Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker Review 2021

If you are looking for a stylish, elegant, and highly functional addition to your kitchen, then the Luma Comfort clear ice maker should be your ideal choice. This ice maker appliance offers the ultimate luxury for your home bar and kitchen and sports a sleek and stainless steel finish. The appliance makes use of exceptional ice-making technology and is portable, elegant, attractive, and highly dependable for high-quality ice. The appliance gets the ice cubes ready in minutes and is thus a perfect ice-making appliance for residences and small commercial establishments.

Luma Comfort IM200SS Ice Maker Review 2021

BrandLuma Comfort
Weight25.5 pounds
Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

Ice Making Capacity of this Appliance

With this appliance at home, the need to stock bags of ice in the freezer will not be required. Though it is a small and portable appliance, it is still capable of producing about 28 pounds of crystal clear restaurant-quality ice in 24 hours. Though this is a countertop appliance, it makes use of the same technology that is been used in commercial ice machines. It not only forms clear and high-quality ice cubes, but the ice also looks great and melts about 5 times slower than cloudy ice. This fancy ice maker appliance is thus great for many fancy cocktails and cool summertime beverages. The ice is formed in this appliance is crystal clear and thus creates less fizz and melts more slowly.

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Specifications of the Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker

  • Dimensions of the ice maker: 11.3 x 14.8 x 14.1 inches
  • Ice making capacity: 28 pounds/24 hours
  • Color and finish: stainless steel finish
  • Power consumption: 120 V
  • Features overflow protection
  • LED indicators for guided function
  • Ice making cycle duration: 15 minutes
  • Size of the ice cubes: ¾”
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee with a one-year limited warranty.

Overview of the Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker

Luma Comfort (NewAir) is the world’s leading manufacturer of home appliances and home comfort products. This company is based in southern California and was found in the year 2011. The idea of this brand is to develop high-quality and innovative home and outdoor appliances to meet the requirements of the consumer. The brand missions to re-invent portable home appliances and focuses on its research and development to manufacturing high-quality and portable home appliances. 

This is an excellent and intelligent ice maker appliance that is compact and attractive to fit any kitchen countertop. This is a simple and hassle-free ice maker cum dispenser that doesn’t require any complex installation and is also pretty simple to set up and control. The ice maker chunks out clear and restaurant-quality ice that looks great in any drink and also melts ice five times faster than cloudy ice. Being a portable appliance, it is capable of producing about 28 lbs. of ice in a day. 

The appliance forms high-quality ice cubes every day, and this ice that is formed dissolves slower without altering the taste of the beverage. The appliance is also of freestanding type and does require any water connection, and it can sustain with just 74 ounces of water for many ice making cycles.

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Features of the Luma Comfort Ice Maker

The Luma comfort is an intelligent ice maker that makes clear ice in the easiest way possible. It forms crystal clear ice cubes at just the touch of a button and is capable of producing about a fresh batch of ice every ten minutes. Most importantly the appliance has an adequate layer of insulation at its interiors, to keep the ice colder for a long time. This innovative ice maker makes clear ice cubes that cascade over a supercooled ice tray. This appliance, thus freezes ice layer by layer, leaving no room for any impurities and gas. 

1. Forms crystal clear ice cubes:

This appliance makes crystal clear and high-quality ice cubes to enhance the quality of the drinks. The clear ice cubes that are formed in this appliance melt very slowly so that high-quality tequila or mocktails without diluting it. The clear ice cubes that are formed in this appliance, generates less fizz and the drink also tastes amazing and a lot better.

2. BPA certified parts:

Luma Comfort is committed to offering safe drinking water to everyone, which includes the ice that is been added to the drink. This ice maker appliance is made completely from BPA-free plastic so that users do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals in the ice for the drinks. 

3. Insulation:

The ice cubes that are formed in this appliance are maintained cold for a longer time, owing to the ultra-insulated storage area in this ice maker. Even if we forget to remove the last formed ice cubes from this appliance, the water from these melted ice cubes will drain back to the machine and will get recycled to form a fresh batch of ice in the next round. 

4. Intelligent controls:

This ice maker appliance is guided by intelligent controls that control the ice making cycle and the maintenance of the appliance. The indicators on the control panel of this appliance will light up when the ice is ready to be removed from the appliance and when the storage basket is full. The indicators will also light up when the appliance is running out of water. A long press on the timer button will initiate the self-clean function in this ice-making appliance. 

Performance of the Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker

It is not usual to find a portable ice maker with clear ice forming capability. Generally, ice makers of this category will form the only bullet-shaped ice cube, but this Luma comfort is pretty different and forms clear and dense ice cubes. They are sure to add a lot of flavor to the drink and improve its looks and aesthetics to many folds. 

Other ice makers work by freezing all the water at once, thereby trapping air bubbles inside the ice. But this Luma comfort clear ice maker has a unique ice-making function. Instead of freezing all the water in the tank at a single time, it creates a constant waterfall over the cooling element in the appliance, which are cube-shaped shots. Thus the ice forms layer by layer without getting any ice trapped inside. This technique forms clear ice cubes by nature. The ice produced in this appliance is not just clear, it is also dense than normal cloudy ice as there are no air pockets inside.


  • The ice formed in this ice cube melts slower than normal freezer ice cubes.
  • It makes perfect ice for drinks, without diluting it.
  • It’s a big and portable ice maker that produces a large volume of ice with a bigger storage capacity.
  • The appliance is perfect for kitchen countertop, RVs, boats, and parties
  • It cranks out fresh ice cubes in less than 15 minutes
  • It can store about 4.6 pounds of ice at a time.


  • The appliance is noisy while starting its operation.
  • The appliance doesn’t come with overflow protection.

Bottom Line

This is a highly efficient ice maker device, that forms high-quality ice within 15 minutes. The appliance is capable of producing about 28 lbs. of ice and incorporates a storage bin for preserving the freeze. Considering all the factors, it is one of the best ice makers in the market and is available at an impressive price, so it’s worth the purchase.



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