not sink or melt in the drink, that is airy and floats on the drinks. Thus it gradually chills the drinks without diluting them or altering the taste.

The appliance has a sliding back bin door to draw the ice cubes easily and this is a handy feature as it doesn’t open right or left, something that is required in an under counter ice maker. Its bin could store around 3 lbs. of ice at a time and its overflow prevention sensor stops the ice-making process, once the bin is full.

What we like about Scotsman CU0715MA?

  • A quiet appliance that silently makes good quality ice
  • Capable of making more than 70 lbs. of ice in a day.
  • Best for freestanding and under-counter installation and the legs are interchangeable if required.

What do we don’t like?

  • Requires professional installation
  • Doesn’t come with a drain pump for under-counter installation.

#4. Scotsman CU0415MA-1 – Great Small Ice Machine

Scotsman CU0415MA-1 Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Easy to use9.1
Easy to clean8.6
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.6
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.1

This is a built-in ice maker that can either be tucked under the counter and can also be held as a freestanding appliance. It is just 15” wide and doesn’t take much space in both the type of installation and its front venting system ensures that you can lean it even against the wall, it will still cool efficiently and make high-quality ice instantly. Even if you have this appliance built-in under the counter, you can gain easy access to the ice in the bin with the help of its slide back door. 

Though this is a compact ice maker, it is still capable of making around 58 lbs. of ice per day and this appliance is capable of storing about 36 lbs. of ice. Thus this ice machine helps in meeting the ice demands of the entire family for making iced drinks, for chilling food, for medicinal purposes, and even chewing ice. The gourmet ice from this ice maker is also safe to taste, as it is composed of a non-ozone-depleting R-134a refrigerant. The appliance meets the energy efficiency requirements of the US federal energy agency and the safe drinking act.

Depending on the type of installation, this appliance makes use of a standard gravity drain and a drain pump might be required for closed installations. Its legs are removable and adjustable but we suggest we have the legs intact so that there is some space for ventilation at the base of the appliance.

What we like about Scotsman CU0415MA-1?

  • There is a sensor to aid overflow prevention and to make more ice as it melts.
  • Comes with the complete set of accessories for instant installation.
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

What do we don’t like?

  • Not approved for outdoor use, should not be exposed to sunlight
  • This ice maker is not a freezer and thus the ice melts quickly.

#5. Scotsman UN1215 Ice-Maker – Alternative for Undercounter Use

Scotsman UN1215 Under counter Ice-Maker Appliance
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Easy to use9.1
Easy to clean8.5
Build quality8.5
Noise level8.6
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money8.9

This is a credible and sleek ice maker appliance that can fit in easily in any tight and compact spaces. You can consider keeping it under the counter or on the kitchen shelves, and it will work perfectly, as it doesn’t require much space around the body for efficient functioning. Its front-breathing system eliminates the need for side clearance and can thus find bliss even in tight cabinets. The appliance also comes with an optional floor mount kit, that helps for easy installation under any kitchen countertops. Its ergonomic slide back doors help with easy access to the ice bin.

With this ice maker at hand, we can produce about 54 kg of ice in a day and we can also store about 36 pounds of ice at a time. This appliance produces a maximum quantity of chewable nugget-shaped ice for keeping drinks cool for a long time. The appliance meets the requirements of the US safe drinking Act and comprises non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. It is a truly energy-efficient and environment-friendly ice maker appliance that is great for conducting huge parties at home.

The ice maker appliance comes with a power cord, adjusting legs, and an ice scoop for easy use and prompt installation. We can access the unit’s manual, warranty history, and even the cleaning guide with the help of the unit-specific QR code offered by the manufacturer. Its sealed and maintenance-free bearings help in the long-lasting performance of the appliance and its stainless steel auger and evaporator, enhances its durability. We can vouch for the extended lifespan of this appliance owing to its rust-free front panel and its corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy side panels. 

What we like about Scotsman UN1215A?

  • The appliance comes with three years warranty for the parts and labor. 
  • The appliance is designed, assembled, and engineered in the USA. 
  • Maximum ice output despite the small footprint of the appliance
  • The appliance is certified by energy star for energy efficiency.

What do we don’t like?

  • Consumes a lot of water, requires 12 gallons of water per day to produce ice.

#6. Scotsman SCN60GA Ice Machine – Great for Outdoor Use

Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS Brilliance Ice Machine
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.6
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.8
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent outdoor ice maker appliance with a gravity drain system. The appliance is capable of making Nugget shaped ice cubes in its stainless steel body. The appliance is capable of producing about 80 pounds of ice in a day and can also store up to 26 lbs. of ice. Thus, we need not worry about all the ice melting and recycling back to the water, as the appliance has a freezer capacity. 

Internal Design of Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS

The appliance features a stainless steel body and drains excess water by gravity. The nugget ice that is formed in this appliance is soft, chewable, and is capable of absorbing the flavor of the drink exceptionally well.

Apart from nugget-shaped ice, we can also make about 30 pounds of gourmet-shaped ice in a day. This freestanding ice maker machine can be installed either under the counter or at counter height so that one need not bend down every time to pick up ice. 

As the ice maker is made from high-quality stainless steel material and its panels and cabinet are made of high-quality stainless steel, they can serve as excellent outdoor kitchen applications. It forms slow-melting, tasteless, and crystal clear ice cubes, which is great for keeping the beverages cool for a long time. As there is no drain pump in the appliance, it needs to be installed near a credible floor drain for efficient operation. Most of all, its sleek stainless steel cabinet makes it ideal for compact spaces.

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What we like about Scotsman SCN60GA?

  • The gravity drain operates pretty quietly
  • Offers high-quality ice cubes all through the day
  • Makes great ice for water, soft drinks, and cocktail
  • It looks small and portable and thus fits in even small corners of the house.

What do we don’t like?

  • The water supply needs to be good to form clean and safe ice cubes.
  • As it drains by gravity, we have to make sure that there is a way to drain all excess water.

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#7. Scotsman CU0515GA Gourmet Ice Maker – Good Alternative Choice

Scotsman CU0515GA Self-contained gourmet ice maker
Editor Rating: 8.7/10
Easy to use8.8
Easy to clean8.4
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency8.6
Value for money8.8

This unit is compact, cute, smart, and highly efficient in making very high-quality gourmet ice cubes.  It can take around 84 lbs. of gourmet ice in a day and has a storage of about 24 lbs. of ice. We can scoop out the ice any time from this appliance and transfer it to the drinks directly.

The gourmet ice, this appliance forms in airy and crystal clear and will dissolve in the drinks seamlessly, without altering its taste and texture. This appliance makes a lot of ice and also stores it until use, and prevents it from melting. We can say this is an efficient ice maker in this way as it helps in saving both water and power. 

The under-counter ice maker is elegant and can be tucked in any tight space seamlessly. And its legs allow the ice maker to stay off the ground so that humidity can be kept off the device. Its front ventilation system ensures that the appliance breaths easily even when it is tucked in tight spaces under the counter.

This is a commercial-grade ice maker and thus it requires a permanent water supply and a drain and thus we have to make sure that we get the appliance installed by an expert technician. If there is no floor drain, then it is optimal to purchase a pump to drain water efficiently. And if you have high-pressure water, it is mandatory to install a pressure regulator and set the water pressure to 40 to 50 PSI.

What we like about Scotsman CU0515GA?

  • Energy-saving ice maker
  • Efficient and high-quality appliance
  • Makes uniquely shaped and crystal clear, odorless, and slow-melting gourmet ice cubes.

What do we don’t like?

  • Requires a water inlet valve.
  • Takes in a lot of water and drains out an equal volume of water as well.

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Why Choose Scotsman?

Scotsman is the leading ice machine manufacturer in the world and is dedicated to making ice as per the preference of their clients. They have spent years innovating the best ice maker and also render the best customer support for their clients. Scotsman has sold more than a million ice machines in over a hundred countries of the world. These ice machines can produce nugget-shaped and gourmet-shaped ice cubes. They manufacture ultimate ice machines for crystal clear and odorless ice cubes. The ice stays always fresh and will never clump or dilute the drinks, so these ice machines can be used in bars, restaurants, offices, and even homes

Best Features of Scotsman Ice Makers

  • Smart design appliance with a robust hinge system lights at the interiors. 
  • Produces three times more ice than any other model ice machine.
  • It Will blend in any kitchen and enhance its aesthetics.
  • An intuitive control panel that indicates the time to clean, water level, and when ice is ready for use.
  • The ice makers can adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The appliances are energy and water-efficient as they use 50% less energy and 30% less water.

Final Verdict

The Scotsman ice maker is a luxury and you should experience it. The ice cubes are perfect for any drink and are sure to escalate the beverage experience to great heights. In case you are confused, then just choose Scotsman UN324 as it is one of the best commercial ice makers that can be used for various different purposes.

I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of IceMakerCage. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.

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