hOmeLabs 521JS-58 Review 2022: Ultimate Commercial Ice Maker

If you are running a business and have a huge ice requirement, as your customers have become fans of your iced drinks, then it is pertinent that you should invest in a freestanding commercial ice maker from hOmeLabs. The HomeLabs Freestanding ice maker machine is capable of making impressive volumes of ice, and we can state that it is indeed a large rectangular box that is filled with ice cubes. Let us discuss the specifications and the unique features of this appliance in detail here.

hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker Review 2022

HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.9
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.4

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Opinion by Douglas

hOmeLabs 521JS-58 is an excellent ice maker for the money. It’s easy to install, easy to use and of course, performance-wise it’s great. So, overall a giant ice machine for home as well as for business.

Actual Size of HOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
Credit: homelabs


Daily Ice Making Capacity99 and 143 Pounds Capacity (2 models available)
TypeFreestanding, Countertop
Ice Making Cycle11- 20 minutes
Ice Cubes Per Cycle45 Pieces
Storage Capacity29 Pounds
Power Consumption300 Watts
Voltage115V/ 60 Hz

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Overview of the HomeLabs Freestanding Ice Maker

As this appliance features a freestanding design, it can be installed anywhere inside the home, restaurant, or pantry. But caution has to be exerted in ensuring that there is a working water outlet just near the unit. This appliance forms high-quality ice cubes with the dimension of 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches.

The ice cubes that are formed in this appliance are clear and chill any drink efficiently, without altering its taste and texture. The appliance features rust-resistant stainless steel interiors that come with a complete set of accessories, that includes an ice scoop, water supply hose, and a water supply connector, along with a huge draining hose.

Design of hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker

The appliance features a large 1.3Lwater tank that connects directly with the water supply with the help of a hook. Thus, there is no need to keep filling its water tank and you only have to connect the appliance with a potable water supply, preferably a cool water supply, to form ice efficiently. This appliance can be conveniently used in hotels, restaurants, and big households that require a large and constant supply of ice. But before its first use, the ice machine should be cleaned and kept in an upright position for about 24 hours. 

Unique Features of the HomeLabs 521JS-58 Ice Maker

This is an excellent commercial ice maker, that is always available when one requires it. The appliance is capable of producing about 143 pounds of ice in a day for 24 hours and is capable of quickly forming about 66 pieces of clear ice in one ice cycle. The span of its ice cycle is about 11 to 20 minutes. The ice storage bin of this commercial ice maker can store about 29 pounds of ice in a day and can store ice for a decent gathering at any time. The other unique features of this commercial ice maker are as follows.

1. Intuitive Controls

Control Panel of hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker

This ice maker appliance is built with easy to use intuitive controls with an elegant control panel and LCD indicators for displaying the water and ice making functions. by adjusting the controls of this panel, it is possible to control the time of the ice cycle and the thickness of the ice cubes. Also, this appliance is fitted with an automatic cleaning function, that can be initiated by a long press on the timer icon. 

2. Makes Ice for a Huge Crowd

The HomeLabs commercial ice machine is capable of producing large volumes of ice on demand. Within the first 11 to 20 minutes’ ice cycle, this appliance can produce about 66 square ice cubes. Thus, it is capable of producing about 143 lbs. of ice in a day. Also, the appliance features a large storage cabinet, that is capable of stocking about 29 pounds of ice on hand at a time.

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3. Ready to Connect Feature

hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker is ready to connect

The HomeLabs commercial ice-making appliance comes with all the accessories to produce ice, right out of the box. After the 24 hours wait time, as the item is juggled in shipping, the user has to connect the water supply pipe, attach the drain hose and plug in the power cord to help the appliance from functioning efficiently. 

Getting Started with the Ice Maker

This is an expert ice maker appliance that is pretty easy to use. Getting started is easy and is given in the user manual.

  • Users should first plug in the appliance and wait for the On/Off icon to flash in the display window. 
  • Then press the On/off button present on the control panel and the ice machine will then start to make ice cubes by filling water in its water tank.
  • When the water reaches the standard mark at the water tank the ice production cycle starts.
  • The electromagnetic water valve will aid in the water filling process.
  • The symbol on the display will change to a solid light, and the ice cube symbol will start to rotate.
  • The thickness of the ice cubes can be adjusted by pressing the + or the – icon available on the control panel.
  • The number that is displayed at the bottom of the display corresponds to the time setting of the ice-making process.
  • To form thick ice cubes, press the + icon so that one minute will to added and the resulting ice cubes will be thicker than expected.
  • Similarly, pressing the ‘- ‘button will reduce one minute of the ice-making cycle, and the resultant ice cubes will be thinner.

HomeLabs Ice Maker Maintenance Instructions

Cleaning and maintaining this appliance is pretty easy and simple. The appliance is approved only for indoor use, and the ice maker has to be kept upright for the first 24 hours before plugging in to use. The appliance should be connected to a clean and potable water supply. It is important to clean the machine before first use, and it has to be unplugged before initiating the cleaning cycle. It is also important to clean it after periods of inactivity. After rinsing and cleaning the appliance thoroughly, it has to be dried completely. The manual can be consulted for care and cleaning instructions.

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Pros & Cons of hOmeLabs 521JS-58

What do we like about hOmeLabs 521JS-58?

  • Features a large storage bin that is capable of storing about 29 pounds of ice at a time
  • Easy to install and features a free-standing design.
  • The appliance is extremely quiet when it is running and only the compressor can be heard during the ice cycle.
  • The appliance makes high-quality and fast ice and produces a fresh batch of ice every 10 minutes.
  • Intense ice maker with commercial-grade ice-making capability. 

What do we don’t like about hOmeLabs 521JS-58?

  • The ice melts quickly in its storage bin 
  • If the ice is not being used, it will be emptied into the drain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ice-making capacity of this ice maker?

This is an excellent commercial ice maker that is capable of producing about 143 pounds of ice cubes in about 24 hours’ duration. This ice maker also has a storage capacity of 29 pounds of ice. Thus, this ice maker is ideal for bars, restaurants, offices, and homes, including the ice scoop and the connection hose.

Does this appliance have a freestanding design or a built-in construction?

This ice maker appliance has a freestanding design and thus you can install this ice maker in any place inside your home, pantry, or restaurant. Just make sure that you have a water outlet near the unit so that this appliance is capable of making continuous and constant ice for the entire day.

Can I have this appliance in my garage?

This ice maker is generally for commercial and large household use. It is ideal to be used in hotels, big households, and restaurants that generally require constant and large quantities of ice. This ice maker is not reserved for residential use, but still, if you have a huge ice requirement, you can have it installed in your home. You don’t have to worry about filling this appliance like conventional countertop ice makers, but only connect the appliance to a potable water supply.

What are the controls in this ice maker?

This appliance comes with easy-to-use controls and is built with an intuitive and easy-to-set-up control panel. There is also an LCD indicator for displaying the ice making and the water functions in this appliance. You can also adjust the thickness and the ice-making time of the appliance by pressing the + or the – buttons. This appliance is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function.

What is the duration of the ice cycle of this ice maker appliance?

This appliance is capable of producing about 66 square ice cubes in one ice-making cycle, which lasts for about 11 to 20 minutes. The total ice-making capacity of this appliance is about 143 lbs. This appliance is ETL certified and works on 115V/ 60Hz.

How should I clean the ice maker?

Unplug the power cord before cleaning this ice maker appliance. Rinse the appliance with vinegar and water solution and rinse thoroughly. Drain the appliance and dry it after cleaning. You can also refer to the instruction manual for further cleaning and care instructions.

How should I ensure the efficiency of this appliance?

This appliance is approved only for indoor use. Make sure that you protect the appliance against direct sunlight and wind. Make sure to keep the appliance upright for 24 hours before first-time use. Clean the appliance to a clean and potable water supply.

How should I get started with this ice maker appliance?

Plugin the appliance, and the On/Off symbol will flash on the display window. Press the On/off button on the control panel and the ice machine will start to make the ice cubes when water reaches the water tank. When the ice making is under process, the symbol will change to a solid light and the ice cube symbol will start rotating.

How can I adjust the thickness of the ice cubes that are formed?

To adjust the thickness of the ice cubes, press the + or the – button on the control panel. The number at the bottom left of the display shows the time-setting of the ice-making process and it starts with a default 0. Pressing the + button once to add one minute at a time will help in forming thicker ice cubes. Press the – button to reduce one minute at a time, so the ice cubes will be thinner.

Does this appliance support built-in installation? Can it be installed in large cabinets on either side or against the wall with a countertop over it?

Yes, you can install it under the counter as a built-in installation. It ventilates and cools through the front. But make sure that it has a suitable drain when you are installing it under the counter and remember that this appliance drains through a gravity drain.

Alternatives of hOmeLabs 521JS-58

There are very few brands in the world that can replicate what hOmeLabs can do, still, these are some models that can be very close to the quality.

  1. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
  2. Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker
  3. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker
  4. Manitowoc UDF0140A
  5. Northair Commercial Ice Maker

Final Verdict

This ice maker appliance can fit in any kitchen décor and works efficiently, like that an industrial-grade appliance. It is the most elegant ice maker as well and has front ventilation. Thus you can have it either as a freestanding appliance, or build it perfectly into the kitchen cabinets. In short, this is a typical ice maker appliance for an industrial kitchen or a business environment, doesn’t matter if it’s a bar, office, restaurant, or garage. But this appliance is strictly for indoor use, so as to not void the warranty.

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