FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS Review 2022: Large Size Clear Ice Maker

If you are looking to make high-quality ice cubes for your parties and during hot summer months within a few minutes, then the Frigidaire ice maker should be your ideal choice. This appliance is compact and features a stylish and contemporary design, that makes it easy to transport and also stylish to display. The Frigidaire clear ice maker is ideal for small kitchens and in other compact spaces such as boats, recreational vehicles, dorm rooms, and a lot more.

With the Frigidaire ice maker at hand, you will never have to run to the store for the bag of ice again. The model of these ice makers is available in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes to fit in seamlessly with the existing décor of the room. The appliance also features see through the window and durable exteriors, enhancing the credibility of the appliance to many folds. 

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS Ice Maker Review 2022

Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean9.6
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.6
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.2

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Opinion by Douglas Casius

If you love clear ice, then FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS should be your first choice. It’s an amazing ice machine that works very efficiently and the ice melts very slowly, so overall its value for money appliance.


Daily Ice Making Capacity40 lbs
Ice Production Time15 Minutes / Batch
Dimensions of the appliance14 x 11 x 15 inches
Weight29.8 pounds
Ice Cubes Per Cycle24 cubes

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Overview of the Frigidaire Clear Ice Maker

The EFIC 452-SS is an excellent clear ice maker from Frigidaire, that is capable of producing about clear and square-shaped beautiful ice cubes. This is an amazing stainless steel ice maker that is quite powerful and is capable of producing about 40 lbs. of ice in a day. Thus, with this appliance in hand, people never have to worry about their house parties, camping trips, and other events to have their supply of high-quality ice cubes.


With this appliance at home, it is possible to serve a huge number of guests with chilled juice, drinks, cocktails, and mocktails. Being a highly efficient ice maker, it makes sure that there is always ice on hand and there is no need to buy it from the shop. The appliance is also very easy to use. Users only have to plug in the appliance to the power adapter and connect the water line to get high-quality ice cubes in just 6 minutes. This ice maker appliance is easy to clean and maintain and serves as a perfect gift as well, capable of bringing friends and family together.

The appliance forms clear ice cubes that are of heavy-duty nature and are capable of producing about 48 pounds of ice in a day. The unique models of the Frigidaire ice makers undergo complete stainless steel treatment, and even the lid of the ice maker is made of complete stainless steel. This bespoke feature adds a lot of premium look and feels to the appliance, which is good enough to impress all the guests. 


This ice maker appliance is non-polluting and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or Freon. This appliance is also highly efficient on power and features a highly efficient compressor cooling system. The appliance doesn’t make use of any chemical refrigerants and saves precious space in the freezer. The Frigidaire clear ice maker doesn’t require any complex installation, users only have to plug in the appliance, add water and start enjoying high-quality ice on their drinks in less than 7 minutes.

The Ice Production Capacity

The Frigidaire EFIC452-SS ice maker manufactures clear ice cubes which are far better than other ice makers that produce opaque ice cubes. The appliance is capable of producing about 9 cubes of ice every 7 to 15 minutes so that a drink is ready to go at all times. The appliance has a large see-through window, that allows the user to see the insides of the ice maker, without having to open its lid. There is a convenient drain plug that allows to drain the appliance and clean the ice maker safely and quickly. The appliance also comes with an ice shovel to remove the ice easily from the appliance in a clean and sanitary manner.

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Other Unique features of the Appliance

The Frigidaire EFIC 452-SS makes highly useful and elegant crystal clear ice cubes of restaurant quality at home. It has a large water reservoir with a capacity of 2.3 liters which eliminates the need to refill water in the system every time. Other unique and intelligent features of this appliance are as follows:

1. Controls: The appliance has intelligent controls that aid us to use it efficiently. Its fully automatic control systems with advanced microcomputers help in easy and convenient ice making. There are indicators in the control panel to indicate when the appliance runs out of water and when it is time to remove ice from the basket

2. Accessories: This ice maker comes with a large ice bucket to store more than two pounds of ice at a time and a strong scoop to remove ice cubes as required. There is a water draining port at the bottom of the appliance that helps to safely and quickly drain the water from the unit for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Safety: The appliance has automatic and built-in safety guards that shuts down the system when required to prevent accidental damage to the appliance.

4. Quiet and efficient operation: It runs extremely quiet at just 38 DB, without affecting other home functions. Though this is a compact and portable countertop appliance, it is still capable of producing large volumes of ice, and we can grab about 40 lbs. of ice from it in just one day.

5. Modern design: This appliance has a modern stainless steel design that can blend perfectly with the exterior environment. This ice maker also has a large look through the window that allows the user to watch the ice being made at any time of the day.

6. Applications: This is an elegant and attractive ice appliance that is compact and is ideal for use in small kitchens and other compact spaces such as boats, RVs, dorm rooms, cafes, small bars, etc. It doesn’t require complex installation and the users only have to plug in to enjoy ice in only 15 minutes.

Pros & Cons of FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS

What do we like about FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS?

  • The appliance has a 2.3-liter reservoir that lies below the ice basket to produce about 40 lbs. clear and squared ice cubes in a day.
  • It can make about 24 perfectly squared ice cubes in less than 15 minutes
  • Can store up to 2.4 lbs. of ice at a time
  • The appliance is extremely quiet and efficient
  • Easy to use with its intuitive electronic controls
  • Stainless steel ice maker with a large see-through door

What do we don’t like about FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS?

  • Forms cloudy ice cubes that melt in the drink
  • If the ice is not removed, it forms a thick slab of ice, getting stuck on the tray.
  • The ice bin is not insulated and thus ice tends to melt fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ice-making capacity of this ice maker?

Though this is a countertop ice maker, it has a large and solid stainless steel body that makes square ice cubes. This ice maker is capable of making about 40 lbs. of ice cubes in a day and its reservoir is capable of producing about 24 squared ice cubes in less than 15 minutes. Its water tank has a capacity of about 2.3 liters.

Does this appliance emit a lot of noise while making ice cubes?

No, this appliance is energy efficient and also super quiet. This appliance is equipped to be super quiet and runs at 120 watts with a silent cooling function.

What is the large see-through window in this appliance for?

Though this appliance has a large stainless steel body, it also has a large see-through window that allows you to watch the process of ice making in this appliance, without having to open the door. Opening the door frequently disturbs the ice-making process.

How can I drain water from this countertop ice maker?

There is a convenient drain plug that is situated at the bottom of this ice maker appliance. This drain helps to clean the ice maker safely and quickly. If you are not removing the ice from the appliance it will melt and form a fresh batch of ice, but it is considered appropriate to drain the wastewater frequently to ensure the quality of the ice cubes.

What makes the Frigidaire an efficient ice maker compared with other models?

One good reason that differentiates the Frigidaire clear ice maker from the rest of the ice makers is that it is non-polluting and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or Freon. It features a compressor cooling system with no chemical refrigerants. It also helps to save space in the freezer for other food.

Does this appliance require installation?

This is a portable countertop ice maker that doesn’t require any installation. You only have to plug in the appliance and add water and within seven minutes, fresh ice will be ready to enjoy.

Can I use distilled water in this appliance?

There is a general perception that using distilled water helps in yielding high-quality and hygienic ice cubes and many people use them in their ice makers. But as per the instructions manual, of the Frigidaire clear ice maker, there is no need to use the distilled water as the appliance makes sure that it makes clear and hygienic ice. Just make sure you feed the appliance with clear and potable water.

What are the dimensions of this ice maker?

The dimensions of this ice maker appliance are about 12” x 12” and it is about 14” tall. It can fit in any kitchen countertop easily.

How can I make thicker ice cubes in this appliance?

This ice maker appliance makes clear ice and it forms full, solid, and six-sided ice cubes. One of the six sides of this ice cube will be indented noticeably. If you want to make heavier ice cubes, then you can set the ice maker to add three minutes per cycle by holding on the ON button for about 5 to 10 seconds, while turning on the machine.

Is cube ice better than bullet ice?

Yes, the appliance forms crystal clear ice cubes that last pretty much longer than bullet ice. This ice cube melts slowly in the drinks and thus helps in chilling the drinks efficiently without diluting them.

What are the accessories that come with this ice maker?

The ice cubes come out of this tray as batches, well connected. The appliance comes with a heavier scoop to break them up. As it doesn’t require any water hose or drainage tube, no other accessories are required to use this ice maker.

Do all of the Frigidaire ice makers come in a stainless steel body?

Some of the newer models of the Frigidaire ice makers are complemented with a stainless steel treatment. In these models, even the lid is made of stainless steel. The models come in different colors such as grey, steel, pink, etc.

Alternatives of FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS

Here are some of the best alternatives you can consider if you are not choosing FRIGIDAIRE EFIC452-SS as your ice maker.

  1. Luma Comfort IM200SS
  2. Whynter UIM-502SS
  3. Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver
  4. HOmeLabs Chill Pill
  5. Euhomy IM-F

Final Verdict

This is an expert ice maker that is capable of chunking out clear ice at home, without having to use filters and distilled water. As the ice cubes are clear, they tend to last longer than bullet ice. The ice-making cycle is pretty quick, and it is possible to adjust the time in one-minute increments to form thicker ice cubes. The wide opening of the ice maker makes it easy to scoop out the ice and use it instantly on the drinks.

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