From Vision to Ice

Our Story

Hey there! We’re thrilled you’re curious about our story. You see, Ice Maker Cage isn’t just a brand; it’s a dream turned reality by our founder, Douglas Casius. Let’s take you on a journey – it’s quite a story!

The Beginning

It all started in 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Our founder, Douglas Casius, had a vision – to make better ice makers. He wanted to blend the latest technology with top-notch service. And thus, Ice Maker Cage was born.

Douglas's Background

Douglas didn’t just jump into this. He learned the ropes at ITV Ice Makers USA, where he was a Sales Professional from 2021 to 2022. He then sharpened his skills at GE Appliances in New York until 2020. These experiences were crucial; they taught him about the market, the technology, and what customers really want.

What We Do: Here at Ice Maker Cage, we focus on:

  • Installing ice makers right the first time.
  • Keeping them running smoothly with regular maintenance.
  • Being there when you need repairs, pronto.
  • Creating custom solutions for unique ice-making needs.

Today and Tomorrow

Now, Ice Maker Cage is a name people trust in the ice-making world. Under Douglas’s leadership, we’re keeping things simple yet innovative, always focusing on quality and service.