Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Ice Maker Review 2022

Frigidaire is known for manufacturing kitchen equipment that is of quality built and affordable. The portable ice makers from the Frigidaire are available in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes and are capable of fitting in the existing décor of rooms effortlessly. These appliances are known for their durable exteriors and large see-through windows. The appliance features eminent air outlets that things on the move in the household. These can be ideal additions to the poolside parties and small get-togethers among friends. The best feature of the Frigidaire EFIC-189 appliance is that it is easy to clean up after emptying the ice maker with the help of its drain plug. 

Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Review 2022

Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean9.3
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.3

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Overview of the Product With its Unique Features

The Frigidaire EFIC-189 compact ice maker will be an excellent addition to your kitchen as it is available in a brightly designed red color and metallic finish.

It will blend with the existing décor of the home and work to enhance its ambience and looks to many folds. One of the best features of this ice maker appliance is that it features a large look through the window, that helps to check the ice-making process and the level of ice that has been filled in the ice basket.

The appliance makes use of an environmentally friendly refrigerant and compressor cooling system and is thus capable of making high-quality ice in just less than 6 minutes. The appliance has a tremendous ice-making capacity and is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice in less than 24 hours.


Ice Production Time7-15 Minutes / Batch
Dimensions of the appliance15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
Daily Ice Making Capacity26 pounds
Weight17.86 pounds

The noise level of this appliance is less than 38 DB and it works at an optimal power of 200W. The capacity of the ice basket of this appliance is about 1.2 kg. The appliance forms ice in two different sizes and the size of the ice cube can be chosen by pressing the + or the – button at the control panel. 

With the help of this ice maker appliance, it is possible to make ice cubes for parties on hot summer days instantly. The compact and contemporary design of the appliance makes it a stylish addition to the kitchen countertop. It is lightweight and is thus easy to transport from the kitchen to the party site and to anywhere inside the home. Owing to the compact footprint of this appliance, it can be tucked in tight and compact spaces like Recreational vehicles, kitchen countertops, patio kitchen, small offices, dorm rooms, boats, and a lot more.

Above all, this appliance doesn’t require any installation, and to make high-quality ice, we just have to plugin, add water and enjoy high-quality ice within 7 minutes. The appliance makes high-quality hygienic ice through its compressor cooling system and doesn’t use any chemical refrigerants. Thus it is safe both for our bodies and for the environment.

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Performance of the Frigidaire EFIC189

The Frigidaire EFIC-189 Silver compact ice maker is a highly functional device that forms high-quality ice nuggets in less than 6 minutes. It is capable of producing ice in two different sizes, and the size of the ice can be chosen by altering the controls at the control panel.

Different Ice for Different Use

The appliance runs extremely quiet and emits a sound that is less than 38 decibels, which is good enough not to interrupt your party music or to disturb your baby from their sleep. This high-performing ice machine produces about 9 cubes of ice in every single ice cycle that lasts for 7 to 15 minutes. It has a large see-through window that allows seeing the interiors and the functioning of the ice machine, without opening its lid. The ice shovel that is shipped along with the product, helps in the easy removal of ice from the appliance in an easy and sanitary manner. 

This ice maker appliance has an inlet valve to take in water, and harvesting unit to freeze the water into ice cubes, and a dispensing arm to collect ice cubes in the bin. When the LED controls indicate that the ice is ready for scooping from the bin, the user has to scoop them away for use. If ice is not scooped off, then it melts and the water recycles to form a fresh batch of ice.

In this countertop appliance, the users have to feed in water through the water valve. Pure and chilled water, when fed will help with optimal ice production. The ice maker appliance works with electricity. It has to be hooked with an electric socket of power 110V for functioning.

How to use Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Ice Maker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this portable ice maker has a drain hose?

Generally, drain hoses are limited for commercial and freestanding ice makers, as they drain a lot of water after every ice-making cycle directly in the drain. Portable ice makers have drain plugs, that can be removed when required to clean and maintain the appliance efficiently. This drain plugin this appliance eliminates the need for a separate drain hose.

What is the noise level of this appliance?

Portable and countertop ice makers can be quite noisy, but they won’t disrupt the activities around the kitchen. Frigidaire has initiated several technological advancements to render an ice maker appliance that is a little noisy as possible. But still, it can render a noise while working that resembles a typical humming sound, and the noise could be much more audible if the kitchen or the entire house is smaller. But these products are relatively quiet and the sounds they create are not distracting or annoying type.

What does the click sound mean in this ice-making appliance?

The ice makers will make a typical click sound when the water in their tank is inadequate. Thus, before proceeding to initiate an ice cycle, it is important to make sure that there is enough water in the appliance. When this click sound appears, there are two options. You can either choose to add water to the appliance or choose to turn off the portable ice maker to prevent it from enduring damage.

The top portion of this ice maker is completely glass. Why is that so?

This ice maker appliance has a large see-through window, which allows for expert process monitoring and checking the level of the ice that has been formed in this ice maker. This helps in preventing the user from opening the appliance frequently to check the level of ice. Frequent opening of the lid can impair the efficiency of the ice-making process.

What is the ice-making capacity of this ice maker?

This countertop ice maker is capable of making about 26 lbs. of ice in about 24 hours and in each of the ice-making cycles, the appliance forms about 9 ice cubes. The duration of a single ice maker is about 6 minutes and this is thus the fastest ice maker available for us. The ice basket of this appliance is capable of storing about 1.2 kg. of ice at a time.

Is this ice maker environment-friendly?

This is an excellent ice maker that makes use of an environment-friendly refrigerant and compressor cooling system. Thus it is energy and eco-friendly and is also capable of forming ice cubes in less than 6 minutes. Owing to its powerful compressor, this appliance operates at an optimal power of 200W and also operates pretty quietly at about 38 dB.

Is it possible to alter the size of the ice cubes formed in this appliance?

Yes, it is possible to make ice in two different sizes in this appliance, namely thick and thin to chill the different drinks differently. You can choose the size of the ice cubes that are formed in this appliance by pressing the + or the – button at its control panel.

Does this appliance require any special installation?

No, this appliance doesn’t require any special installation, you can use it just out of the box but wait for 24 hours to allow the refrigerant to settle down. To make ice cubes in this appliance, you only have to plug in and add water to the appliance and start making high-quality ice cubes within 7 minutes.

Does this appliance make use of chemical refrigerants?

No, this ice maker follows a compressor cooling system and does not make use of any chemical refrigerants. It makes high-quality and hygienic ice cubes and is safe both for our health and that of the environment.

Is the ice bin removable?

Yes, the ice bin of this ice maker appliance is removable, but you can remove it only while cleaning the appliance. You can however make use of the ice shovel that comes with this ice maker to remove the ice cubes that are formed, in an easy and sanitary manner.

What are the LED controls for?

The LED control panel on this ice maker indicates when it is time to add water to the ice maker and when it is time to remove the ice cubes from the unit. You can also use the control panel for adjusting the thickness of the ice cubes and accomplish the automatic cleaning function.

Pros & Cons of Frigidaire EFIC189

What do we like about Frigidaire EFIC189?

  • Doesn’t make use of any chemical refrigerants
  • Its compressor cooling system is both water and energy-efficient
  • Requires no installation and forms high-quality hygienic ice in less than 7 minutes.
  • It is made of a high-quality stainless body with attractive colors for a premium look and feels
  • Makes ice cubes in two different sizes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with the automatic cleaning function.
  • No water hookups required

What do we don’t like about Frigidaire EFIC189?

  • This is only a freestanding ice maker and is not a refrigeration unit
  • It melts ice faster and recycles them into the water if not removed from the bin.
  • The drain plug is located deep underneath the appliance, making it tricky to use.

Alternatives of Frigidaire EFIC189

There are a number of alternatives available in the market, and out of all those, these are the best ones.

  2. Euhomy IM-F
  3. HOmeLabs Chill Pill
  4. IKICH CP173

Final Verdict

This compact and lightweight countertop ice maker appliance is what every household requires to deal with their dose of daily ice. It helps us enjoy chilled drinks and water on the go and its elegant design and appearance make it a highly deserving appliance for all residences and small commercial outlets. In short, Frigidaire EFIC-189 is one of the best ice makers in the market.

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