EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review 2021

When summer approaches, the need for ice increases tremendously. The best option to have a non-stop source of ice is a built-in ice maker that can be easily tucked in the kitchen under the counter, boat, or recreational vehicle. The EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in ice maker is one of the best under counter ice makers that features a front ventilation system for freestanding or built-in installation. Let us discuss the appearance and performance of this ice maker in detail.

EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker Review 2021

EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker

About the Edgestar Built-in Ice Maker

Edgestar’s built-in ice maker helps with the constant supply of ice for a small gathering at home. It can also be a commercial ice maker for small convenience stores and small cafes and restaurants. With this appliance in place, the need to deal with pesky ice will never occur. Though it is a built-in ice maker by design, its compact design enables it to be placed in any tight space. And its attractive stainless steel exteriors make sure that it complements any home décor easily. This appliance ranks at no 15 of the best ice makers of the year 2021, by best reviews.

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Best Features of the EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker

The EdgeStar IB120SS is a compact built-in ice maker that features a front ventilation system and can be installed under the counter, requiring no clearance space for the sides and rear. Thus, this appliance can be installed even in tight spaces in the kitchen. But, its integrated freezers are the best feature of this appliance that is capable of storing ice as long as possible, without melting. The other unique features of this ice maker are as follows.

1. Design

This appliance has an attractive design and can appeal to any home interiors. Its integrated storage bin makes sure that the ice will stay longer in this appliance. And also, there is no need to drain the excess water from the appliance. This ice maker is about 25 inches tall and requires very minimal installation. It can be a great addition to a kitchen, bat, RV, office, and boat owing to its compact design and appealing aesthetics. The dimensions of this appliance are about Dimensions: 25 1/4″ H x 15″ W x 18 1/2″ D.

2. Ice producing capacity

This appliance is capable of producing crescent-shaped ice that chills drinks efficiently. It is capable of making about 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day and can easily fit to engage a small group with high-quality chilled drinks. 

3. Easy to install

This ice maker is very easy to install, though it needs to be tucked under the counter. The ice reservoir or storage basket is capable of storing about 6 pounds of ice at a time and is easily removable. Thus we need not strain much to remove ice from this unit. It includes a ¼ inch water line and has to be hooked into a water supply hose directly. There is no need to connect the drain as the refrigerated freezer compartment will maintain the ice frozen for a very long duration. There is no ice melting, and thus there is no need for a drain unit. 

4. Easy to operate

This ice maker appliance is pretty easy to operate and comes with everything to make delicious ice instantly. Just by simply manipulating the on and off switch, it is possible to start making ice in this appliance. When the ice bin is full, the unit will shut off automatically. Its reversible door makes sure that it is possible to use and remove ice easily from the appliance. 

5. Accessories

The appliance comes with an ice scoop, water hose and a one-year manufacturer warranty for parts, and 90 days’ warranty on labor. It is beneficial to add a water filter to the waterline, to filter the minerals and particles efficiently, and to form clear and high-quality ice. 

6. Condenser

The appliance has a dedicated condenser with a fan at the bottom of the device. This is different from other models of ice makers, that have their condensers on the outside. This is a key feature that differentiates EdgeStar from the rest of the under-counter ice makers. 

7. Defrosting

This unit doesn’t have a self-defrosting function, but we can do manual defrosting pretty easily. To perform this, turn off the appliance and empty the machine. Leave the machine idle with the door open for a couple of hours. This should defrost the appliance, and this can be repeated every six weeks in this method. 

Performance of the Edgestar Ice Maker Appliance

The appliance forms high-quality ice cubes that are slightly different than what is formed in the refrigerator. The ice cubes are small and nice and the ice bin will get filled in 24 hours. For huge ice requirements, we may have to plan and fill a couple of ice bags, to be stored in the refrigerator. One of the best features of this ice maker is that it operates pretty much quiet. But it will not defrost on its own and the ice tends to accumulate faster than anticipated. 

This is a highly dependable ice making appliance from a well-recognized and credible manufacturer. It is a basic model with no frills and weighs 54 pounds. It doesn’t fall under the portable category of ice makers and can deliver a reasonable volume of ice every time. 

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FAQ’s for Edgestar IB120SS Ice Maker

What is the rear and side clearance of this appliance?

This ice maker has a freestanding design and can be placed over any surface. If you choose to install it under-counter, then a rear clearance of one foot and side clearance of two feet is mandatory.

What is the ice making capacity of this appliance?

Yes, it produces less ice than most under counter ice makers. But its 12 lbs. capacity is more than enough for most households. Also, its crescent-shaped ice cubes are beautiful and will chill drinks efficiently. Also, its storage bin is insulated and will thus maintain the ice cubes frozen for a longer duration.

Does it form clear or sonic ice?

No, it doesn’t form clear or sonic style chewable ice. It forms regular ice in a crescent shape with a cloudy center. The ends of the ice are almost clear and will enhance the presentation of the food to great levels.



  • The stainless steel door against the black door will match most interiors. 
  • Features a reversible hinging for easy operation
  • The door of this appliance is reversible
  • The production capacity of this appliance is 12 pounds and its storage capacity is about 6 pounds. 
  • The width is only 15 inches and thus can be tucked in tight spaces. 
  • Forms lovely crescent-shaped ice for different drinks.
  • Very quiet ice maker.


  • Forms cloudy ice and not clear ice.
  • The appliance has to be defrosted manually. 
  • Doesn’t have an energy star rating.

Bottom Line

The Edgestar IB120SS is one of the highly efficient, easy to use, and one of the best ice makers that doesn’t require complex installation. With a simple on and off button, it is possible to start making ice in this appliance and its compressor works very quietly. It is also easy to maintain and requires regular cleaning and defrosting at frequent intervals.



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