Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine Review 2021


Summer is approaching and soon the demand for high-quality chilled drinks will be well pronounced in restaurants, cafes, and bars. People will be thronging their favorite restaurants for juices and chilled smoothies and the commercial establishments also have to look for ways to improve their ice production and yield to the requirements of their customers. 

The Euhomy commercial ice maker machine can yield to the requirements of commercial establishments and is capable of producing about 100 pounds of ice in about 24 hours. This appliance has a strong stainless steel body and can add to the look and ambience of the restaurant and any commercial establishments such as cafes, hospitals, hotels, bars, motels, etc. Its tremendous ice production and storage capacity, up to 33 lbs. makes it an ideal addition to any home, kitchen, restaurant, office, or coffee shop.

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Review 2021

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
Brand NameE EUHOMY
TypeBuilt-In , Freestanding , Undercounter
Capacity100 lbs daily
Ice making capacity per cycle45 pcs


  • Product dimensions: 17.3 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches
  • Weight of the appliance: 67.2 Pounds
  • Color: Silver finish looks
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Features intuitive controls with LCD
  • Installation: built-in under the counter unit or as a freestanding appliance
  • Quick ice in less than 11 minutes
  • One-click cleaning function
  • Adjustable ice thickness
  • Connects with the direct water inlet

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Overview of the Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker

Euhomy is an expert in making commercial ice maker machine that is extremely cost-effective and is highly efficient in making high-quality ice in large volumes. This appliance also works extremely quietly and is extremely energy efficient as well. The automatic overflow prevention mechanism of this appliance helps users to help with expert ice production without having to worry about overflowing and making the place messy. Though this is an expert commercial ice maker, it also serves as an excellent ice maker for home use. Let us discuss the unique features of the Euhomy commercial ice maker appliance here.

1. Quality of ice cubes produced in the appliance:

The Euhomy commercial ice maker is capable of producing high quality, crystal clear, and restaurant-style ice cubes that are transparent to chill the drinks efficiently. The ice cubes will not dilute the drink and will not alter the taste of the drink and will only chill it expertly. The ice cubes are chewable and delicious and can be eaten raw as well. The ice cubes are free from any impurities and are thus not cloudy, but crystal clear. With this appliance at hand, we can be sure that we are serving only pure and hygienic ice cubes to the guest. The appliance is capable of producing about 100 pounds of ice in a day and the average span of the ice making cycle is only 11 minutes. In every ice making cycle, about 45 ice cubes will be produced. The appliance is capable of producing ice cubes in three different sizes, namely small, medium, and large ice cubes.

2. Certified for commercial use:

The ETL certification of this appliance for commercial use differentiates it from other ice maker appliances. This appliance is extremely energy efficient and is approved for commercial use as well. This can be both a household ice maker and a commercial ice maker machine. It can be used in small grocery stores to multi-chain restaurants to offer volumes of high-quality ice.

3. Highly intuitive control panel of the appliance:

This commercial ice maker is equipped with a smart LCD panel and all of its functions and operations can be solved through this control panel. This panel will alert the user regarding the temperature of the surrounding environment and will help them to regulate the size of the ice cubes and the ice making time. There is also an automatic clean button in this appliance, that will clean the ice maker automatically when pressed for few seconds.

4. The appliance runs quiet and efficient:

This commercial ice maker features a powerful compressor that helps in hours of ice production quietly and efficiently. Though this appliance comes in a built-in design, it quietly produced large volumes of ice. The appliance will not annoy the guest and the restaurant workers. The appliance also has an energy certificate to help the users save on their electricity bills.

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5. Accessories:

The appliance comes with a water supply and gravity drainage and it is suggested to drain the water at least once a day. The brand recommends cleaning the machine regularly based on the usage to prolong its life. And the drain tube and the water connection hose will help in cleaning the appliance efficiently.  

6. Ice tray is made of copper and nickel

The appliance has a copper-nickel ice tray which is highly efficient in forming high-quality ice cubes. This tray also has anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. Also, people can start to enjoy the ice cubes without having to worry about the hygiene and safety of the ice cubes.

7. Curved flip cover design:

The Euhomy ice appliance makes it easier and very much convenient to remove the ice cubes from the appliance with the help of its curved flip cover design. Thus, with this appliance in hand, there is no need to bend over to get the ice.

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8.  Adjusting legs:

This ice maker appliance features an adjusting foot that allows the users to customize the height of the machine to meet the needs. These adjusting legs are also known as stabilizers, which ensures stable operation of the ice maker appliance.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Appliance

Euhomy recommends draining the water once a day from the appliance by pulling the small hose at the right side of the water tank. Draining this water once a day ensures that the hardness of the water is not very high. This also ensures that the impurities in the water are not discharged and the water tank will not be scaled unnecessarily. Cleaning of this appliance can be completed easily by following these steps.

  • To clean the appliance, disconnect power from the appliance and open the icing door.
  • Pour the diluted detergent into the water tank and turn on the power
  • Press the timer button for about 5 seconds in the control panel and wait for about 30 minutes.
  • Pull out the drain pipe from the appliance to drain the water
  • Now pour pure water into the appliance and repeat the cleaning cycle about three to five times. 

Pros & Cons of Euhomy Commercial Ice Machines


  • Forms ice in three different sizes – small, medium, large
  • Ideal for a coffee shop or food truck
  • Forms high quality chewable and delicious ice cubes
  • Capable of producing about 100 pounds of ice in 24 hours.
  • ETL certified for commercial use
  • Efficient and quiet ice maker appliance.


  • If the outside temperature is too high, then it affects the quality of the ice cubes.
  • The water tank should be cleaned before first use.
  • Strictly not for outdoor use.

The Bottom Line

This is an expert commercial ice maker machine that is made of a stainless steel body with an ice production capacity of 100 pounds. The storage bin of this appliance is more than a mere ice chest and it can hold the ice cubes intact for some time. This appliance can be an excellent addition for restaurants and other commercial establishments owing to the quality of ice cubes it produces, in short, we can consider it as one of the best ice makers in the market presently.



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