GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Review 2021


Looking for a smart and elegant addition to your kitchen to feed you with high quality and fresh ice on the go? Then the GE profile countertop nugget ice makers are your ideal choice. This appliance is capable of making high-quality fresh ice in the least possible time and will add to the elegance and ambient of the home. Its transparent look through the window is indeed entertaining to watch the entire ice making process on the go. Let us discuss the unique features and the performance of this nugget ice maker in detail here. 

GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Review 2021

GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions of the ice maker appliance: 17.5 x 13.43 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight of the ice maker: 47 pounds
  • Ice storage capacity: 3 pounds
  • Installation type: countertop ice maker
  • Color: Stainless steel body with gray accents and LED lighting
  • Voltage consumption: 120 volts

Unique Features of the GE profile Opal Ice Maker

This is a self-contained portable ice maker appliance that is made up of a stainless steel body with plastic grey accents. It has an elegant design and features a side tank that adds to its ambience and wow factor to the entire kitchen. It will surely amaze the guests, with its looks, more than the tasty ice it makes. Let us discuss the other unique potentials of this portable ice maker.

1. Ice making capacity:

We can term the ice made in this appliance in three ways, namely nugget ice, pellet ice, and even drive-in ice. The appliance is capable of making the soft and crunchy ice nuggets, that look like tiny snowballs that float on the favorite beverages. It makes chewable ice cubes right from the convenience of one’s kitchen countertop. The maximum ice producing capacity of this nugget ice maker is about 24 pounds in a day and the total bin capacity of this appliance is about 3 pounds.

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2. Bluetooth compatibility:

This is one of the unique features of this appliance that we don’t commonly find in ice makers. This ice maker machine is Bluetooth equipped and thus it is possible to set up the ice making schedule from the convenience of the phone, with the help of the GE profile opal app. This Bluetooth feature will sense when the ice bin of the appliance is full. Thus there is no overproduction of ice cubes and nothing is wasted in this appliance. Also, it offers the convenience of operating the device from the convenience of one’s handset.

3. Additional connections:

This appliance doesn’t require any water hook up connectivity, as it is a countertop appliance. It only requires to be connected to a standard 120v grounded electrical outlet for power. Water has to be filled in its reservoir to make a fresh batch of ice every time. When we forget to remove ice from this appliance, the water will melt and will return to the reservoir to make a fresh batch of ice. Thus this little ice making appliance keeps forming high-quality ice, without wasting even an ounce of water.

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4. Elegant and Compact design:

As this appliance is tiny and compact, it serves as a perfect addition to any home countertop. This appliance makes nugget shaped ice cubes that are chewable. The ice cubes are light and are airy and are thus perfect for any party and celebration. Its airy texture is perfect for any drink and will only chill the drink, without altering its taste and flavor. It is great for chilling any tea, water, and any beverage without diluting it. This appliance is capable of producing about 1 lb. of ice in an hour and helps with a constant and steady source of ice all through the day.

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5. Side tank feature:

There is an elegant side tank, that adds to the ambience of the countertop ice maker. This side tank holds water to make ice and easily attaches to the ice maker.

6. Quickstart system:

This appliance starts forming ice within 20 minutes of the initial start-up. With this appliance, it is possible to always have ice in hand, as it powers up automatically when the ice is running low in the appliance. But the ice that is formed in this appliance tends to clump after staying idle for 48 hours. It is also important to replace the water in this appliance every day.

7. Portable design:

It is possible to move this ice maker easily, to any location as required owing to its portable design. you can move it to the poolside for your parties, or keep it in your open patio or on your kitchen countertop. Small cafes and restaurant owners can also make use of this appliance to meet the ice needs of their customers. 

Cleaning Routine of the Ice Maker

Before using the appliance for the first time to make ice, it is important to follow a specific cleaning schedule, that includes washing out the bin and the internal reservoir, along with the side tank with warm and soapy water. It is important to rinse out the internal component as well to prevent any build-up from contaminating the ice cubes. To rinse out the internal components,

  • Mix five cups of water with one teaspoon of bleach and pour the solution into the internal reservoir. 
  • Turn on the ice maker and press the clean button for three seconds to begin water circulation. 
  • After few minutes the circulation spots and the LED goes dark. 
  • Remove the plugs from the drain tubes and drain the water into the sink. 
  • Press the clean button again and let the water circulate before draining. 
  • After three freshwater cycles, the ice maker is ready for use. 

How Does the Opal Countertop Ice Maker Work?

Generally, ice maker appliance freeze water into a hard ice cube. But this opal ice make makes nugget shaped ice by scraping off the ice flakes from the insides of a chilled stainless steel cylinder. These flakes are then extruded through a round hole, and then compacting them into snowball type chewable ice nuggets. It sounds simple, but this appliance makes use of a powerful compressor to form high-quality ice. 


  • The appliance is capable of producing about three times more ice, with the help of its side tank, which attaches pretty easily with the ice maker. 
  • The side tank, which is meant to hold ice sticks to the sides of the unit through a magnetic force.
  • An automatic refill system ensures that ice is always ready in this ice maker that power on automatically when the ice is running low.
  • Its three-pound ice storage capacity makes sure that the ice that will be required is always at hand.
  • Its portable, compact, and countertop design plugs in easily and efficiently to any electrical outlet.
  • Its built-in Bluetooth connectivity helps to schedule the ice making cycle.
  • We can monitor the status of the ice maker and its accessories through a dedicated app on the smartphone device.


  • The appliance forms ice pretty slowly
  • The ice that is formed is soft and chewable and thus melts pretty quick
  • It is an expensive appliance.

Bottom line

The GE Profile Opal ice maker from GE Appliances is a perfect appliance for dedicated ice chewers and for those who prefer chilling their drinks with crunchy little cubes of ice. It is a stylish appliance that adds a lot of value to the kitchen and can be connected with the Wi-Fi network of the home to form batches of clear ice instantly. It is affordable than a commercial appliance and fits the kitchen countertop perfectly.



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