Northair Commercial Ice Maker Review 2021: Best for?


Establishments of the food and beverage industry, with a strong desire to serve your customers with uninterrupted cool drinks, should choose Northair commercial ice maker. This portable ice maker is a compact select for your bar, café, restaurant, party gathering, etc. 

The Northair renders a premium look with a stainless steel exterior and contrasting back lid. Made chiefly for commercial purposes, this ice maker makes 100lbs of ice in 24 hours. 

Production of 45 pieces of ice per cycle is ample for any industrial kitchen. The Northair delivers continuous and quick ice cubes with the unceasing supply of fresh and clean ice handy. The portable ice maker takes little space in your commercial arena. 

Northair Commercial Ice Maker Review 2021

Northair Commercial Ice Maker
Ice Production Time12 – 20 Minutes / Batch


  • The overall size of the ice maker: 17.6”*15.7”*31.4” ( 448*400*798mm)
  • Capacity for making Ice: 100LBS/24H
  • Consuming power: 300W
  • Ice shape: square type 0.9” * 80.9”* 0.9”
  • Storage capacity: 33LBs
  • Ice per cycle: 45 cubes of ice per cycle.
  • The material used: Iron painting and rust-resistant stainless steel used for making.  
  • Colour: Appealing grey with black color. 
  • LCD panel has digital controls for easy operation. 
  • Weight of the appliance: 63 pounds
  • External connections necessary: A suitable water supply and a drain outlet. 
  • Installation category: Free-standing

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The Northair commercial ice maker makes continuous ice and renders exceptional production capability. The outstanding quality and state-of-the-art technology help you gain terrific ice. The operation is simple and easy to get started. Northair offers extraordinary service with its remarkable features. Here are a few marvellous features of the Northair commercial ice maker. 

  1. Automatic LED and multi-function control: The Ice maker possesses an Automatic control panel. Several functions reside with different buttons. Some of the operations are auto clean, on/off, and time setting. The only chore of the user is to install the pipe for the water inlet. Another encouraging feature is the adjustment of ice cube thickness and ice making time. The above-said is made possible by pressing the + or – buttons. 
  2. Comes with a complete set of accessories: The ice maker arrives with a full kit of accessories. Few accessories include a water supply hose pipe, ice scoops, and a water draining hose. 
  3. Fast ice-making: The instant ice-making machine delivers 45 ice cubes per cycle in 18 minutes. Bars and restaurants are sure to offer 800 cups of cold drinks per day. 
  4. Latest Top-Quality Product: The stainless steel made of the body averts rusting of the product and offers long life. The adjustable feet are an added feature that protects the machine from water, humidity from the ground. 
  5. State-of-the-art built-in lights: You guarantee yourself by maintaining fresh and clean ice for your business or home with the built-in Nano blue light. The dazzling blue light offers an aesthetic look with hygiene. 
  6. Stainless steel construction: The ice-maker comes in a sleek design built with durable steel. Customers believe the life of the product as it’s enduring, sturdy, and works long life. 

Outline of Northair Commercial Ice Maker

The Northair ice-maker is a compact model for easy installation anywhere in your home, restaurant, or Pantry. The free-standing ice-maker is convenient and user-friendly with simple operations. Since the appliance is a free-standing one, customers install it as per their decision provided with a drain and water supply.

Advanced core technologies are additives in the appliance. The automatic LCD control panel helps in the easy ice making process. The LCD panel shows instructions regarding adding water, cleaning, and ice full. A few of them are self-clean, foamed insulation, digital control, time reservation, energy-saving, blue light, powerful compressor, etc. 

The ergonomic and trendy design offers a stylish look to your bar or café it stands. The capacity to make remarkable volumes of ice is an adding factor for the success of the business. 

There are no complicated buttons, and hence malfunctioning never happens. They are an exclusive choice for applications such as a pantry, supermarkets, coffee shops, bars, hotels, bakeries, cool drink shops, etc. The astounding space saver appliance renders powerful performance with ample storage. 

This automatic ice maker makes 100lbs of ice by 24 hours with a standard size perfect for water bottler openings and mixed drinks. The microcrystalline foaming technology is a promising feature where ice cubes preservation takes place at a lower temperature for a long time. The ice maker comes with a powerful compressor that delivers appropriate refrigeration capacity. 

The product comes with all accessories that are ready to use instantly. The delivery comes with a connection hose, ice scoop, drain pipe, and instruction manual. Before first use, make sure to keep the appliance upright for 24 hours. The user only needs to connect to the water supply, fix the drain hose, and plug into the switch. 

The user needs to fix the pipe as all other operations are automatic. Customers are happy with the effortless cleaning and low maintenance feature of the product. 

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FAQ for Northair Commercial Ice Maker

Do I need a different plug or power supply to connect my ice maker? 

The Northair ice maker uses the usual power supply of 115V. There is no need for a variable plug or power supply.

How do I clean my Northair ice maker?

Periodic cleaning of the ice maker results in productive operation. The user manual has all instructions regarding cleaning. These are a few primary cleaning steps for your ice maker.

1. Remove the ice basket.
2. Clean the interior of the ice maker with a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Do the same with the exterior surfaces too. 
3. Use a soft cloth for drying the interior as well as the exterior. 

Can I run the appliance continuously?

You can run them continuously as they do not damage the unit. But make sure the ice maker has enough water for continuous ice making.

Pros & Cons of Northair HZB-45


  • The free-standing application helps you place the device anywhere you wish. 
  • Compact and portable with generous storage of ice. The sleek design takes very little space in your arena. 
  • Quick ice production beneficial and quiet cooling system. 
  • Easy water filling and draining with digital controls available 
  • Ice maker programmed with advanced core technologies. 
  • Guarantees in making 100lbs ice for 24 hours. The perfect choice for a small business. 
  • Easy operations with use-friendly LCD operations are convenient for peak-hour schedules. 
  • The viewing window is large for better visibility and convenient access to ice. 


  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital. 
  • It is best to use ice within 48 hours, while otherwise, the ice melts. 
  • Not advisable for outdoor events. 

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The Bottom Line

Beverage businesses and café know that customer satisfaction is their success. The Northair commercial ice maker makes sure to deliver with abundant ice, so never worry about running out of ice. The brand is a sophisticated ice maker present today with overall capacity performance and exclusive feature. 

With friendly use and price point, the Northair commercial ice maker is one of the best units available in the market today. The appliance is a perfect choice for industrial kitchens or large families. This dedicated ice producing appliance renders success to your business for sure.


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