Why Does My Ice Maker Ice Taste Funny?

A portable ice maker is an appliance that we use to get instant ice within minutes for our chilled drinks and water ready at the earliest. But there are chances that the ice that we get from the ice maker tastes funny, stale, and even metallic. Many reasons get the ice tastes funny but is sure to bring embarrassment among the guests if such low-quality ice cubes are served at the party. Many reasons could get the ice maker to taste funny and let us discuss them here.

Common Reasons Why the Ice From the Ice Maker Tastes Funny

Ice Cubes Taste Funny

Ice makers have become a necessity in modern times, especially during the summer months. And with the touch of a button, it is possible to get ice instantly to fuel the cold drinks. The ice makers are also pretty simple to use, and by refilling the tank with water and plugging in the appliance, it is possible to have a healthy supply of ice for the home. The ice cubes that come from the ice maker appliances are expected to be clear, pristine, tasteless, and odorless.

But in some instances, preferably when the appliance is not maintained properly, the ice from these appliances could taste funny and stale and in some instances, the ice cubes can also render a bad smell and taste. Here are some good reasons for getting low-quality ice cubes from the ice maker.

1. The water filter of the ice maker is dirty

If the ice maker produces ice that tastes bad, then the first thing that is to be checked is the water filter. This filter does the purification process and helps in yielding clear and fresh ice cubes. And if this water filter is dirty, then there are chances that the ice that you get from the appliance is also stellar.

Thus, it is recommended to change the water filter in the appliance once every six months and clean the filter with a fine bristled brush as frequently as possible to enhance the quality of the ice cubes made. The frequency of cleaning depends on the quantity of ice made and the quality of the water that is fed into the appliance.

2. Using stale ice cubes

There are all chances of the ice getting stale and old and this could be the reason for the funny taste in the ice. But with portable ice makers, if you don’t remove the ice, it will get recycled to form fresh ice and repeatedly recycled water could also taste bad.

3. Bad quality of water

The water supply in the city could be the culprit behind the funny-tasting ice cubes. It is recommended to use only potable water that is of drinking water quality in the ice maker and if the water is not tasting right, and has tremendous dissolved minerals in it, then it can affect the quality of ice that has been made in the appliance. 

4. Formation of mold in the interiors of the ice maker

If the ice maker appliance is not cleaned frequently and maintained appropriately, then there are all chances for the formation of mold in the interiors of the ice maker. When the ice gets stored in the same ice basket that has been supporting the growth of mold, then there are all chances that the ice that comes out of this ice maker tastes stale and bad. The best way to avoid this is to clean the ice maker as frequently as possible and dry it appropriately before the next use. 

5. Formation of slime and mold in the ice maker

The formation of slime and mold is the number of reasons for stale tasting ice cubes from the portable ice maker. Slime is a substance made of mold, yeast, and other organic growth in the ice maker and can be different colors with an unpleasant taste. Slimes occur often in ice machines, as they have favorable conditions that support mold growth.

With the ice machine that maintains a temperature between 41 and 145 degrees, with abundant moisture and ambient air, there are all chances for the slime to grow and thrive in the ice maker. And the formation of slime and mold is the most sickening thing that can happen to the ice maker appliance. It will not only get the ice to taste stale and can also predispose the individual to a series of health issues. And the best way to avoid such sickening slime formation is to maintain the appliance clean and dry at all times.

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Things You Can do to Get Tasty Ice from the Ice Maker

Quality Ice Cubes

As we have mentioned before, it is important to add good quality water to the ice maker and also clean it appropriately to help it taste at its best. It is also important to clean the filter of the ice maker and change the filter once in six months to make sure that the ice is been made from high-quality water. Apart from these aspects, there are a few more aspects to concentrate on, to make sure that the appliance makes high-quality water.

1. Cleaning the ice maker thoroughly and frequently

Cleaning the ice maker is the most important component of getting high-quality ice cubes. This is an integral step that makes sure that you get the best quality ice cubes, throughout the life of the ice maker. After draining and removing the ice cubes, make sure to clean the internal components of the ice maker, which includes the scoop and the ice basket.

Remove the components that can be removed and rinse them through running water, and if the components are not meant for removal, clean them with a cloth dipped in soap water. Make sure to remove any dust or dirt from the appliance which can emit the weirdest taste in the water. Make sure to check the unit frequently for dust, debris, and even bugs, as most portable ice makers do not have an air-tight seal. 

2. Clean the components that cannot be removed from the ice maker

If some of the components of the ice maker cannot be removed, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be cleaned properly. Make sure to clean these parts with the help of a damp cloth thoroughly. This means cleaning the water reservoir as well. The suborn stains can be dealt with with a paste of water and baking soda. This paste can be applied, scrubbed off, and rinsed thoroughly. The funny smell in the water reservoir and the interior components of the ice maker can be dealt with with vinegar.

Make a solution of vinegar and water and run the solution through the waterline a couple of times. After it is given a thorough cleanse, run fresh water through the lines to remove even the vinegar smell and taste from the ice maker. While using brand new ice makers, you can easily have ice that smells like plastic and this can be got rid of by running vinegar solution through the appliance. This will get the ice taste very good and it will also smell fresh.

3. Store the appliance appropriately

Most people miss on storing the ice maker appliance appropriately when they are not using it during the winter months or when they are away on a holiday. Storing the appliance appropriately is very important and can prevent the incidences of dirty ice, ice that smells bad, and the formation of mold and mildew in the ice maker. Before getting the ice maker ready for storage, empty it and dump any water or ice leftover in the appliance.

You can make use of the drain plug to empty it easily without a hassle. Disconnect the water line and wipe the appliance thoroughly and store it in a dry place. Retain its original packaging and store the appliance in it, as it is designed to keep dust away from the unit.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the ice maker appliance as frequently as indicated and using potable water to make the ice cubes is the key to getting hygienic and high-quality ice cubes. It is appropriate to use filtered water to eliminate the taste of dust from the ice cubes and any water that is left in the water reservoir for long should be changed appropriately. Make sure to not handle ice with bare hands to mitigate the chances of contamination. Following all these aspects religiously will help with years of good-tasting ice.

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