Top 6 Best Outdoor Ice Makers for Patio, Lawn & Garden

Outdoor kitchens are the order of the day, they are changing the trend with people showing tremendous interest in outdoor parties and fun. Outdoor kitchens are excellent venues for entertainment and cooking. The components of a perfect outdoor kitchen are built-in grills, outdoor refrigerators, and of course outdoor ice makers. Where is the fun without a couple of chilled drinks after all? 

If you have decided to treat your days with an outdoor kitchen, then you should choose a credible ice maker that yields to all the fun. Here we have a list of the best outdoor ice makers along with their buying guide. We hope this will help you in picking the best ice maker for your outdoor cooking place.

Quick Summary: Best Outdoor Ice Makers

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Top 6 Best Outdoor Ice Makers of 2021

#1. Luma Comfort IM200SS – Best Portable Outdoor Ice Maker

Luma Comfort IM200SS Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.4
Noise level9.2
Energy efficiency9.2
Value for money9.3

This is a perfect countertop ice-making machine that best fits your outdoor kitchen. It consists of a stainless steel body and chunks out about 28 lb. of crystal clear ice every day. The best advantage of using this outdoor ice-making machine is that it chunks out clear ice cubes that are of restaurant quality. These ice cubes melt at least five times slower than the normal cloudy ice. Its convenient and compact design is ideal to be used in a small kitchen, preferably outdoors, RVs. Boats etc. It makes use of R-134A refrigerant.

This outdoor ice-making machine features a powerful compressor that produces about 28 pounds of ice in a day, so that you will never run out of ice, and have to hunt for ice in shops. Being, a simple and hassle-free ice dispenser machine, it does not require any installation. One has to simply plugin, add water and wait for just 15 minutes to enjoy batches of fresh ice each time.

It synthesizes cube-shaped ice from its certified BPA-free parts. An ice basket and scoop come with the unit to remove the produced ice cubes to the basket easily.

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What do we like about the Luma Comfort IM200SS ice maker?

  • Produces clear ice that creates less fizz, tastes better, and melts more slowly.
  • Capable of creating a new batch of ice every ten minutes.
  • Its interiors are well insulated, and thus it can keep ice colder for a long time.

What do we don’t like about the Luma Comfort IM200SS ice maker?

  • Requires periodic cleaning of filters as it does not filter out very small particles.

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#2. Scotsman CU50PA-1A – Best Undercounter Outdoor Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.3

This is an excellent air-cooled and under counter ice maker that produces exceptional gourmet-shaped ice cubes. The ice it produces is hard and free of any impurity as its outdoor ice maker follows a unique ice creation process. The Scotsman CU50PA-1A is capable of producing about 65 pounds of gourmet ice and it is capable of storing about 26 pounds in its internal storage bin. It has been approved to use outdoors and can thus be an integral part of your patio kitchen.

Being an air-cooled and Energy star qualified ice maker it not just produces quality ice every time, but can also fit in any location, owing to its 15” width. Its intuitive interface alerts users during no water conditions, and when it is time to clean the ice maker. Its installation is also pretty simple and it makes use of built-in drain pumps.

What do we like about the Scotsman CU50PA-1A ice maker?

  • Makes hard and clear gourmet-shaped ice cubes.
  • Comprises of an air-cooled and self-contained condenser. 
  • Gourmet ice cubes melt slow, do not stick with each other, and have an attractive appearance.

What do we don’t like about the Scotsman CU50PA-1A ice maker?

  • Ice cubes are large in size
  • The ice maker is slightly noisy.

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#3. Scotsman CU50GA – Best Residential Outdoor Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50GA Under counter ice maker
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.3
Noise level7.6
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.4

The Scotsman CU50GA is an exceptional outdoor ice maker that fits a majority of the outdoor kitchen perfectly. This is a perfect under counter ice maker with an ice bin and is capable of producing gourmet-shaped ice cubes to col different food items alike. This ice maker consists of a self-contained condenser and an air cooler and is thus efficient in producing ice for all your outdoor activities and parties. This is indeed a mega ice maker that is capable of producing up to 65 lbs. of ice for 24 hours. It also has a large ice storage capacity of up to 26 pounds. 

Featuring large stainless steel exteriors and a gravity drain, it adapts to all outdoor environments and efficiently self-cleans as well. This outdoor ice maker also comes with 1” adjusting legs and weighs about a hundred pounds. The gourmet-shaped ice it produces is capable of cooling mixed drinks, water bottles, and mixed food alike.

The ice maker is very compact and its 15” cabinet is good enough to accommodate tight cabinets of the outdoor kitchen perfectly. You will love its unique shaped, slow-melting, and crystal clear ice that is absolutely free from odor and taste. It will not dilute or alter the taste and flavor of the drinks. 

Its water quality sensors are capable of differentiating hard water conditions and its control system purges the mineral pumped water with every ice-making cycle. Its user-friendly control panel warns when the unit runs out of water and when it is time to clean the ice maker.

What do we like about the Scotsman CU50GA ice maker?

  • Excellent water quality sensor that infuses minerals into every ice harvest cycle.
  • Crystal clear and slow-melting gourmet ice cubes.
  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

What do we don’t like about the Scotsman CU50GA ice maker?

  • The unit is a little noisy while producing ice.

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#4. EdgeStar IB250SS – Best Outdoor Built-In Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB250SS Built-In Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean8.9
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.8
Value for money9.1

The Edgestar is ETL certified and approved for outdoor use and can thus be a value-added addition for patio kitchens.  It is great for hosting large parties on the lawn as it meets the needs of a huge crowd with its 25lbs/day ice production capacity. We loved the quality of ice it makes, its crescent-shaped ice cubes, are clear and pristine and last long in the drink, melting it gracefully, however, we used filtered water to make the ice.

The ice cubes were round and hollow in shape and were half an inch long. However, there are options to get the ice cubes thicker and fuller on the control panel. The ice cubes get stored in the ice basket which can be scooped out by opening the lid with a scooper. The control panel reminds us to remove the ice when the bin is full and has a self-cleaning function as well. We tried cleaning the appliance with the help of lemon extract followed by a couple of rinses and we are sure that it works on the quality of the ice crescents.

It has an ice storage capacity of 20lbs and the best feature of this appliance is that the ice cubes stay frozen until we remove them. Yes, it behaves as a freezer as well and offers the best cooling system with an exhaust cooling function. Its efficient compressor helps in making good quality ice quicker.

Its rear cooling adds efficiency to the ice-making process by initiating the cooling process faster. Since it vents through the rear, we suggest leaving space clearance on the rear and sides so that the appliance breathes appropriately.

What do we like about the EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker?

  • Makes ice quickly and stores up to 20 lbs. of ice in a day
  • Reversible door for built-in installation
  • No need for a drain as it behaves as a freezer

What do we don’t like about the EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker?

  • It is not suitable for areas with air pollution and dusty weather.

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#5. Frigidaire EFIC103 – Alternative Outdoor Countertop Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean9.5
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.7
Energy efficiency9.1
Value for money9.2

The Frigidaire is the ice maker of choice when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Featuring a compact stainless steel body this machine is capable of producing up to 26 pounds of ice a day within 6 minutes. It comprises a large ice bucket that is capable of holding about 2.2 lbs of ice at a given time. Users can choose to make ice cubes of three different sizes i.e., small, medium, and large from this machine, with the help of a single touch selection. 

It does not require installation and you only have to plug in and add water to enjoy fresh ice in no time. It does not require any draining function as well, as it reuses melted ice to make a fresh batch of ice every time. Thus it makes an ideal accompaniment for your outdoor kitchen.

The unit works extremely quietly at less than 38 decibels and can produce up to 9 cubes of ice in every batch. The unit has a transparent, see-through window that allows watching the ice maker, without opening the lid. The unit also comes with an ice shovel to remove the ice cleanly and conveniently. 

It does not make use of any chemical refrigerants and is an eco-friendly compressor cooling system. Its electronic controls with LED indication make the entire process of ice making easy and efficient.

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What do we like about the Frigidaire EFIC103 ice maker?

  • Capable of cooling different foods differently with its three size ice cubes.
  • Can store up to 2.2 lbs. of ice at a given time.
  • Quickest ice-making process in less than 6 minutes. 
  • Features a 6’ long electric cord at the back for plugging into the electric socket.

What do we don’t like about the Frigidaire EFIC103 ice maker?

  • The unit is not refrigerated, and thus it is optimal to use cold water in the unit rather than pouring water at room temperature.
  • The cubes that are produced are very small.

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#6. Edgestar IBR50SSOD – Alternative Built-in Outdoor Ice Machine

Edgestar IBR50SSOD Outdoor Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean8.8
Build quality8.8
Noise level8.5
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.1

Edgestar is a leading brand when it comes to built-in ice makers that qualify for both indoor and outdoor use. As these appliances feature a heavy stainless steel door and cabinet-style construction, they are great for outdoor use as well.

They have a bigger footprint and you may have to dedicate their space in the home, but luckily they have a built-in design with a front venting pattern and thus we can tuck them under the counter in the kitchen to save on the floor space. They also have reversible doors and can be mounted with both left or right hinge openings, depending on the style of the kitchen and the available space.

The appliance operates very quietly, however, we heard minimal noise when it was drawing water and when it was dispensing ice cubes. This ice maker however forms beautiful crescent-shaped ice that melts on the drinks slowly, without altering its taste. It doesn’t require a drain, as it doesn’t melt the ice, rather it behaves as a freezer and keeps the ice frozen until removed.

The ice maker forms about 25 lbs. of crispy crescent ice and can thus be an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen or commercial establishment. There is a dedicated control panel on the appliance that intimates us when the ice is ready in the bin. The appliance is shipped with an ice scoop, removable ice bin, and water line.

What do we like about the Edgestar IBR50SSOD ice maker?

  • Forms fuller and thicker crescent-shaped ice cubes that floats on the drinks
  • Reversible door and front ventilation helps in a built-in installation
  • Doesn’t require a drain as it behaves as a freezer as well.

What do we don’t like about the Edgestar IBR50SSOD ice maker?

  • Takes time to make ice, about 20 minutes or higher

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Factors to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Ice Making Machine

Buying an outdoor ice-making machine brings in a lot of advantages. Your outdoor parties and fun will never get out of ice and you never have to run to the shop to buy more ice. But there are few important considerations to be followed religiously when you wish to buy your outdoor ice-making machine. 

1. Choose the ice maker depending on the type of ice you want

Outdoor ice-making machines are capable of turning frozen water into ice cubes of different sizes. Some of the variant shapes are crescent-shaped ice, dice-shaped ice, gourmet-shaped ice, bullet ice cubes, nugget ice cubes, etc. It is up to you to decide which shape of ice you prefer and choose your ice maker accordingly.

Density varies between the different forms of ice. For instance, gourmet-shaped ice is hard and denser than crescent and bullet-shaped ice.

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2. Decide on the type of drain that you would require

Draining is the most important functionality of the ice maker, for without the drain the unit will start accumulating waste, and alter the quality and taste of the ice cubes that are produced. Almost all of the models have a drainage system, except a few and an ideal outdoor ice maker will have two different types of drains, depending on its design and layout.

These two types are gravity drains and drain pumps. It is a good choice to keep the appliance with gravity drains close to the existing drain in the outdoor kitchen. If there is no existing drain, you can use drain pumps to pump out excess water efficiently. 

3. Cloudy Vs clear shaped ice

The outdoor ice-making machines are capable of producing two different forms of ice. Cloudy ice cubes are soft and chewable but could melt fast enough. Clear shaped ice is solid, tastes better, and melts much slower. You can decide how best you want to decorate your drinks for your party on the patio.

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4. Scope for ventilation

While planning an outdoor kitchen, make sure to secure a cold zone or a wet zone for your ice makers, refrigerators, and sinks. They not only influence the quality of the ice produced but also finds the best place for draining excess water. Make sure the ice maker is appropriately ventilated and is not exposed to direct sunlight. When it comes to the outdoor kitchens, appliances that have front venting features perform pretty well than rear venting appliances.

5. Choose ice makers that are rated for outdoor use

Choose ice makers that are certified specifically for outdoor use. Those appliances are certified to last longer and are resistant to weather. They are also certified for the strength of their materials, exceptional venting system, and expert protection against internal electronics. Thus buying these certified appliances offers the best bet for your money spent on them.


Having an ice maker handy for all your outdoor parties helps you with a constant and uninterrupted supply of ice for endless party nights. You need not run to the shop to buy ice or strain to keep them frozen till the party is over. But make sure you follow our buying guide before you end up buying an ice maker for the patio, lawn & garden.

I'm Sara Wilson, the founder, and author of IceMakerCage. I'm also the head of the expert team that tests various ice makers and brings the best advice.

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  1. Using Scotsman CU50PA-1A in my garden for months now and I proudly say that I own the best outdoor ice machine available in the market. Although it would not suit many people as most prefer the countertop option, trust me, it’s one of the best options.

    • Hello Billy,

      Yes, most people do like countertop ice makers for outdoor use because they can easily move the appliance, but I also personally like Scotsman ice machines as they are very well designed for outdoor use.

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