Why Ice Machine Investment a Wise Step?

Ice machines have become an indispensable part of everyone’s lives, especially for those who live in the hot and humid nations of the world and for those who party frequently and treat their friends often. We suggest that a portable ice maker should be a part of every household as it helps us to drink cold and chilled drinks all through the day. And commercial units such as restaurants and bars invest in an ice maker machine, as ice cubes are the lifeline of their business. Let us discuss why ice machine investment is a wise step in both residential and commercial establishments here.

Why Ice Machine Investment a Wise Step

Why Portable Countertop Ice Machine is a Wise Investment?

Though the concept of having an ice maker at home is fairly new, it has altered the way people make ice at home. The advantages of buying these ice makers are as follows.

1. They are better than refrigerator-freezers in making ice

The refrigerator-freezer can take anywhere between 6-8 hours to make a tray of ice. But the ice machines can chunk out 9 ice cubes in just 9 minutes. On average they can produce about 35 pounds of ice in a day. So if you are a frequent party bird, the ice maker is what you require to keep your guests engaged. Also, these ice cubes can be transferred into an ice bag and transferred to the refrigerator, to get them ready when and where required.

2. Possible to chunk our great volume of ice in a short time

As we have already discussed, a portable ice maker makes a large volume of ice over very little time. Thus the waiting time to get the ice frozen is reduced. It alleviates stress on the day before the party to prepare and store a large volume of ice in the refrigerator. By simply turning on the machine and pouring some water, it is possible to make ice within minutes.

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3. Cost-effective investment

Portable ice makers consume very little power compared with freezers and even refrigerators. They do not require any complex setup, they just have to be placed close to the wall, next to a power outlet. There is no need for any water line or drain pipe and its intuitive controls make the entire ice-making process, as easy as a cakewalk.

4. Possible to chill different drinks differently

One good reason why people love portable ice makers is that they are capable of making different sizes and shapes of ice. We can enjoy restaurant-grade drinks at home with simple clicks on the control panels. Thus, portable ice makers have become an inherent part of every home.

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Commercial Ice Machines – And Why Businesses Should Invest in Them?

Many businesses consider ice dispensers as a lucrative addition to their existing business. Apart from brands indulged in the food and beverage business, many companies also have them in their cafeteria to delight their visitors and employees. Some benefits of installing ice machines and reasons why they are considered a wise investment step are as follows.

1. Excellent ROI for businesses:

Ice vending machines for restaurants and other commercial establishments do require an initial setup cost and the cost of buying them. But in the long run, owing to the profits it brings to a business, its returns are always greater than the investment, and thus it helps businesses to enjoy excellent return on investment. Also, there is not much reliance on vendors and distributors, and thus the operational cost of installing and using an ice machine is also very less.

2. Less inventory requirement:

The operational cost of a commercial ice vending machine is very less. Its inventory requirements are less and its capital requirements are also quite less. For an ice vending machine, the costs incurred to maintain a machine include machine spare parts, electricity, water lines, filters, and ice bags. But the results it offers are tremendous. It does not require much labor cost also but can delight hundredths of customers at a single time.

3. Environmentally friendly investment:

Traditionally, if we think about how restaurants and other food and beverage outlets get ice for their drinks, we have to admit that it was a hectic and tedious process. Large cubes of ice were made in ice plants, through complex machines, they were then loaded onto a truck and delivered by a person.

These ice cubes were again rearranged and stored by the clerks in the stores before being delivered to the customers. There is a tremendous consumption of energy, fuel, time, and money, along with the consumption of ice bags. Now, with the help of ice dispensers with bulk ice dispensing features, it is easy to grab ice directly on the jug or serving bowl and served it to the customer directly. The cost is less and the impact on the environment is also favorable. Moreover, nothing matches the taste of some freshly formed ice on drinks. 

4. Low capital requirement:

The ice vending machines allow the business owner to bring a tremendous change in their business, by installing a single piece of equipment and bring about a favorable change in their profits compared to any other brick and mortar business. They require less space and when installed outside a grocery or convenience store, can soon start reaping tremendous profits without incurring much time and profits. There is no inventory requirement, no capital purchase, and less human capital requirement. 

The Bottom Line

Thus, ice machines can be an excellent investment for both personal and commercial purposes. In fact, we can say that these appliances are one-time investments, as they are backed up with an excellent design and customer-friendly care. Their maintenance requirements are less and machine failures are rare. The machine downtime is less and with a very small investment, there is a lot to gain both on a personal and a professional front. Small businesses can easily take up the business of installing an ice machine to scale up their profits. 

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