Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL Review 2022: Portable Countertop Ice Maker

The igloo as the name suggests is an expert ice maker machine that is capable of taking you to the igloo during the hot summer months. This small, compact, and stylish countertop ice maker will serve you a fresh dose of ice for all your drinks and beverages, and get the chilled glass of drink in your hand in less than 7 minutes. There are several unique features in this appliance, which make it the one of most desired compact and countertop ice makers of all time. this ice maker is perfect for residences, pool parties, home bars, dorm rooms, and offices.

Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL Ice Maker Review 2022

Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL Portable Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Easy to use9.2
Easy to clean9.6
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.2
Energy efficiency9.2
Value for money9.4

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Opinion by Douglas Casius

Amazing portable ice maker for a budget buy. It’s easy to use, powerful enough to give you good quality ice, although I recommend you to check it for manufacturing defects as soon as it arrives at your place. If it’s OK, then you have a beast of an ice maker at a very reasonable price.


Ice Production Time7-12 Minutes / Batch
Ice Storage Capacity1.25 pounds
Daily Ice Making Capacity26 pounds
Voltage120 volts
Defrost TypeManual
Dimensions of the Ice Maker12.2 x 9.06 x 12.8 inches
Ice ShapeBullet ice

Overview of the Igloo Portable Ice Maker

This is an excellent countertop ice maker that is capable of making high-quality ice cubes within minutes. We can make ice in two different sizes in this appliance and use them for the different drinks. The appliance operates very silently and will not disturb the surrounding in which it is operating, thus party people can enjoy long hours of fun without any disturbance. Its carry handle makes it easy to transport the appliance wherever it needs to go. 

This ice maker appliance is extremely convenient and is designed for easy usage. The appliance is compact and looks great on any kitchen countertop. The appliance has a large and transparent lid that helps in easy viewing of the ice making cycle and the formed ice cubes. that It produces ice on the go, whenever and wherever one requires. The other distinct features of this ice maker appliance are as follows,

1. Large Ice Making Capacity

This appliance is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice over 24 hours, which is good enough for a moderate party crowd to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of high quality chilled drinks and iced beverages. By manipulating the controls in this appliance, it is possible to make ice in two different sizes to decorate different foods differently.

2. Convenient Handle

The Igloo is perhaps the only brand that offers a convenient carrying handle with its ice makers to enhance its portability function to a great extent. Being a lightweight appliance that weighs around 25 pounds, anybody can carry this appliance around easily.

3. Compactness

This is being marketed as a portable and countertop appliance. Its small footprint ensures that it can be conveniently placed over the kitchen countertop for ease of use. small convenience stores, minibars, and small eateries can also use this appliance efficiently for the same reason.

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4. Quick Ice

This ice maker appliance not only forms a large volume of ice but also makes them pretty quick. The appliance is capable of forming around 9 large or small cylinder-shaped ice cubes in less than 7 minutes. 

5. Control Panel

The appliance features a highly intuitive and simple to use control panel with illuminated lights. By following the controls precisely, we can make high-quality ice from this appliance instantly. The controls will indicate when the water tank is empty to add more water and to remove the ice from the bin when the basket is full. By manipulating the controls on the panel, it is possible to choose the size of the ice cubes as well.

6. Self-Cleaning Function

This ice maker appliance features an automatic five-cycle cleaning function, that makes the cleaning function of the appliance easy and effortless. This also makes sure that we get a supply of fresh batch of ice every time.

7. Ice Basket and Drain Plug

The ice basket of this portable countertop ice maker appliance helps to safeguard the ice cubes until they are removed and helps in easily transferring the ice cubes from the basket to the serving container. There is also a drain plug at the bottom of the appliance, to remove the excess water when the appliance is not in use. The drain plug will also help to clean the appliance when required.

Quality of Ice Produced in this Appliance

Types of Ice with Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL

The Igloo portable electric ice maker makes some of the best quality ice that is chewable and soft on the gums and the tooth. It is ideal for even kids in their teething period to chew on some bits of hygienic ice. The appliance is capable of forming ice in two different shapes, but the users have to indicate the same at the control panel. S is for small-shaped ice bullets and L is for largely shaped ice bullets.

The water tank of this appliance is of two-quart capacity and by filling this two-quart tank, it is possible to get about 26 pounds of ice over 24 hours. The ice basket can hold about 2 to 4 pounds of ice at a time that has to be removed immediately and moved to the freezer.

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Pros & Cons of Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL

What do we like about the Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL ice maker?

  • Helps in keeping beverages ice cold with its constant supply of ice.
  • Makes ice within a few minutes in two different sizes, small and large
  • Very silent and quiet operation 
  • The best feature of this appliance is its 5 cycles self-cleaning function.
  • Easily portable with its carry handle.
  • Capable of producing 26 pounds of ice in a day with its 2-quart water tank
  • Great for preparing ice-cold beverages, smoothies, slushies, etc.

What do we don’t like about the Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL ice maker?

  • The ice basket doesn’t have insulation and thus the ice cubes that are formed in it melt faster than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I fill this appliance with water?

When you are making ice continuously, it is important to refill the appliance with water as and when required or generally every day. If you fill the water tank twice daily, it will form 6 baskets full of ice, that can be transferred to zip lock bags and stored in the freezer.

How does the self-clean mechanism of this ice maker work?

Use plain water or a mixture of water with vinegar and feed it into the water tank. Push the clean button and the appliance will run for 10 minutes or so. Remove the appliance to the sink and pull out the drain plug to release the water used for cleaning. Repeat the process with plain water to remove the vinegar. The appliance might require deep cleaning once in a while to remove any buildup in the appliance.

What type of appliance is this ice maker?

This is a portable ice maker with self-cleaning capabilities. This appliance has a handle and thus you can carry it anywhere you desire and you have to manually feed the appliance with water to start making high-quality ice cubes. You can place it on your kitchen countertop easily and start making ice

How much water can this ice maker handle?

his ice maker appliance features a two-quart water tank and when you fill it with water, it is capable of producing about 26 pounds of ice in over 24 hours. This volume of ice should be enough to keep the drinks cold for the entire day.

What is the capacity of this ice basket?

The ice basket of this ice maker appliance is capable of storing about 1.25 pounds of ice at a time so that you can serve a big crowd with high-quality and chilled water and juices.

What is the shape of the ice cubes that this appliance forms?

This is an expert ice maker appliance that is capable of forming about 9 small or large cylindrical-shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes. Cylindrical ice is of very high quality and is also chewable. It also mixes in the drinks exceptionally well. The ice pieces are not clear but cloudy, but you can get them very clear by using filtered water in the process.

What are the uses of the electronic control panel of this ice maker?

The appliance features a simple to understand control panel that is well illuminated with LED lights. This electronic control panel indicates when to add water to the appliance and when to remove the ice cubes after the iced bun is full. Also, it helps the users to choose the size of the ice cubes and make them thick or thin according to the requirement.

How often should I refill this appliance?

When its two-quart water tank is filled, it can produce about 26 pounds of ice over 24 hours. This is about 5 to 6 ice cycles. How often you have to refill this appliance depends on the quantity of ice you would require. When the ice bin is full, remove the ice from the freezer and when there is an indication that the water level is less, refill the tank and continue making more ice as you require.

Can I use this appliance for medicinal purposes?

Yes, you can use the ice cubes for chewing if your doctor recommends, for cold therapy to bring the temperature down, to resolve swelling, and minimize bleeding as well. These ice cubes are clean and chewable and you can keep chewing the small bullet-shaped ice cubes all through the day. They are soft on the teeth and gums and dissolve easily in the mouth.

Is this appliance very noisy?

This appliance is not very noisy when it is making ice, but when the ice cubes dump into the tray, it makes a noise. It also exerts a small humming noise while running. But it makes ice really fast and the ice that is formed is also highly hygienic and more convenient than the ice that is available in convenience stores.

Can this portable ice maker be stored on its sides in our car, while we transport it to the camo site? Or should it be placed upright?

It is important to keep the appliance upright, as to not disturb the refrigerant. Even after transportation in the upright position, it is better to allow the ice maker to stay idle for 4 to 5 hours to help the refrigerant to settle down.

Alternatives of Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL

Here are some of the best alternatives of Igloo ICEB26HNSSWL if you want quality under budget.

  1. Euhomy IM-F
  2. GE Profile Opal
  3. HOmeLabs Chill Pill
  4. IKICH CP173

Final Verdict

The Igloo electric countertop ice maker is a perfect, compact, and portable ice maker appliance, that helps to keep the beverages nice and chilled. The appliance is capable of forming high-quality ice in less than 7 minutes and can produce about 26 pounds of ice in a day.

The best feature of this appliance is its carry handle, which helps in the easy portability of the appliance from one place to another. The LED control panel helps in choosing the size of the ice cubes, making this appliance one of the best ice makers in the market and an excellent addition for residences, parties, office space, dorm rooms, etc.

Douglas Casius

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