Whynter UIM-502SS Clear Ice Cube Maker Review 2021

The right ice machine is capable of turning any kitchen area into a highly efficient space for cooking and entertaining the guests. Only a very few ice maker appliances are capable of producing consistent and high-quality ice cubes every time. The Whynter ice maker is ideal for restaurants, homes, and commercial establishments to keep the guests cool and refreshed for many hours. 

The Whynter UIM-502SS is an excellent ice making appliance that makes clear ice cubes for chilling different drinks differently. The appliance is available in a freestanding design and can be installed under the counter easily. the appliance is available in a steel finish and can add elegance to any kitchen. Also, the steel body ensures that it doesn’t get any fingerprints or smudges. The steel body of the appliance also ensured that the unit is kept safe and sound from normal wear and tear.

Whynter UIM-502SS Clear Ice Maker Review 2021

Whynter UIM-502SS Clear Ice Maker

Ice Making Capacity of the Appliance

This is a highly efficient and durable ice maker that is capable of complementing any kitchen. The appliance can produce large volumes of ice and can form about 50 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The appliance also can store about 25 pounds of ice, thus supplying a fresh batch of ice every time. 

Being an energy-efficient ice maker with a direct plumbing system, that hooks up with a water supply, the ice maker produces high-quality clear ice at a low utility cost, when we compare them with similar brands.

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Unique Specifications and Features of Whynter UIM-502SS

The appliance forms about 50 lbs. of restaurant-quality ice in 24 hours. It also has a removable storage bin and its door swing is also reversible so that we can install it both in right and left direction. The other unique features and specifications of this ice maker are as follows.

  1. Installation

The appliance is easy to install but requires professional installation. A plumber may be required to fit the water supply pipes and the water drainage tubes of this ice maker. Space adjustments may also be required to fit the appliance securely in the available space under the counter. This appliance has a front venting system and thus side space clearance is not mandated. The recommended clearance is about 1” on top and 4” on the back. This is a built-in freestanding unit that can be tucked even in tight spaces under the kitchen counter.

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  1. Capacity

This appliance is capable of producing about 50 lbs. of restaurant-quality ice cubes in less than 24 hours. The dimensions of the ice cubes are about ¾” x ¾” x 1”. There is also an auto shut-off feature in the appliance when the appliance has produced enough quantities of ice. The formed ice cubes can be scooped easily from the bin to be transferred into the drink directly.

  1. Design

Features a stainless steel door with a black color cabinet. Users will love its luxurious and curved handlebar. The item is also highly insulated but still does not keep the harvested ice frozen for a long time. There is no reservoir to fill and no flimsy ice trays that absorb food odors. 

  1. Storage

The storage bin is capable of storing around 25 lbs. of ice and it also has an auto shut-off feature when the ice bin gets full. It is important to remove the formed ice cubes and transfer them to the freezer as the appliance will melt the ice cubes over time. 

  1. Accessories

This ice making appliance comes with an ice scoop, drain hose, and a water hose for a hassle-free ice making process.

  1. Ease of Operation

The appliance is very simple to use and it can be operated instantly with a one-switch operation. Users can easily turn the machine on or off and also drain the excess water from the appliance by making use of the wash option. Its reversible door swing helps to open the ice bin both from the left and right sides. The appliance also comes with a complete set of instructions both for installing and troubleshooting. 

  1. Compressor

The appliance features a high-efficiency CFC free compressor with a manual defrost feature. Thus it is capable of forming high-quality ice in an environmentally friendly way. The appliance features a refrigerant of R134a grade that makes high-quality ice instantly.

  1. Power consumption

The appliance is highly energy-efficient and makes use of 155 Watts power or 12.2 kWh for every 100 pounds of ice to be made. The power that is required for making ice is about 3.0A and the current that is required for harvesting ice is about 3.6A.

  1. Certification

The Whynter UIM 502SS ice appliance is been certified by Energy Star for energy efficiency and also has UL certification for efficiency.

  1. Physical dimensions of the appliance

The dimensions of the appliance are 33” H x 15” W x 24” D, which makes it highly efficient to be tucked even in tight spaces, under the kitchen counter. The total weight of this ice maker appliance is about 77 pounds.

  1. Warranty

The unit also comes with a one-year limited warranty and thus offers a hassle-free purchasing process. 

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Performance of the Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Maker

The Whynter UIM – 502SS relies on a two-stage process to make high-quality ice cubes. The two stages are the freezing cycle and the harvest cycle.

The freezing cycle starts when the compressor pumps the powerful refrigerant. A small internal motor and water pump blows the air and circulates the water in the appliance. When a sheet of ice has been formed, the ice maker will stop the freezing cycle and begins the harvest cycle. 

In the harvest cycle, the compressor will continue to operate but the water pump will stop. The valve of the gas opens and warms up the evaporator, which will eventually help the ice cubes to fall into the ice basket. After harvesting all the ice cubes, the freezing cycle will start all over again

The Whynter is a drop cut ice maker that produces a sheet of ice, which will later drop on the heated cutter. The appliance forms sheets of ice cubes at a relatively very low noise level. We only have to turn on the water tap and switch on the ice cycle, from the control panel at the front of the appliance. The ice maker starts works automatically and the ice cubes will get harvested in the bin.

Pros & Cons of the Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Machine


  • The ice maker performs quickly, quietly, and consistently for many years without the internal components gets wearing out and without compromising on quality.
  • Its internal pump will move out the water in the drainpipe, and thus there is less maintenance incurred.
  • The removable ice bin can be removed and cleaned frequently to prevent contamination.
  • The appliance can be installed conveniently for easy access.
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories.
  • Features a reversible door swing.
  • Stylish design with a sleek steel finish. 
  • Comes with high-efficiency CFC free compressors and high-grade refrigerant. 


  • The pump that directs the flow of tap water through the machine produces a reasonable level of noise while operating.
  • The ice cubes cannot be maintained frozen for a long time.

So, this ends our unbiased Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Maker Review. Hope it helps you make your final choice and in case you need some alternatives, you can check out some of the best ice makers here.


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