Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26” Ice Machine Review 2021


If you are looking for an ice-making appliance that is capable of producing a large volume of ice in a compact footprint, then the Manitowoc under counter ice machine should be your ideal choice. This ice-cooled Manitowoc is a part of the NEO series of ice appliances. Also, this ice machine is great for commercial applications, as it features a fingerprint-resistant exterior panel. Thus, it will add to the elegance of the restaurant without looking dirty, even if many restaurant workers use it. This ice maker appliance features a slanted bin front with an easy glide door to remove and use the ice efficiently.

The storage capacity of this appliance is about 90 pounds and this appliance makes use of Alphasan that renders expert anti-microbial properties. This property of the appliance reduces the growth of mold, yeast, mildew, and bacteria, and this appliance chunks out full, regular, and even half dice cubes. The ice production capacity of this appliance is about 132 lbs. and features pop-out air filters. 

Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26” Ice Machine Review 2021

Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26" Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine
Brand NameManitowoc
Capacity90 pounds

Specifications of the UDF0140 A Ice Machine

  • Height of the appliance: 38 inches
  • Width of the appliance: 26 inches
  • Installation type: under counter appliance
  • Weight of the ice maker: 150 pounds
  • The material of the appliance: stainless steel
  • Color: Silver finish body
  • Energy consumption: 115 volts

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Overview of the Manitowoc UDF0140A NEW 26” Ice Machine

The Manitowoc UDF0140A is an exceptional 26” air-cooled under counter full dice ice machine that has the best combination of ice production and user-friendly controls. This appliance features an exceptional space-saving design and features an under-counter installation. With this appliance at hand, it is possible to make and store ice in one compact machine. Being an efficient air-cooled ice machine it combines impressive ice production capabilities, user-friendly controls, and features simple maintenance in a space-saving under-counter package.

The appliance features a wide range of features starting from an LED push pad control panel to an ergonomic scoop and comfort grip handle and holder. The handle of the appliance can be mounted on either side of the machine and thus it can be an excellent addition for any type of kitchen in both residences and commercial setups such as hotels, bars, and banquets. The appliance comes with a NEMA 5-15P Plug and a 3/8’ water connection. Also, this appliance has the following certifications and recognitions.

  • The Manitowoc UDF0140A meets the standards that are imposed by NSF international, that focuses on public safety, health, and environment. 
  • The appliance has ARI/AHRI certification and this certificate is awarded by the heating and refrigeration institute, as a mark of the exceptional performance of the unit.
  • This item complies with the standards that are imposed by Conformance European, which is a division of the Intertek Group.
  • This under counter ice appliance has been tested and it meets the safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories for use in the United States of America and Canada.  

Unique Features of the Manitowoc UDF0140A Ice Machine

This is an excellent under counter ice machine that can be a great buy for small businesses and kitchen cabinets. This appliance is highly efficient and features a small footprint for small areas. The appliance fits and works perfectly for any server line and works pretty quickly. It is also very quiet and works very efficiently. The other unique features of this appliance are as follows,

1. Large storage capacity of the appliance:

This under counter ice maker appliance is ideal for making ice in small volume applications and works as an excellent supplement for large ice machines. This appliance brags an ample 90 lb. capacity bin with an angled door that slides up and out of the way for easy and efficient access. This appliance is capable of manufacturing an impressive 135 pounds of dice cube ice in a day.

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2. Intelligent controls of the appliance:

The appliance makes use of intelligent add intuitive controls and features a push pas control and indicator panel. Its highly recognizable display icons will intimate when the power is on when the bin is full and when the appliance requires service. There are also provisions in the control panel to initiate a clean cycle and there is also a delay button that is capable of halting the ice production for about 4, 12, and 24 hours. Thus, this appliance can work great in restaurants, that are open only for a portion of the day. 

3. Ergonomic Design of the appliance:

The buttons on the control panel of this appliance are illuminated brightly by the LED lights and are placed on the slanted bin so that the users can view them and remove them easily, without having to bend down and strain much to remove the formed ice. The air filter of the appliance is also designed for a simple and tool-free removal for quick access during routine cleaning and maintenance. The ice bin of this appliance can be removed to gain complete access to the interior components of the during for a more thorough cleaning and maintenance function.

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FAQ for the Manitowoc UDF0140A

Is the water filter mandatory to use with this appliance?

Yes, it is important to make use of a high-quality water filter as poor quality feedwater can void the warranty of the equipment. To make sure that the water is filtered to its highest quality for making the best quality ice, a water filter will be included in the cart when it is ordered. The users can however choose to remove the filter from the cart before purchase.

Why does the service wrench indicator illuminates in red?

The service wrench indicator illuminates in red when the appliance is facing any major issues. It is a way of indicating that the appliance requires service in the future.

Can the appliance be tucked in a compact kitchen under counters?

The appliance features a smaller footprint and stands 38.5 inches tall and 26 inches wide. It also has 6 inch attached legs for a freestanding design. Thus, it should fit in small spaces and compact kitchen under counters. Its reversible hinge door aids in easy operation despite compact positioning.


  • The Manitowoc UDF0140A is capable of producing about 129 pounds of ice in a day, which can meet the requirements of a small business
  • It is capable of storing about 90 pounds of ice
  • It is energy star certified.
  • Its NEO feedback indicator alert helps in changing the status of the machine.
  • Its forward sliding storage bin gives tremendous access to the internal components of the machine.
  • Its air-cooled condenser reduces the amount of water required for the operation of the machine efficiently.


  • The ice melts off rapidly from the storage bin, as its insulation level is not satisfactory.
  • Mandates the need for a proper drain.

Bottom Line

This NEO ice machine is known for its intelligence, performance, and convenience. It serves as an all-in-one solution for ice cube needs and can be a great addition for restaurants, cafes, bars, stadium boxes, coffee shops, offices, and hospitals. This is can be an expert ice machine for small-volume ice requirements. This air-cooled and self-contained machine has impressive ice production capabilities and can easily fit any kitchen under counters.



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