Scotsman CU50PA-1A Review 2022: Quality Gourmet Ice Maker

When summer approaches, our need to taste chilled drinks and juices with ice cubes increases many folds. The idea of chilling drinks with pretty gourmet ice cubes will impress housemates and party guests. A very few ice makers form pretty and clear gourmet shaped ice cubes and the Scotsman CU50PA-1A under counter ice maker is one among them.

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Review 2022

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Ice Maker
Editor Rating: 9/10
Easy to use9.3
Easy to clean8.7
Build quality8.7
Noise level8.9
Energy efficiency8.7
Value for money9.3

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Opinion by Douglas Casius

The Scotsman CU50PA is one of the best under counter ice making appliances that form clear and solid gourmet-shaped ice cubes. The appliance had been designed for commercial purposes but can be used in homes with many family members. The appliance features a dedicated control panel that offers information regarding the water conditions. The best feature of this appliance is that it has been approved for outdoor use.

The Scotsman is an ideal device for any bar, restaurant, hotel, and under-counter application. It produces beautiful gourmet shaped ice cubes that are crystal clear and are shaped uniquely. These ice cubes are odorless and are slow melting and they will only chill the drinks without altering their taste. The gourmet shaped ice cubes that this appliance forms are hard, and are free from impurities owing to the unique creation process that this appliance follows.

Using Scotsman CU50PA-1A Ice Maker
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Specifications of the Scotsman CU50PA-1A Ice Maker

The unique specifications of this ice maker appliance are as follows,

  • Daily Ice Making Capacity: 65 LBS
  • Storage Capacity: 26 LBS
  • Width of the appliance: 15 inches
  • Depth of the ice maker: 22 inches
  • Configuration: Self-contained ice maker machine
  • Ice cube type: Gourmet clear ice cubes
  • Water filter: Not present
  • Comes with leveling legs
  • The voltage required is 115V
  • Drain tube: 10 inches
  • Weight of the appliance: 105 lbs.
  • Under counter installation
  • Approved for outdoor and commercial use
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Ice Making Capacity of the Appliance

Scotsman is one of the world’s leading ice machine manufacturers and can be widely found in hotels, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, hospitals, and the food processing industries. The appliance forms a reliable supply of cubes in many forms such as flakes, nuggets, cubes, and gourmet ice, and this particular CU50PA–1A model forms high-quality gourmet ice cubes. This appliance is capable of producing about 65 pounds of gourmet ice in a day and is equipped with an internal storage bin, that is capable of storing up to 26 pounds of ice at a time. Though it is capable of producing such large volumes of ice within a short period the appliance is highly energy-efficient and is rated by Energy Star for energy efficiency.

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Distinguishing Feature of the Scotsman CU50PA

This is a safe and highly consumable product that will enhance the appeal of the place in many folds. The appliance can be conveniently placed in the home, office, or any indoor and outdoor commercial space. It keeps ice ready at any time to serve a huge crowd.

1. Water Quality Sensor

This is a unique addition to this appliance and this water quality sensor helps to detect and eliminate water that is dense in minerals with every single ice harvesting cycle. Thus, this feature eliminates the need to subject the appliance to frequent cleaning cycles. There is also a built-in pump and a ten-inch drain tube, that helps to expel water fast and effectively making it easy to maintain from the perspective of the end-user.

2. Ease of Installation

This ice maker is designed with a stainless steel exterior to add to the elegance of any space. It is easy to install even in tight spaces as the entire appliance is only 15 inches wide. It can fit a variety of locations easily and the installation of the appliance is quite simple, owing to its built-in drain. Also, this appliance features a reversible door, that can be opened either way, right from the right or left, and thus will not hinder the installation process. The leveling legs of this appliance help in its installation over any surface.

Back View of Scotsman CU50PA-1A

3. Compact Size

This ice maker appliance is extremely compact and can be placed easily in limited space under the counter. It can be easily placed in tight locations as the appliance is only 15” wide and about 22” deep. The appliance will fit easily on shelves, under the counters, and in any outdoor setting with space restrictions.

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4. Completely Accessorized

This ice making appliance is accessorized completely to aid in the hassle-free ice serving process. Its access area can accommodate a large ice scoop, that is dishwasher safe. Thus, we can carry a large volume of ice from the appliance to the serving area, without having to make frequent back and forth trips. And this ice maker appliance from Scotsman comes with a built-in pump and a 10” drain tube to expel the wastewater from the appliance.

5. Intuitive and Easy to Use Control Panels

Control panel of Scotsman CU50PA-1A

The control panel of this ice maker appliance is very simple and easy to use. Its intuitive controls indicate whether the appliance is in on or off mode and will also alert the user when it is time to check the water level. The lights will also glow up when it is time to remove the ice cubes and when it is required to clean the ice maker appliance

6. Warranties

The Appliance is approved for both outdoor and commercial use. The manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on residential parts and labor and five years’ warranty on the compressor. 

Pros & Cons of the Scotsman CU50PA-1A

What do we like about Scotsman CU50PA-1A?

  • This appliance is capable of producing 65 pounds of gourmet ice in 24 hours.
  • It features a self-contained and air-cooled condenser for an efficient ice making process.
  • Its built-in storage bin is capable of holding about 26 pounds of ice in a day
  • The appliance comes with a power cord for a quick installation process
  • Features a durable and a stainless steel construction
  • Makes use of approved R-134A refrigerant.

What do we don’t like about Scotsman CU50PA-1A?

  • This ice maker appliance doesn’t come with water supply lines and they have to be bought separately.  
  • Doesn’t come with antimicrobial protection 
  • Air and water filters are not available with this appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of its ice cubes?

This ice maker forms gourmet ice cubes, about the size of a small water cap. They are quite big; thus you cannot fit them in small water bottles with narrow mouths. The ice cubes can be great for making mixed drinks and for chilling seafood and other food items.

Does this plug into the regular wall socket?

This appliance comes with the regular NEMA 5-15P plug that can be plugged into the regular wall socket. It makes use of the regular voltage of 115V for its operation.

In what way does its water quality sensor affect the quality of ice cubes?

The water quality sensor of this appliance is set up through its control panel and is extremely beneficial in detecting hard water conditions. It purges mineral-filled water in every ice making cycle and mitigates the need to clean the appliance between cycles. It also improves the taste of the ice in every harvest cycle.

Is this a residential or a commercial appliance?

This ice maker is being designed for commercial applications and is also approved for outdoor use. It is great for under counter installation and can be used in bars and restaurants pretty comfortably. However, if you have a huge ice requirement at home, you can use it in your residence as well.

How reliable is the Scotsman ice maker?

Scotsman is one of the leading ice machine manufacturers in the world and finds extensive use in hotels, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, and also fast food outlets. They also find extensive application in the fisheries, hospitals, laboratories, and also several food processing facilities. The brand manufactures different types of ice maker appliances, that are capable of producing ice flakes, cubes, gourmet, and nugget-shaped ice cubes.

Does this ice maker form gourmet-shaped ice cubes?

Yes, the Scotsman CU50PA is an air-cooled and under counter ice maker that forms gourmet ice cubes. The ice cubes are formed through a unique creative process and thus they are hard and are free from impurities. The fancy look of these gourmet ice cubes makes them a perfect and elegant addition for restaurants and other events such as banquets and weddings.

How good is gourmet ice compared to cube ice?

The gourmet ice is great for parties and restaurants and is best described as pretty ice cubes. These ice cubes have a slow melt time and they feature non-stick characteristics and an attractive appearance. All these factors make these ice cubes great for long and fancy events.

Does this ice maker form clear ice cubes?

This ice maker will produce clear ice cubes. But this also depends on the type of water that we feed in this appliance. If you add refined and clear water to the appliance, it will form clear water and if there are more particles in the water, the cubes will be somewhat foggy.

What are the dimensions of this ice maker?

The dimensions of this ice maker are about 34.375″ x 22″ x 14.875″. This is an exceptional under-counter ice maker with a shipping weight of 112 lbs. Based on the space constraints at home, you can plan for its under-counter or built-in installation.

What is the power consumption of this ice maker?

The power usage of this under-counter ice maker is about 14.4 kWh/100 lbs. of ice formed. It operates with 115 voltage/60 hertz and is great on the utility bills of the users. Its air-cooled and self-contained condenser makes sure that the appliance doesn’t levy too much burden on the energy bills. The appliance also helps conserve water and utilizes about 34 gallons of water to form about 100 pounds of ice.

How much ice does this Scotsman CU50PA ice maker appliance form in a day?

The Scotsman CU50PA is capable of forming about 65 pounds of gourmet ice in a day and it is capable of storing about 26 pounds of ice at a time in its internal storage bin. One ice-making cycle of this appliance takes about 15 minutes.

Can I place this ice maker on my patio?

Yes, this is an expert commercial grade ice maker, that is been approved for outdoor use. Thus, you can comfortably place it in your patio, garage, deck, and even in your outdoor kitchen.

What is the type of drain in this appliance?

The ice maker has a built-in drain that drains the wastewater through the gravity drainage system.

What happens when this appliance is not drawing water?

The ice maker will alert the users when it is not drawing water and when the ‘no-water condition persists in this appliance. It also gives the signal, when it is time to clean the ice maker as well.

Alternatives of Scotsman CU50PA-1A

These are some of the best alternatives to Scotsman CU50PA-1A.

  1. Euhomy IM-02
  2. hOmeLabs 521JS-58
  3. Manitowoc UDF0140A
  4. VEVOR 110V
  5. ADT 100LB-PRO

Final Verdict

The Scotsman CU50PA-1 is an ideal ice-making appliance for restaurants, office break rooms, cafes, and outdoor bars. This model cranks out beautiful and clear gourmet-shaped ice cubes in every ice cycle. It has a convenient cabinet to store about 26 pounds of ice and should be a must-have addition for any commercial entity.

Douglas Casius

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