Top 5 Best Sonic Nugget Ice Machines 2021 Reviews


Flavored ice is a perfect treat for a perfect party. You can take your icy drinks, slushies, and other treats to an all-new level with the help of sonic ice. They are ideal for all your backyard and pool parties and offer you versatile options to decorate your cocktails and mocktails. To get the best out of your ice machine, follow our guide here and help yourself with soft, chewable, clear, and high-quality sonic nugget ice. We have recommended the best ice makers here for your perusal along with the best guide to help you hook up with the best ice maker machine.

List of Best Sonic Nugget Ice Machines 2021

Top 5 Sonic Nugget Ice MakersCapacityPrice
#1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker26 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Della Electric Ice Maker26 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Self-Contained Ice Machine85 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Igloo ICEB26WH Automatic Ice Machine26 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON
#5. GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker24 lbs/24HVIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Sonic Nugget Ice Maker Reviews

#1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

With each of the ice-making cycles, you get about 9 nugget shaped soft and chewable ice and on the whole, it can manufacture about 12 kg of ice per day.

This is an excellent ice making kit for you for your home parties and helps you to make quick ice is less than six minutes. Thus you will never go out of ice and don’t have to run to the shops for ice in the middle of the party.

Apart from helping to serve chilled drinks and food all through the day, this ice maker machine also helps with quick first aid, in the event of small kids getting hurt by falling. This ice making machine is extremely lightweight and is easily portable to be carried to your lawn or poolside during the party.

It can hold up to 2 liters of water in its reservoir and keeps chunking out ice nuggets for your cold drinks and juices. Also, it is a very quiet and energy-efficient machine, that works efficiently without disturbing your party. Its smart indicator and elegant control panel will keep you posted when the ice gets ready and when the machine runs out of water.


  • Easy to install and easy to use with no additional plumbing needs
  • Easy outlet and drain plug to drain unused water.
  • Produces nugget shaped ice in two sizes to cool foods differently.


  • The quality of ice produced for the first 2-3 times is not satisfactory.

#2. Della Electric Ice Maker

Della Electric Ice Maker

This portable ice maker for kitchen countertops comprises of a touch button display function to make the entire ice making process simple and easy and is capable of producing up to 26 pounds of ice in two sizes.

It is extremely compact and portable and is thus perfect for boats, RVs, small kitchen, restaurants, bars, etc. This compact machine comprises of easy to use controls and you can choose the size of the ice with its intuitive controls.

This countertop ice maker machine doesn’t require complex installation; you only have to plug in the appliance, add water, and enjoy huge volumes of ice in less than 6 minutes.

This machine makes up to 26 lbs. of nugget shaped ice in 24 hours, eliminating the need to deal with pesky ice trays again. This appliance is tested and certified with ETL for safety and energy efficiency.


  • Light indicator to denote the level of water and when it is time to remove the ice.
  • Comprises of R134a refrigerant to cool down the unit completely.


  • Warranty and returns policy are not standard for this ice maker machine.

#3. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Self-Contained Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Self-Contained Ice Machine

This self-contained ice maker machine makes about 85 pounds of pearl shape ice. It creates chewable ice crystals and is made for under counter kitchen.

This self-contained ice machine with air condensing unit comprises of integrated storage, cuber evaporator, superior construction, and stainless steel top panel.

This Machine operates very quietly and resembles a traditional refrigerator. Its pearl-shaped ice adds new texture and flavor to the drinks and cools them considerably without altering their taste.

The stainless steel metallic finish of this machine adds more elegance and beauty to the kitchen.


  • Chunks out chewable ice in pearl shape
  • Ideal for under counter installation


  • Great machine, but it is expensive to repair and high on maintenance.
  • No glass lid to view the interiors of the ice basket

#4. Igloo ICEB26WH Automatic Ice Machine

Igloo ICEB26WH Automatic Ice Machine

It is extremely efficient in producing ice whenever and wherever one needs it. The Igloo ice maker is capable of producing ice cubes in large quantities, up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

The first thing you would love about this ice maker machine is its look and its ambience. It is portable, convenient, and compact and serves as a valuable addition to any kitchen countertop. This is just enough to keep the guests entertained with cold drinks for long hours. 

The entire ice-making process is made easy with the help of its intuitive control panel, which is simple to understand.

It illuminates its lights to warn on some dangerous signs such as to add water, to remove the ice cubes, etc. The formed ice gets stored in its ice basket, which is capable of producing about two pounds of ice at a time. Every batch of ice comprises of 9 small or large ice cubes. The transparent and large lid of this machine indicates to scoop out ice once it has been formed.


  • Removable ice basket and scoop to remove and transfer the ice cubes.
  • S and L selection to produce ice in two different sizes.


  • The machine is a little noisy
  • Forms soft ice nuggets that dissolve pretty fast.

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#5. GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

GE Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

The GE Profile Opal ice maker is sure to stun your guests with its beautiful nugget shaped ice. This semi-automatic ice maker machine just requires a 120 V standard electric outlet and you will have to fill the reservoir with water to start making ice.

Being a portable ice maker, it does not require any water hook up. One best feature of this ice maker is that it is compatible with Bluetooth. 

Thus you can set the ice-making schedule of the ice maker from the convenience of your mobile phone as you continue with your party with friends.

The GE Opal is capable of producing up to 24 lbs. of ice a day and its removable ice basket is capable of holding up to 3 lbs. of ice at a given time. More than efficient ice making, the GE profile opal ice maker stunts its viewers with its stunning design. This ice maker is available in stainless steel and plastic material. It is also a very compact ice maker and occupies less space in your countertop. It is also capable of making some quick ice which is soft and crunchy that mimics the quality of ice cubes you will find in shops.


  • Makes soft and chewable ice in less than 20 minutes.
  • If at all you don’t remove the ice, they will melt and gets back to the reservoir to make fresh ice.
  • Makes good looking nugget shaped ice.


  • Very noisy operation and the ice makers constantly squeak when in use.

How to Find the Best Sonic Nugget Ice Machine?

There are several ice-making machines available in the market and if you have a specific affinity for pearl-shaped, chewable nugget ice in your drinks, then you are at the right place. When you supply the sonic ice-making machines with fresh and clean water, you can get back a bin full of soft and crunch nugget ice for your entire family and friends gathering. Let us discuss some important points to consider while choosing the sonic ice maker. 

1. Size of the bin:

You have to choose the ice-making machine and its bin size depending on your requirement. If you want large quantities of ice at any given point of time, then you have to choose the machine with the largest bin capacity. But remember that if the bin is pretty big, the unused ice can melt pretty much faster, there will be a lot of ice wasted, resulting in high electric bills. But on the other hand, if the bin is small, then you will have to wait for it to produce ice in batches. So, the bin size does matters and you should choose the bin size that best suits your requirement.

2. Water filtration system:

Choose a sonic ice maker with a water filtration system so that you prolong the life of your ice maker. Using a filtration system eliminates mineral deposits on the machine and avoids flaking on the surface of the nuggets. Also, you can have better-tasting ice, and reduce the overall energy consumption of the machine. Remember not to use poor quality water as it can deter the life of the machine and enhance its wear and tear.

3. Size of the nuggets:

Choose a sonic ice-making machine that is capable of producing ice in two different shapes, namely large and small, so that you can chill your drinks differently. 

4. Speed of ice making:

The very first thing you should learn about your ice maker is how fast it is capable of chucking out the desired quantity of ice. Different models take different time duration and the time required to make the first batch of ice is generally longer. From the second time, the machine should not take greater than 15 minutes to deliver batches of nuggets.

5. Storage capacity:

There is no use if the storage capacity of the ice maker machine is not on par with its production capacity. Choose a model that can hold a larger capacity of ice and ensure that the unit prevents ice from melting way too faster. Won’t it be great if the machine can hold the ice in the solid form until you could remove it and use it? 

4. Maintenance:

Choose sonic ice maker machines that are easy to use and clean. Most of the ice maker machines are easy to use and are straightforward. They have drain tubes to drain off excess water as well. Choose those with a built-in recycling system, so that they are easier to drain and self-clean pertinently.

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Making the Best Use of Sonic Nugget Ice Machines

If you use clear and filtered water, you can yield high-quality ice that is less cloudy and are pretty much soft. If you use pre-boiled water, you can again help yourself with clear nuggets, as less air gets trapped in that water. most of the countertop ice machines make use of portable water. But if you use a water line to feed it, make sure that there is a filter in the line. 

When you feed the sonic ice maker with water, it makes ice cubes by making use of a cylindrical tube with a rotating auger. It also makes use of a refrigerate to freeze the water. The refrigerate passes through the tubes to cool down the water and chill them down in the shape of nuggets. The sonic ice makers to not use the heaters as used in machines that make cube ice in trays. Thus they use less power and are much energy efficient. 

Nugget Ice Machines FAQs

In what way are nugget ice better than clear ice?

Both the clear ice and nugget ice are gourmet and work pretty well for different types of cold drinks. Nugget ice is soft and small that clear ice. They are chewable and have tremendous flavor retention capabilities. Nugget ice is best to cool down soda and cocktails.

How to clean the nugget ice making machine?

All of these ice-making machines that you use in your countertop require regular maintenance, which includes descaling. You can make use of the self-cleaning process in the machine to clean it or follow the user manual for the particular model to do so.

Which is the best nugget ice maker?

All the brands that we have discussed here are the best nugget ice makers for your home.

Final Words

Nugget ice is one of the most preferred ice types that are preferred by several ice enthusiasts. Order your sonic ice maker today and change the way you have your drinks and throw a party to your friends.



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