Top 5 Ice Machines for Motels, Lodges, Inns, Resorts

All of us love vacations and when we are holidaying in a far-off place, we tend to stay in motels and resorts for resting and recreation. But when we stay at a hotel we come across so many good things like clean and great rooms, fresh sheets, attractive curtains and of course fresh drinks that are iced appropriately. These motels serve us chilled and fresh drinks at any time of day because they are stocked not with iceboxes and refrigerators, but with ice machines. These appliances are capable of chunking out high-quality and high-volume ice cubes that chill drink perfectly, adding to the reputation of the motels to treat their customers in the best way.

Quick Summary: Ice Makers for Motels, Lodges, Inns, Resorts

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5 Best Ice Machines for Motels, Lodges, Inns, Resorts

Hotels and motels require ice machines from serving cocktails to keeping their food fresh for a long time. here are the top five best ice machines for motels, lodges, resorts, and inns. 

#1. Euhomy IM-02 Commercial Ice Maker – Best Overall

Euhomy IM-02 Commercial Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.5
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.8
Noise level9.2
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.3

The Euhomy is a big name in commercial ice-making appliances and gives the best ice for businesses in the food and beverage industry such as lodges, Inns, and resorts. This giant commercial ice-making machine can chunk out about 100 pounds of ice a day and its large storage bin can stock about 33 pounds of ice at a time. the appliance also has an automatic overflow prevention mechanism and thus, we need not worry about the ice cubes overflowing from the appliance. This commercial appliance has ETL certification and is very efficient compared with other standalone ice makers. 

This commercial ice maker is equipped with a smart LCD panel and any issues with the appliance can be sorted out at the control panel itself. The panel indicates the temperature of the surrounding environment for efficient ice making. It is also possible to adjust the size of the ice cubes by adjusting the time of the ice-making cycle. 

Restaurant managers will enjoy the efficiency of the ice maker machine at any time of the day. Its powerful compressor allows the appliance to complete the ice making process efficiently, without creating much noise. Its high efficiency and low noise help the restaurant to enjoy an ambient environment to enjoy high-quality ice. The appliance also has an energy certificate to help save on the electricity bills

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What do we like about Euhomy IM-02?

  • This can be used both as a residential and commercial ice maker machine.
  • The appliance cleans automatically when the clean button is pressed.
  • The appliance operates efficiently and quietly.

What do we don’t like about Euhomy IM-02?

  • Requires separate gravity drainage hose connection.
  • It is important to clean the appliance twice before making the first batch of ice.

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#2. hOmeLabs 521JS-58 Commercial Ice Maker – Runner Up

hOmeLabs 521JS-58 Commercial Ice Maker Machine
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.9
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.9
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent freestanding commercial ice maker machine that is ideal for motels, inns, resorts, and lodges. It is capable of making about 99 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It produces ice as and when required and helps customers and helps these commercial restaurants cater to the needs of their clients exceptionally well. Even if the customers ask for a chilled beverage in the scorching sun or the middle of the night, it will be possible to offer this appliance in hand as its ice-making cycle is just 11 minutes. And it can produce 45 pieces of ice in a single cycle. 

This commercial ice-making machine has everything that you need to start producing ice right out of the box. It has a 9’ length water supply hose and you have to connect the water supply. Then attach the drain hose, and plug it into the power supply, and your appliance is ready for use. Its freestanding design helps you to install this ice maker, practically anywhere, in your kitchen, restaurant, pantry, etc. It does require a connection with a water supply hose and a draining hose. But you have to make sure that there is a water outlet near the unit. 

Its sleek and rust-resistant design with stainless steel interiors makes it an ideal component of the garage. The ice maker also comes with an ice scoop to remove ice cubes from this machine. The intuitive control panels and indicators of this ice-making machine help with different sizes of ice cubes, to chill different types of food items. 

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What do we like about hOmeLabs 521JS-58?

  • Comes with an automatic cleaning function. 
  • Its 1.2L water tank hook can connect directly with a water supply, preferably a potable water supply.
  • Ideal for commercial use and large households.
  • It is possible to make ice cubes in different sizes.

What do we don’t like about hOmeLabs 521JS-58?

  • The appliance is approved only for indoor use.
  • It is important to clean the machine periodically for hygienic ice.

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#3. Vremi Commercial-Grade Ice Maker – Editor’s Choice

Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.6
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.4

This is an excellent ice maker machine that is capable of producing about 100 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Its powerful compressor is capable of producing about 99 pounds of ice a day and is capable of pumping out about 45 pieces of clear and hard cubed ice in one cycle. The duration of one ice cycle in this appliance spans from 11 to 20 minutes. This ice maker carries several intelligent features. It prevents overflowing and indicates the same with the help of warning lights. There is also an automatic shut off feature when the unit runs out of water. The machine is simple to install and use and does not require any complex installation process. 

It can be a perfect addition for residences, small offices, coffee shops, and restaurants. With this machine, motels and resorts can serve their guests with iced drinks at any time of the day, and it forms quick and crystal clear ice in no time. Its 1.2L water tank connects directly to the water supply and thus, there is no need to remember to supply water to the appliance. Its freestanding design helps in an easy installation at any place, where there is clear access to the waterline. 

Its LCD panel has an interesting indication to detail the water level and ice-making functions of the appliance. There are controls to adjust the thickness of the ice cubes. The machine also has an automatic cleaning function, that is delineated on the control panel. Being a commercial grade ice maker, it comes with a complete set of accessories to start producing large volumes of ice pretty instantly. 

What do we like about Vremi commercial-grade ice maker?

  • Comes with a 9-inch long water supply hose and faucet connector.
  • The appliance also comes with a 6.5-inch-long draining hose.
  • Possible to adjust the size of the ice cubes easily.
  • The appliance has a sleek and rust-resistant stainless steel body.

What do we don’t like about Vremi commercial-grade ice maker?

  • The appliance cannot maintain the ice frozen for a long time.
  • The ice cubes drip as one large block from the 9 x 5 grid of the appliance.

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#4. Euhomy IM-F Ice Maker – Great For Small Lodges

Euhomy IM-F Compact Ice Machine
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.4
Easy to clean9.2
Build quality8.8
Noise level9.1
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.3

This is a compact and portable ice maker machine from the Euhomy brand that is capable of catering to the ice requirements of Inns, lodges, motels, and resorts. This countertop ice making machine is capable of producing about 24 ice cubes in every ice making cycle that lasts between 12 to 18 minutes. Thus, this appliance can pounce 40 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Also, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the ice cubes according to our needs and thus helps restaurant attendees to create perfect drinks for their guests every time. The automatic cleaning of this appliance helps with hygienic ice every time.

The electronic controls of this ice maker with a digital display and LCD panel make it very comfortable to use. There is also a timer for 8 hours’ delay and help with on-time ice production. There the tank runs out of water, an indicator will light up to remind to add water. also when the ice bin is full, the indicator will remind to remove the ice cubes. The machine is capable of holding about 2.2 liters of ice and can easily produce five cycles of ice cubes in one go. Its expert recycling system collects the melted water and uses it to make more ice, ensuring that no water is wasted in the process.

The ice maker is not only efficient and is also very quiet in its operation. It comprises an advanced refrigeration system and makes use of efficient compressors to produce high-quality ice cubes. It is equipped with a quick and quiet cooling system emitting less noise and heat. Its freestanding design helps in its versatile placement and this appliance is thus ideal for office, home, kitchen, bar, and coffee shop.

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What do we like about Euhomy IM-F?

  • The removable ice basket can store up to 2.2 pounds of ice at a time.
  • The appliance is easy to control, use and transport
  • Efficient and quiet cooling system with a user-friendly design
  • Produces high-quality ice cubes that chill drink efficiently.

What do we don’t like about Euhomy IM-F?

  • Melts ice when not removed
  • The capacity is small for big resorts and lodges

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#5. Costway 24228SL-CYEP Ice Maker – Best for Resort Rooms

Costway 24228SL-CYEP Countertop Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean9.2
Build quality8.6
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money8.8

Want to delight your customers with drinks that are flavored with transparent and bullet-shaped ice units? Then the Costway countertop automatic ice vending machine should be your choice. Apart from home use, these are exceptional ice makers for restaurants, bars, and shops as well. Being portable and powerful ice makes, it meets the demands of the users perfectly. Its superior compressor ensures that low power is consumed during ice production. It can chunk out about 44 lbs. of ice in 24 hours.

One best feature of this machine is that it runs without much noise. Its intelligent LCD has several warning symbols to remind when there is a lack of water or when the ice basket is full. Its stainless steel finish renders it a glossy surface and finishes exceptional durability. By manipulating the controls in the LCD panel, it is possible to control the thickness of the ice cubes. The bullet-shaped ice from this appliance can be of much use in chilling smoothies, iced food, beverages, etc. 

The appliance is certified by ETL and the appliance comes with an ice scoop and comes with a removable ice basket as well. The big transparent window of this appliance renders a complete view of the ice-making process. The appliance is compact and portable and has a smooth exterior for easy cleanup.

What do we like about Costway 24228SL-CYEP?

  • Features a self-cleaning function for easy maintenance
  • Made from food-grade corrosion-resistant ABS material
  • A compact appliance that is great for lodges, motels, and Inns.
  • There is an alarm for water shortage and when the bin is full.

What do we don’t like about Costway 24228SL-CYEP?

  • The ice melts faster if not attended for a long time.
  • A small and compact appliance that may not cater to the entire.

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How to Choose the Best Ice Machine for Motels (Buying Guide)

Ice Machines for Motels

The number of guests in the motels keeps increasing when the pandemic season is down. Also, as summer is approaching, guests will request more iced and chilled drinks. And the only way for motels and resorts to keep up with the demand is by using a commercial-grade ice-making appliance. But there are few important factors to consider while buying a commercial ice maker machine for resorts and motels.

  • Buy modular ice maker machines, that are capable of producing about 1000 lbs. in a day. Motels will be required to buy a separate unit to store the ice produced to meet the demands of the guests. 
  • Small bars and cafes should consider under-counter ice machines to fit in their small places and meet the needs of the guests.
  • Countertop and freestanding ice machines will be easy for employees to access the machine and scoop out ice.
  • Ice dispensers are also a great option to consider to meet the ice needs of guests. And they will be an ideal addition for cafeterias and hotel front offices.
  • Choose ice machines that can produce ice in different shapes and sizes. Machines that form clear and cube ice, that won’t melt easily are best for motels.

Solar-powered ice machines are also being experimented with to make the ice-making machine highly energy efficient. They are far more useful and efficient than refrigerators and iceboxes.

Bottom Line

We have listed the best ice machines available in the market to help the business run without any trouble. These appliances hook up with the water supply instantly and also have a drain pipe. They are also energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of IceMakerCage. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.

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