Can You Put Juice in an Ice Maker?

The ultimate purpose of having an ice maker at home is to serve chilled drinks and juices for the guests during a party and to treat ourselves to fresh and chilled juices and water for the entire day. There are many variations that you can do with the ice maker and ensure that you get to taste unique and high-quality ice.


These could be changing the size of the ice cubes, altering the timer of the ice maker so that you can have the maximum yield at a prescribed time, etc., But some genius minds will get the idea of feeding juice directly into the portable ice maker so that instead of getting plain ice cubes, we can enjoy colored and flavored ice that can be added directly to the serving vessels and sipped slowly.

There are indeed many advantages to feeding the ice maker with juice. You can get different colors and shapes of ice, you can add them directly to other smoothies so that they look vibrant in rainbow colors and will also enhance the taste of the food to many folds. Your guests would be surely amazed by this brilliant idea and would be delighted to taste bullets in many different colors. Even kids will enjoy chewing juiced ice cubes and get to taste all fruits and vegetables without their knowledge.

Ice Cubes Made with Juices

The advantage of adding juice to an ice maker is a long list, but unfortunately, it cannot be done. Don’t be disappointed, this is perhaps the worst idea that you can implement and you are abusing your ice maker by feeding it with juice instead of water.

Why it is Not Optimal to Feed Your Ice Maker with Juice?

Adding juice to the ice maker is perhaps one of the worst ideas that you can implement, only if you want to decrease the life span of the unit and call for maintenance service at the earliest.

Using any liquid except water in the ice maker appliance will result in jamming up all its gears and sensors and compromise the very functioning of the unit. Perhaps if you want to put your appliance in the attic forever, you can choose to add juice to the ice maker.

Almost all ice makers, even the leading manufacturers of the world are been designed and programmed to work only with water. Failing to comply with this statutory warning will result in the appliance ceasing to function and you will end up throwing the appliance in the garbage once and for all.

What Happens if We Add Juice To the Portable Ice Maker?

If you still cross all the warnings given by the manufacturer and get ahead to adding juice to the ice maker, you will surely get cubes of juice, but that would be the end of your ice maker’s life. It leaves behind a lot of mess, as the sugar coating in the juice will cover the internal components of the ice maker. It will also leave a sticky goo behind and will create a harmful impact on the gears and the walls of the ice maker. It can also potentially damage all the sensors that operate the ice maker.

If at all you add juice and produce the ice cubes for some fancy reason, then you should clean the ice maker immediately. If you allow the juice to gel and harden in the ice maker, then it is the end of the ice maker.

Check out this fun video to know what happens if you add random liquids to an ice maker:

How Else Can I Make My Juice Ice Cubes?

If you want to create juiced ice cubes, the best way is to use a mold and add the juice to the refrigerator freezer. Even if it takes a longer time to freeze than a portable ice maker, it will be the perfect option without causing any damage to the appliance. You can also purchase some disposable ice cube bags to make frozen juices and it works perfectly every time.

After freezing the juice, you can pop them in the beverage and this is the best way to add flavors to the drinks and amaze your guests and get to impress your children as well. Alternatively, you can use your ice maker to create some regular ice from the portable ice maker, and use the ice shaver to put your imagination into your best creations.

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