ROVSUN Built-in Freestanding Ice Maker Review 2022

Commercial businesses in the food and beverage industry have to make sure that they are equipped with all the desired equipment to cater to the needs of their customers, to sustain the business. One such essential appliance for the food and beverage industry is the freestanding ice machine. The Rovsun built-in stainless steel ice maker is an excellent freestanding ice maker that makes high-quality ice cubes in very large volumes for the entire day. Thus restaurants, cafes, and bars can yield to the unique needs of their customers with the help of this freestanding ice maker appliance.

ROVSUN Built-in Freestanding Ice Maker Review

Rovsun Built-in Freestanding Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 8.7/10
Easy to use9.1
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.1
Noise level8.8
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money8.9

Opinion by Product Tester

After using this ice maker for a week, I can say that it’s an easy-to-use appliance that can be operated by anyone, even our elders can operate this ice machine with ease. Coming to the performance, it took 14-15 minutes to complete most ice-making cycles, and ice was good enough, so overall the performance was good. The only place I want Rovsun to improve this machine is the build quality and it should be able to hold ice in a frozen state for a slightly longer time. Apart from this, it’s a good ice machine for commercial purposes.

Overview of the ROVSUN Ice Maker

Overview of ROVSUN Commercial Ice Maker
Credit: Rovsun
Daily Ice Making Capacity100lbs
Storage Capacity33lbs
Editor Rating8.7/10
Duration of Ice Cycle12 to 18 minutes
Dimensions of the Appliance18 x 16 x 31 inches
MaterialSteel with iron painting
Weight64 pounds
Water Supply Temperature41 to 95 F
WarrantyOne-year extended warranty

The Rovsun, a built-in stainless steel ice maker that comes with a freestanding design, and this commercial ice maker have ETL certification and approval. The brand attaches a lot of importance to the quality of its products. The Rovsun freestanding ice maker is very well built and is tested to ensure safety and longevity.

This commercial ice maker appliance is made from durable stainless steel and is also rust-resistant rendering a long and prolonged service time. This appliance is a top pick for those looking for quality commercial ice makers. It is required to install the appliance perfectly, along with a floor drain and water pipe for appropriate installation and usage. The distinct specifications of this ice maker appliance are as follows.

Unique Features of the Rovsun Built-in Ice Maker

This commercial ice maker is capable of yielding to the ice requirement of a huge crowd within the least possible time frame. The distinct features of the ice maker that makes it different from other ice makers are as follows

1. Excellent Digital Control Panel

This is an excellent ice maker machine with a highly intuitive user interface. The appliance is very simple to use, and we can just plug in the ice machine to initiate the ice-making process. When we switch on the appliance, the control panel will flash the on/off symbol on the display screen. After the on/off button is activated, the ice machine will start making ice cubes when the water level reaches the standard level on the water tank. The ice cube symbol will start rotating, indicating that the ice-making process is on.

Control Panel of ROVSUN Ice Maker
Credit: Rovsun

There are also many useful controls on this ice maker appliance. A long press for more than 5 s on the timer will initiate the cleaning function on the appliance. The M on the panel indicates ice-making time and F indicates ambient temperature. The appliance has an automatic self-cleaning function. Ice cubes can be made thick by pressing the + icon on the control panel. There is also an icon to indicate water shortage on the ice appliance.

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2. Appliance with ETL Approval

This is an eminent ice maker appliance that has ETL certification and approval. It can be played with confidence and is known for its safe and efficient built. The stainless steel construction of this appliance helps to prevent rust and enhances the longevity of the appliance. The machine also holds black and frosted panels that are fingerprint-proof, to enhance the quality of this appliance.

3. Easy Installation

This ice maker appliance is extremely user-friendly and is easy to install as well. The appliance also has floor drainage and a water pipe outlet unit that drains the wastewater out of the system by gravity. Its smart panel is easy to set up and use and offers a lot of tips to enhance the operation of the appliance to many folds. This ice maker appliance is equipped with an automatic cleaning function to enhance its longevity and to provide the users with large volumes of high-quality and hygienic ice cubes. 

Working of ROVSUN Freestanding Ice Maker
Credit: Rovsun

4. Freestanding Design

The appliance goes great as a built-in ice maker appliance for commercial establishments and can also be placed as a freestanding unit. This ice maker appliance is capable of fulfilling commercial and household ice-making needs and is thus great for restaurants, homes, hotels, pantries, grocery stores, supermarkets, cafes, etc. This appliance does not take up much space and incurs very little space for installation. Its sleek and rust-resistant stainless steel interiors make it an excellent addition to home interiors.

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Precautions While Using This Appliance

  • It is important to connect the water hose and the wastewater drain with the appliance, preferably through a professional. The water inlet hose and the drain hose are offered with the product.
  • This product is not applicable for outdoor restaurants and cafes and is strictly for indoor use.
  • The ice basket of this appliance is not insulated, and thus the formed ice cubes should be transferred to the freezer to remain intact. The appliance is shipped with ice bags to serve the purpose
  • The appliance forms block of ice cubes and not individual separate cubes. Thus, we may have to use a harder scoop to break down the blocks into independent ice cubes. 

Pros & Cons of ROVSUN Ice Maker

What do we like about Rovsun’s built-in freestanding ice maker?

  • Elegant and compact freestanding ice maker appliance
  • The appliance is compact and doesn’t occupy much space
  • Fits perfectly under the counter or the kitchen cabinet.
  • Made up of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel material
  • Makes ice rapidly in about 12 to 18 minutes.
  • Capable of producing about 100 lbs. of clear ice cubes in a day
  • The storage bin of the appliance is capable of stocking up to 33 lbs. of ice at a time. 

What do we don’t like about Rovsun’s built-in freestanding ice maker?

  • The appliance has to work with a floor drain and requires special installation
  • The product is strictly not recommended for outdoor use
  • The ice cubes formed in this appliance will not stay frozen for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to adjust the thickness of the ice cubes?

Commercial establishments will require ice in different forms and thicknesses. By adjusting the + or the – button at the control panel, it is possible to get ice cubes in soft and thick variations.

Does this appliance create a lot of heat?

Commercial ice makers in general are known to dissipate large volumes of heat. But the Rovsun built-in stainless steel ice maker has two built-in DC fans for fast heat dissipation and a rapid ice-making process.

What is the ice-making capacity of this ice maker?

Being a freestanding commercial ice maker, this is capable of chunking out about 100 to 150 pounds of ice in a day. It can quickly make 45 pieces of clear ice cubes in one cycle that lasts for 11-20 minutes. The ice bin is capable of storing about 33 pounds of ice at a time for immediate use, however, it is recommended to remove the ice cubes to a freezer, so that they don’t melt.

Can this ice maker be built-in under the counter?

This ice maker supports both built-in and freestanding applications and thus is capable of fulfilling commercial and residential ice-making needs. These appliances are great for homes, bars, restaurants, pantries, grocery stores, hotels, cafes, supermarkets, etc.

What is the size of this appliance? Will be fit my small juice shop?

The appliance has a sleek and rust-resistant stainless steel design. The dimensions of this ice maker are about 18” L x 16” W x 31” H. It is appropriate to check the size appropriately before making the order and the total weight of this appliance is around 63 lbs.

Should I keep the appliance idle for 24 hours before making ice?

Yes. Before the first time use, assemble the appliance and leave it idle for the refrigerant to settle down. Clean the ice machine before first-time use and keep it in an upright position for 24 hours. The appliance should be connected only to a potable water supply and drainage.

Can I have this appliance in my garage?

This appliance is not recommended for outdoor use. The temperature of the atmosphere will have a clear impact on the quality of the ice produced. Also, when the appliance is kept indoors, it can help maintain the ice cubes frozen for some time, until they are removed.

What are the controls available in the control panel of this ice maker?

The Rovsun built-in freestanding ice maker is equipped with a highly efficient control panel that has several controls for ease of access. There is a timer button, that is activated with a quick press and a clean button, that can be activated by a long press for more than 5 seconds. M – refers to ice-making time and F refers to ambient temperature. There is an automatic self-cleaning function in this ice maker and by pressing the ‘+’ button in the panel, it is possible to enhance the thickness of the ice cubes. H refers to the time switch and M corresponds to the ice-making time setting. There is an alarm for water shortage, for ice full, and an error code.

How should I start making ice cubes in this appliance?

Assemble the ice maker appliance and plug it in. A professional installation service is not required, but you could get one if you are not comfortable working with it. The On/off symbol will flash on the display screen. Press the on/off button and the ice machine will start to draw water from the water inlet up to the standard level on the water tank. It will start to make ice cubes and the symbol will change to a solid light. The ice cube symbol will start rotating indicating that the appliance is making ice.

Where are the exhaust vents in the ice maker?

There are large exhaust vents on the front and the back of the ice maker appliance to help with fast ice dissipation. This helps in extending the life of the appliance.

What are the accessories that come with this ice maker?

The appliance comes completely equipped with all the required accessories, to aid in the process of efficient ice making. It comes with a water hose, drainage tube, faucet connectors, 10 sets of 8lb. ice storage bags to store ice in the freezer conveniently.

Does it require a drain pump to remove the wastewater?

It comes with a drain hose, but it works on gravity feed. Some people buy small pumps from the Home Depot store and fix them with the hose so that it can pump out the drain water more effectively and easily.

Alternatives to ROVSUN Ice Machine

Here are top alternatives in the market that come in the same price range as well as come with similar attractive features.

  1. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
  2. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
  3. Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker
  4. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker
  5. Northair Commercial Ice Maker

These alternatives are some of the best ice makers in the market that can fulfill your ice making needs.

Final Verdict on ROVSUN Ice Maker

The Rovsun built-in commercial grade ice maker has a stainless steel body and a freestanding design. This appliance is capable of forming about 100 to 150 lbs. in a day and can also store about 24 lbs. of ice at a given point in time. Being an automatic ice maker, it is ideal for any commercial business that has a constant demand for fresh ice.

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