Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Review 2021


The Frigidaire EFIC 103 is by far the best way to form quick, simple, and high-quality ice on the go. The brand brings in its years of experience in manufacturing these high-end ice makers. One key feature of this appliance is its oversized ice basket that has a capacity of about 2.2 pounds. This is perhaps one of the kind in the entire ice making technology. The appliance is also pretty simple to use, as all that the user needs to do is to fill in the reservoir with water, push a couple of icons and keep making huge volumes of ice.

Frigidaire EFIC103 Countertop Ice Maker Review 2021

Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Machine

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions of the appliance: 14 x 12 x 15 inches
  • Compact and can be placed on the countertop
  • Item weight: 24.7 pounds
  • The capacity of the appliance: 26 cubic feet
  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Color of the ice maker: silver
  • Required voltage: 120 volts
  • Accessories: Comes with ice basket and shovel

The Exterior Design of the Ice Maker

This ice maker is similar to many other countertop ice makers and comprises a large stainless steel box with a blacktop. The lid of the appliance is transparent, allowing us to view the level of the ice that is been formed and stored in its basket. The appliance features a stainless steel surface and blends perfectly with the rest of the kitchen appliances. It weighs about 25 pounds and is still portable. If the appliance is been moved to a new location, then it is recommended to allow the appliance to settle before plugging in the socket.

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The Performance of the Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

This ice maker appliance comes as a perfect solution when we run out of ice in the refrigerator. This is also an excellent machine for ice lovers, as it is capable of producing large volumes of ice cubes in a day, similar to the commercial appliance, but is still compact and can be stored on the kitchen countertop. 

Also, its amazing ice-making capacity thrills its users as it is capable of chucking out a fresh batch of ice in less than eight minutes. If the appliance is made to run for an entire day, then it can produce about 26 pounds of healthy bullet-shaped soft and chewable ice, good enough to chill your water can and drinks. Buying this appliance from Frigidaire is an additional advantage, as it has a long history of producing high-quality coolants and condensers with tremendous customer satisfaction and brand reputation. 

The appliance doesn’t come with a draining function. But it is still recommended to replace the water in the reservoir for at least 24 hours, to drain and dry it completely. This can help a great deal in preventing the formation of mold and mildew.

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Quality of the Ice Produced in this Appliance

The Frigidaire EFIC103 countertop ice maker features a freestanding design and forms ice in just 8 minutes. Though it takes less time, the ice that is been formed in this machine is thick and solid.

The first batch of ice that is formed is a little smaller, and it improves in size with subsequent batches. The ice that is been formed in this machine is thinking and long. And these robust ice cubes linger in the drinks for a long time, without getting melted away. Thus, it chills the drinks efficiently, without altering the taste of the drinks.

Also, the ice cubes are chunky, and thus two batches of ice were good enough to fill a big glass. The appliance forms only 9 ice bullets in each cycle, but still owing to the volume of the ice formed, they can quickly fill a pint glass. 

Ease of Use of the Appliance

Though it is a portable and countertop ice maker, it does require a decent quantum of space on the countertop. But it is still simple to use, as it requires only 115 volts of power and makes use of 15 cups of water to form a fresh batch of ice every day. The appliance starts automatically and takes about eight minutes to form hollow and bullet-shaped ice. The appliance works quietly but makes its characteristic noise while pushing the formed ice into the basket. Its fan sound is a bit noisy but is capable of blending easily with any background noise.

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Control Panel

Its control panel is basic and features a push-button control panel at the front. Still, it is good enough to accomplish the job as there is an on and off button and a select button to choose the size of the ice cubes.  There are indicators to denote if the ice is ready and if the appliance requires more water. There is a timer option at the control panel that allows the users to delay the start of the ice maker and can be used to set the ice maker off as well. There is also a self-cleaning function, which helps the appliance to clean itself when run with vinegar mixed in water.

Ice Basket and Insulation

The appliance comes with a convenient ice basket to store the formed ice cubes, and the bucket that holds the ice sits well above the reservoir, allowing the water from the melted ice to drip back into the reservoir, to form a fresh batch of ice. 

Yet another unique feature of this appliance, which is not present even in high-end ice makers is its insulation. As the appliance is well insulated, it keeps the ice from melting too fast. But the outside temperature determines the quality of ice produced in the appliance. If the appliance is put in the hot sun and exposed to the sunlight directly, then it affects the quality of the ice. The best way to maintain the integrity of the ice nuggets is to store them in the refrigerator. 


  • This ice maker is capable of producing the first batch of ice in less than six minutes
  • It is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice in a day
  • It is possible to choose between three ice sizes, namely small, medium and large.
  • The appliance is easy to control with its electronic control panel and LED indicators
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around.
  • Easy ice making process, that renders ice at the fingertips.
  • This ice maker appliance features high quality and a durable stainless steel body


  • The Appliance is a bit noisy
  • The ice that is formed in this appliance seems to melt pretty fast.

Bottom Line

The Frigidaire EFIC103 countertop ice maker is an excellent addition to a home where there is a huge demand for ice every time. The appliance is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours and is capable of freezing a batch of ice in less than 8 minutes. The ice nuggets that are formed are solid and thick and are good enough to chill drinks without altering their taste.



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